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Best Colloidal Silver Generator

Long before the advent of antibiotics, people have used colloidal silver in the treatment of many infections caused by fungus, viruses, and bacteria. This is simply a compound that consists of pure, distilled water or some other type of liquid and pure ions of silver. 

People have used it for many years and has proven to offer a comprehensive list of benefits to health. Although the introduction of antibiotics has diminished the use of colloidal silver, its popularity today is getting revived because of its effectiveness in the treatment of infections. 

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best Colloidal Silver Generator

There are even advocates who believe that the compound can prove useful for the treatment of illnesses like cancer, tuberculosis, HIV, and other critical conditions. Nevertheless, its effectiveness as a cure is still debatable among many medical circles. 

If you’re interested in trying the compound, there are two ways to go about it – you can buy colloidal silver that has been commercially prepared or prepare it yourself at home. 

For the latter, you need a colloidal silver generator, a machine that suspends electrically charged flakes of pure silver into demineralized water. You may also use any other type of liquid for this task. If you want to make the best quality colloidal silver, you should settle for the best colloidal silver generator on the market.

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What to Look Out for When Getting the Best Colloidal Silver Generator

What to Look Out for When Getting the Best Colloidal Silver Generator

If you have decided to make your own silver compound, research online to search for the best colloidal silver generator. It might surprise you to find out that there is an abundance of generators available for you to choose from. But how would you know which are the best ones? Here are the most important features to look for in a generator.

Ease of use

One feature of the best colloidal silver generator is that it should be both safe and easy to use and it should operate using standard electrical current in homes. The generator should have the capability to automatically convert the current to low-voltage so there will be no danger of electrocution pr shock.

Operating the generator should not require any specialized knowledge or skill to operate it. Like any other machine, the generator should come with a comprehensive, easy-to-use instruction manual. In analogy, it should be as simple to operate like any other kitchen appliance.

Economical and convenient

Make sure that the generator of your choice should run economically meaning it won’t use too much electricity. It should also come with everything you need to start your generation of colloidal silver right away. 

It should include all requires accessories so that all you have to provide is the pure steam-distilled water and a simple glass production jar like a Mason jar or a Ball canning jar. This container holds the water or any other liquid needed during the process of making colloidal silver.


The silver you should use in making the compound should be completely pure and clear. It shouldn’t have gotten contaminated with other heavy metals that might have toxic effects. Of course, we cannot find 100% natural silver and the best that you can get are the ones refined up to 99.999%. This is the silver that you should use. 

You also have to make sure that the water you will use in the manufacturing process is pharmaceutical-grade purified water that meets USP standards. Then try to get your silver from a manufacturer with a GMP-Certified facility to guarantee the purity of the metal. These are usually bottled in glasses with a dark amber color.

Particle size and PPM

It’s recommended that the metal particles you use should have a smaller size as it is easier to convert these from an inactive silver metal reservoir into positively-charged bioactive silver during the normal half-life if the metal in the body. 

Moreover, the smaller the sizes of each individual silver particle suspended in the liquid, the more surface area it will have. This also means that can be better absorbed into the body. Both of these factors make the colloidal silver more effective.

Your product would also turn out better if it contained less silver parts per million (PPM). Technically, one PPM is equal to 1 milligram per liter of liquid. If you read the labels of all dietary supplements that contain silver, you will see the total silver concentration. But it is the bioactive silver concentration part that makes all the difference. 

This refers to the smallest particles with a positive charge! Keep in mind that a silver product that contains the most active silver species partnered with the smallest particle size, and the highest amount of positively-charged silver will yield for you a low concentration of 10 PPM bio-active silver that’s completely safe. 

This is all you will ever need for your supplementation. Higher concentrations of silver put you at risk for toxicity. You, therefore, should look for a formula that has the maximum bioactivity and a low concentration.

Third-party tested

Another important factor that you should consider when shopping for a colloidal silver generator is one that consistently generates the highest quality of the compound with the smallest particle size. Also, make certain that the manufacturer of the machine has had the compound tested by an independent third-party laboratory.

