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Colloidal Silver Soap

Except for soap making, colloidal silver can be used when mixed with aloe vera gel, antibacterial throat spray, and as an antibacterial gel. In the field of medicine, implanted devices are coated with silver nano-particles for the antimicrobial effects. However, manufacturers should take heed that this application is a patent claim. 

Combining silver’s naturally antimicrobial and antifungal properties with the cleaning and moisturizing powers packed into this soap’s carefully balanced oils gives out a superior combination.

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Benefits of Colloidal Silver Soap

They have vast benefits such as stimulating the immune system for the body to heal. They exert powerful effects such as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, they can cure tuberculosis, arthritis herpes and cancer.

They are used to dress wounds and skin ulcers. It can also heal wounds owing to its antibacterial properties that aid in the treatment of diabetic ulcers, skin grafts, bedsores, necrotizing fasciitis and other serious skin injuries.

Despite being widely used in the 20th century, the introduction of antibiotics leads to their displacement. However, the development of increasing levels of bacterial resistance to most antibiotics in recent years led to the reexamination of this ancient remedy.

Are Colloidal Silver Soap Products safe?

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Within recommended limits, silver is entirely harmless and can be used. However, Argyria, which is a condition where the skin gets a bluish tinge after consuming, has raised eyebrows. Production of colloidal silver with impure silver, impure water, faulty equipment or when produced in large sizes can lead to its development.

In extreme extents, it causes methemoglobinemia, a condition where a blue color is noticed on the skin and lips, and argyria, which is a discoloration of the eyes, skin, inner-nose, mouth, throat and internal body organs. 

Accumulation of large silver particles under the skin leaves no space for perforation because they get stuck in the small skin pores. The gums, skin, eyes, nails, and deeper tissue layers get damaged. This leads to mild headaches, fatigue, and myoclonic seizures.

Harmful types of silver

Shun away from the following types of silver: Silver nitrate, silver citrate, silver chloride, and mild silver protein. To test for their eligibility, shake a bottle containing the contents. Foam appears and if it dissolves after a while, it may be okay. The soap will only contain proteins when the foam persists this will ultimately mean it shouldn’t be used for a while. 

Exposure to silver nitrate can cause dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting. It cuts off the oxygen supply in the respiratory system causing unease. Inhalation of the silver products causes upper and lower respiratory tract irritation. The alveoli and bronchial tissue may have silver stains after inhaling silver dust and fumes.

However, when exposed to metallic silver, bronchitis, emphysema and a reduction in pulmonary volume can be observed. Those taking silver may not encounter immediate side effects but they may get visible signs and symptoms after accumulation and embedment of colloidal silver in organs and tissues.

Factors to consider

The best Colloidal Silver Soap product gives out excellent results. Going shopping for a quality colloidal silver soap can be confusing. Some brands claim to have higher parts per million and others boast of the fact that they are highly concentrated. How do you know you’re choosing the right colloidal silver product and that the product is worth your coin?

Positive charge

A high ratio of positively charged silver that’s close to 100% of the silver supplement is the bio-active form of silver and are bioavailable. They are made from naturally occurring extracts that boost their biodiversity, making them more organic as compared to other synthetic soaps.


The purity of the product is very crucial. Since silver isn’t 100% pure but can be refined to 99.99% pure silver, one can best opt for that. The pharmaceutical-grade purified water must meet USP standards to be used when manufacturing. 

The cold process soap requires water and lye as crucial components. Water dissolves sodium hydroxide lye in order to interact with the soaping oils to begin the process of saponification. Some of the water evaporates and makes a harder, longer-lasting bar of soap in this case where the colloidal silver soap cures.

Particle size

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Small metal particle sizes are easily converted from an inactive reservoir of silver metal into positively charged bio-silver during silver’s normal half-life in the body. Smaller particles have a large surface area to volume ratio; hence they can be absorbed by the skin. These factors enhance their effectiveness.

PPM (Parts Per Million)

The Parts Per Million (PPM) of a product tells you it’s concentration. In this case, the bio-active silver concentration is what we need to look at. A silver product containing the smallest particle size, and a large amount of positively charged silver only needs a safe, low concentration of 10PPM bio-active silver. 

Higher concentrations of pure silver can lead to increased risks for toxicity; hence, you would want to look for a formula with the maximum bioactivity and thus lower concentration.

Essential Oils

Coconut oil reduces inflammation, keeping the skin moisturized and helping heal wounds. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil possess’ antimicrobial properties that can help treat acne and help protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

Rosemary, which is an anti-inflammatory, stimulating, and analgesic oil, is essential for balancing oily or uneven skin. It contains extracts such as esters that may help keep excess sebum at bay.

Olive oil makes the soap soft with its vitamin E and polyphenols. Coconut oil reduces inflammation, keeping the skin moisturized and helping heal wounds. Combining some of these organic products achieves greater results.

EPA Approved Colloidal Silver Soap

The Oral Reference Dose (RFD) estimates the amount of silver consumed by a person every single day throughout their lifetime without putting their health at any risk. RFD is based on the assumption that threshold exists for certain toxic effects such as cellular necrosis. It is expressed in units of mg/kg per day. 

