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Different CBD Types and Cat Treats for Pets


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Many pet owners love their cats because they can be the best companions, and they usually exude cuteness. They do playful antics, and these can lower the stress levels of their pet parents. Know more reasons why you should get cats as pets on this site here.

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However, your feline companion may experience some anxiety, stress, and other medical conditions from time to time. Many people always want their furry companions to be happy and healthy, but is there a way to support them without going to the vet?

The good news is that there’s CBD treats that you can get them!

For many years, the cannabis plant has undergone extensive research because many believed that it could naturally relieve pain and other medical conditions. Nowadays, researchers may have made some progress, but CBD’s full range of health benefits is yet to be understood.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of scientific evidence that confirms cannabidiol to be therapeutic and medicinal. According to research, it was found out that cannabidiol can be used for the treatments of various disorders and medical conditions such as the following:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancer
  • Inflammatory Diseases
  • Seizures and Epilepsy
  • Anxiety

How Do the CBD Treats Work?


When you incorporate CBD into your feline’s system, its endocannabinoid system (ECS) is going to be stimulated. This system is responsible for major physiological processes in a cat’s body. It regulates the cells that are responsible for decreasing inflammation, depression, and anxiety. It can even improve sleep, memory, and appetite. When the ECS receptors are activated with CBD’s help, your cat can deal with the medical condition better.

This is the reason why so many cannabidiol products are becoming popular. It is a proven non-psychoactive compound that is safe for human and pet consumption. This is unlike marijuana that will make its users “high.” With this said, you may be starting your search for the best treats out there. The following are some of the things that you should look for.

1. Soft Chews

Soft chews are treats that can be easily digested by cats. Sometimes, varieties can come in apples and salmon flavors. Look for the chews in Holistapet with full-spectrum extracts and made from organic ingredients. High-quality ingredients and premium hemp extracts mean that the CBD is more potent, and your feline friend can feel relief from arthritic pain after just a few minutes of consuming the chews.

You are reading: Different CBD Types and Cat Treats for Pets

Here’s some anecdotal record that was shared by a user called Yue on a website regarding soft chews. “I have an older Siamese that starts to have a hard time climbing her cat tree. When I gave her the chews with CBD, it was love at first taste! About a month after, she was able to play with more energy, and she’s always up on the tree more times than I can count.”

2. Tinctures

If your feline friend prefers a specific treat, you can incorporate CBD tinctures into it, and they won’t know the difference. Most of the cannabidiol oil extracts don’t have strong flavors. You can get a tincture with a 1ml CBD per dropper and adjust this according to your furry friend’s weight, size, breed, and overall health. You can always consult your vet for further information when you are giving something new to your cat.

3. Oil

If you want to give them cannabidiol in its pure form without any other additional fluff, you can get CBD oil for your cats. The oil often comes in bottles with labels where the legitimate ones have 99% cannabidiol. There’s also coconut oil for a more potent combination, and you can choose from strengths from 300mg to 700mg. Know more about making cannabis coconut oil here:

If you want the full-spectrum variety, you can always get the products that underwent the cold-press methods in extracting the oil. The cold press method does not have any toxic substances or solvents in it. With this method, there’s also no heating process that can lessen the effectiveness of cannabidiol. You may want to get this for your kitten and administer the product orally.

Now that you have an idea of what CBD products are available out there, the next thing that you may want to know is where to get them. Many legitimate sites offer tested and proven treats for cats, and you may want to check them out. Read out the reviews and visit their websites for discounts. Ensure that what you are paying for is safe and made from premium ingredients that will benefit your cat greatly.

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