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The silver particles that come from the generator should be small enough to consider them bioavailable. The particles must be as small as one nanometer in diameter or smaller. This makes them much easier to get absorbed by the body and carried to the areas of infection and just as easy to get excreted out through the natural elimination process.

Should the manufacturer of the colloidal silver generator that you plan to purchase can’t show you any proof of third-party testing to prove the size of the silver particles the generator produces, then you should reconsider purchasing the machine. The number one key to consider colloidal silver’s effectiveness is the small particle size.

Top 5 Colloidal Silver Generator

#1. IONX | Colloidal Silver Generator

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The IONX Colloidal Silver Generator makes the top of our list of the best colloidal silver -generator as it is the first=ever to utilize ultrasound technology to manufacture silver nanoparticles. This generator evolves the technology of colloidal silver to enhance the effectiveness of silver hydrosol. With this device, you won’t have to deal with particle clumping.

Using the IONX Colloidal Silver Generator allows you to get 10-nanometer sized particles in a matter of 20 minutes. You will also get other unique qualities from this device including a higher surface charge, stability, density, thermal conductivity, all of which provide ideal distribution and size of particles. 

This modern device even comes with a timer application compatible with Android and iPhone so you know exactly when your product gets completed. This generator is very convenient, portable, and made of high-quality materials. 


  • Uses ultrasound technology for manufacturing silver nanoparticles. 
  • It creates 10-nanometer particles in a span of 20 minutes.
  • It improves bubble and magnetic stirring, thus, putting an end to the issue of particle clumping. 
  • Comes with an iPhone and Android timer along with an instructional app. 


  • Some issues with leakage. 
  • Customers have complained about the customer service of the product. 

#2. SOTA Silver Pulser Model SP7 – Ionic Colloidal Silver Maker


According to the manufacturers of the SOTA Silver Pulser Model SP7 Ionic Colloidal Silver Maker, this is one of the cleanest devices on the market. If given a health score, this model might get one that is close to perfect. This lightweight device makes use of silver electrodes with a 0.9999 purity to ensure that you get a pure end product too. 

The SOTA Silver Pulser Model SP7 Ionic Colloidal Silver Maker also comes with an antibacterial casing along with an auto-shutdown feature to limit contamination while producing colloidal silver. This device uses a low voltage and it takes time to produce small quantities of the end product. 

Because of the constant voltage consumed by this model, it maintains consistent function even when the battery starts to wear down. It produces colloidal silver with just the right size to be easily absorbed by the body. 


  • It’s portable, lightweight, and battery-operated making it highly convenient.
  • The unit is very easy to use and it produces colloidal silver in an inexpensive way. 
  • You can also use it for micropulsing on your wrist. 
  • It also includes a carrying case and a number of accessories for generating colloidal silver.


  • It generates colloidal silver at a slow rate. 

#3. SILVERengines Proton Colloidal Silver Generator

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If you’re looking for a colloidal silver generator that’s a breeze to use, then the SILVERengines Proton Colloidal Silver Generator is the best product for you. The proton uses a packaging that is completely eco-friendly as it comes in its own mason jar. This product includes everything you need to generate colloidal silver apart from the distilled water. 

The SILVERengines Proton Colloidal Silver Generator produces colloidal silver of the highest quality that you can compare with the market-leading, high-priced colloidal silver you might find in the market. It even tests the quality of the distilled water before it starts the process of producing the end product. If there are any contaminants, it won’t start running until you replace the water.

This model also comes with a warning indicator to let you know that it has detected conductivity from the mineral content of the water. But once it starts running, you can leave it alone is it comes with an automatic shutdown feature too. 


  • It’s completely user-friendly thanks to the fully-automatic operation. 
  • This device has a compact design to allow for superior portability.
  • It comes with intelligent microprocessor control and generates 10ppm of colloidal silver. 
  • Comes with enough fine silver rods that will last for hundreds of batches.


  • It’s quite expensive compared to other products but the quality makes up for the price.

