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Colloidal Silver for Strep Throat

Through the ages, microscopic organisms have spread diseases that have caused the death of countless human beings all over the world. In most cases, certain conditions like strep throat can increase the presence of harmful microorganisms.

Colloidal Silver for Strep Throat

When this happens, virus can spread like wildfire. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to support your body against the strep bacteria and its underlying virus. One effective way that may produce positive results is by using colloidal silver to halt or reduce the growth of strep bacteria.

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Colloidal silver fights bacteria and viruses

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Strep throat is a very common infection caused by a virus. It can lead to complications and more serious conditions. To avoid this, self-care is crucial. Stay home, rest, and consider using colloidal silver.

You can use colloidal silver when you get a strep throat, but you can also take this substance to avoid the condition. When you feel that you’re developing a sore throat that is caused by the strep bacteria, you don’t have to wait for your doctor’s diagnosis to start self-support and care.

Since colloidal silver is very effective against all types of sore throats, you can use this substance to support your throat immediately. Remember that strep can linger for long periods of time and treating this bacteria with antibiotics can be a challenge.

Without treatment, this condition could cause more issues, one of which is the weakening of your immune system. There are some risks involved with contracting strep and as such, you should never ignore your throat when it’s sore.

Opt for high-quality products

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Many aren’t aware of the fact that through the years, silver has been commonly used as a remedy for the treatment of various conditions. Therefore, it’s recommended that every home have this substance in their emergency kits.

The uses of colloidal silver vary, many of which have been medically documented. This substance is also proven to be very effective as a support for the immune system of your body.

At the very least, you should include this in your emergency preparedness kit at home as you can also use it to purify water. Moreover, many experts agree that colloidal silver is one of the most potent and effective defenses against emerging pathogen strains.

The reason for this is that it’s effective against viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. Even when used topically for supporting your immune system during acute colds or flu, or for the purpose of prevention, colloidal silver is a very handy natural remedy.

But the effectiveness of this product will depend on you. You should be very selective when looking for colloidal silver products as many of those offered are not of the highest quality.

For instance, in some products, the particles stick together, which means that they don’t have enough biological activity and surface area. There are also some manufacturers that use additives that tend to coat the particles of silver, which then their efficacy.

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There are also some brands that claim that their products can cure all types of diseases and conditions as they’re superior compared to drug therapy. But until those brands can provide evidence of their product’s formulation, you shouldn’t believe such claims right away.

Different ways to use colloidal silver

You can use, apply, and take colloidal silver in various ways for strep throat. First, gargling 1 tablespoon of colloidal silver every couple of hours will kill bacteria in your throat.

You can also use a spray, which is the most convenient way to deliver the substance to the infected area in your throat. You can also take colloidal silver either with juice or water, every 4 hours or so. Ideally, you should take this mixture between your meals.

Antibiotics for strep throat

Antibiotics for strep throat

If you’re not sold on colloidal silver, you can also choose to take antibiotics to treat strep throat. There’s nothing wrong with this alternative if you feel more comfortable with it.

Just remember that there are certain considerations you must take into account when choosing this path. Antibiotics only treat the strep bacteria but not the virus. Antibiotics are tough on the digestive system because they cause the stomach to cool down.

If you have a history of stomach issues, it’s recommended to take ginger first before taking antibiotics to warm up your digestive system reduce the risk of rebound infections.


There isn’t much variation between the procedures when you take colloidal silver for your strep throat. The usual dosage is 1 teaspoon taken regularly each day. It will be good for you if you take this substance regularly. When you suffer from strep throat, you think you have a sore throat, or if you have any concerns about your oral or throat health, just gargle colloidal silver in your mouth.

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