RFD for silver is 5E-3 mg/kg each day which is equivalent to 0.005mg per kilogram of a person’s body weight per day. It can be translated into a daily guideline for people of varying sizes. Water that contains 10 parts per million of silver has its RFD translated into an estimated guideline for daily 10 ppm of silver intake throughout one’s lifetime. This is in the case of silver water. 

In general, the RFD is an estimate with doubt spanning that is perhaps getting exposed to the human population. This is by engaging sensitive subgroups that are likely to be without a significant risk of exposure to an order of magnitude of daily exposure to the human population. This includes sensitive subgroups that are likely to be without a significant risk of deleterious effects during one’s lifetime.

Best Colloidal Silver Soaps

Heritage Store Colloidal Silver Soap

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Heritage store colloidal silver soap is rich in olive and coconut oil cleaners. This plushy bar soap moisturizes the skin with the help of the moisturizers. Coconut oil reduces inflammation, keeping the skin moisturized and helping heal wounds. Acne can be treated by coconut oil that possess antimicrobial properties having had medium chain fatty acids.

It delivers a healing dose of nano-silver and silica. Silver neutralizes bacteria on the skin by attaching its particles to the cellular wall of the bacteria where they penetrate the cell to disrupt metabolic processes of the bacteria leading to bacterial death. This, in turn, treats and prevents breakouts.

Lastly, it removes dead skin, pollutants and makeup. Makeup removers often include oil because it removes oil-free, oil-based and waterproof formulas off the skin and lashes. The soap deeply cleanses the skin and moisturizes it.  It cleans out clogged pores like blackheads and whiteheads too.

Rosemary, which is anti-inflammatory, stimulating, and analgesic oil, is essential for balancing uneven and oily skin. It contains extracts such as esters that may help keep excess sebum at bay. This enhances cleansing of impurities that, in turn, refreshes the skin, making it glow and look vibrant.

It’s made from: saponified oils of Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit, coconut oil, palm oil, rosemary oil and Argentum Metallicum which is colloidal silver. It lacks any traces of animal fat and it’s a handmade soap containing natural essential oils. The olive oil extract is an antioxidant that is rich in vitamin E and polyphenols that makes the soap soft.


  • Protects the skin from harmful bacteria.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Banishes blemishes and restore the skin’s balance.
  • It’s soft.

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  • It has a strong smell, but quite tolerable. 
  • Might cause allergic reactions depending on your skin type.

Extra Strength Colloidal Silver Soap

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The colloidal silver soap is meant to be used on the body and face. Instead of using the regular soap or shower gel, opt for colloidal silver soap. It’s made all by hand using various pieces of equipment than the regular soap, resulting in a rustic looking bar.

It’s made from the finest saponified ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, colloidal silver, and olive oil. Olive oil makes the soap soft with its vitamin E and polyphenols. Coconut oil reduces inflammation, keeping the skin moisturized and helping heal wounds. The product is milled and remelted using extra colloidal silver 

Those with sensitive skin can’t despair since it’s unscented and uncolored and it can’t affect them. This rustic, hand-made soap imparts a lovely lather. It can be used on babies or on anyone that thinks they should have healthy skin. However, the product isn’t meant to cure, prevent, or diagnose any diseases. It gives Impeccable results for all skin types

It has an added advantage over other soaps since it can be used as a shaving soap. It eliminates natural oils from whiskers and skin, to enable water to easily penetrate facial hairs. When whiskers are more hydrated, the razor can cut them without pulling. When you merge silver’s natural antimicrobial properties with the clean-up and moisturizing powers packed into this soap’s carefully balanced oils, you’ve got a matchless combination.

It comprises of sodium cocoate oil, sodium palmate oil, sodium olive oil, and Argentum Metallicum, which are combined in specific ratios. This gives out a perfect combination resulting in an extra-strength colloidal silver soap. 


  • It’s unscented and uncolored.
  • It can be used as a shaving soap.
  • Its EPA approved and RSPO certified.

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  • It smells like rancid oil, which some may not like that much.

Organic Silver Soap

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When you find an all-natural bar soap that keeps your skin clean, gives it the nourishment it needs and helps promote healthier skin, you want to make sure you have plenty of organic silver soap.  Skip the synthetic ingredients in other bar soaps and try out the refreshingly natural clean feeling of organic silver soap today.

Organic silver soap is made from naturally occurring organic ingredients such as real oatmeal. They are added to the Triple Strength Silver Hydrosol resulting in an exfoliating face and body cleanser. Oats can remove dead skin cells and act as natural moisturizers. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help keep the skin constantly exfoliated. 

These organic ingredients work hand in hand with the liquid silver to kill blemishes causing bacteria and cleanse the skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial handmade soap that helps people suffering from skin conditions such as mild burns, scabies and dermatitis. This leaves the face feeling fresh, smooth and vibrant.

The lavender scent, organic silver soap is a gentle facial cleanser compared to the original organic silver soap. The highly concentrated fragrance of lavender essential oil reduces stress and anxiety and helps in relieving headaches. It’s a key natural solution to pain as it relieves pain.

Even though the FDA hasn’t evaluated its dietary supplements, it can’t be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. When you combine silver’s natural antimicrobial properties with the cleaning and moisturizing powers packed into this soap’s carefully balanced oils, you’ve got an unbeatable combination.


  • Exfoliates the face and cleanses the body.
  • Kills blemish causing bacteria.
  • It’s a pain reliever.

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  • Might cause allergic reaction depending on your skin type.

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