#4. Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator

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The design of the 4. Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator makes it easy to use even if it’s your first time to generate colloidal silver at home. This generator comes with two 12-gauge silver wires that are 4-inches in length and have a purity of 0.9999 along with a 9V battery. With this device, you can produce up to 16 ounces of pure colloidal silver between 4 – 5 hours. 

If you don’t have any experience in using such a device, you don’t have to worry because it comes with comprehensive instructions. The Atlasnova Colloidal Silver Generator produces colloidal silver with a clear color indicating that the compound consists of small particles.

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This is a locally-made product as it was completely designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US. As with all the other colloidal silver generators in our list, this one has just the right features to make it one of the best on the market. 


  • It runs on a single 9-volt battery. 
  • Produces colloidal silver with a clear color which indicates smaller particles. 
  • With this generator, you can make up to 16 ounces of pure colloidal silver. 
  • It includes complete instructions to make colloidal silver using the device. 


  • Concerns about the exposed wiring and electronics.

#5. Ionizers Silver for Water Colloidal Silver Generator

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The Ionizers Silver for Water Colloidal Silver Generator enables you to create the silver anions water solution from the comfort of your home. These silver anions get deposited when direct current passes between electrodes. One of these electrodes is of fine silver while the other is of stainless steel.

A digital microprocessor controls the Ionizers Silver for Water Colloidal Silver Generator. It makes adjustments to the current parameters and to the cycle time of the operation depending on the solution volume and purpose. This application of digital technology contributes to the precision of the device and it also provides a fail-safe during operation. 

With this model, the “Drinking” concentration of the end solution you get is 35mkg/l while the “Concentrate” concentration of the produced solution is 10,000mkg/l. It only consumes 5W of power and it runs on a voltage of 220V. 


  • Produces a “drinking” solution of -35mkg/l.
  • Produces a “concentrate” solution of 10,000mkg/l.
  • At least 60,000 source anode electrode mode drinking water. 
  • It has a voltage of 220V and power consumption of 5W.


  • A good product but customer service at company is not the best.

What is a Colloidal Silver Generator?

Colloidal silver has been with us for many years now and was primarily used in the treatment of fungal, viral, and bacterial infections. Colloidal is a term applied to different materials, especially compounds. Although people in the past used the term colloidal, it isn’t very accurate, especially with the current scientific understanding of colloidal silver.

The reason why people in the past used the word “colloid” to describe materials was a result of an attempt to classify the “phenominal state of” materials that didn’t have typical descriptions and classifications. But now, this term no longer applies to the definition. 

Because of this, the term “colloid” got misapplied to a wide range of materials that were fundamentally and vastly different than what we now refer to as “colloids.” Since then, colloids have received more accurate scientific names and descriptions.

The machine used to disperse sub-micron sized ions of silver and particles into water is a colloidal silver generator. In short, it’s used to produce colloidal silver. Other appropriate names for the product of the generator are ionic silver, silver hydrosol, silver mineral water, silver water, and silver sol.

What are the Advantages of Using a Colloidal Silver Generator?

Remember that colloidal silver is not a type of medication but rather, a dietary supplement. These supplements are only as pure, effective, and safe as the purity of their ingredients, the quality standards for production and testing, and the product’s consideration potency expiration. There are specific advantages when you create your own colloidal silver at home.

There is now a bigger demand for colloidal silver because of the benefits it can offer as compared to demands on antibiotics in the market today. 

It would be nice to have a sufficient amount of the compound on hand and the best way to do this is by purchasing the best colloidal silver generator. This gives you the assurance of a constant supply of the compound when you need it, as well as, the many options for its application.

Now that colloidal silver is gradually gaining its fair share of the market over the pharmaceuticals, there’s a growing concern that the Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization might ban the sale of the compound. 

However, if you had complete control over its production using the generator, you won’t have this concern regarding a sufficient supply for yourself, your family, and even your pets.


It could be a hard decision to choose the generator you purchase, considering the number of options available in the market today. But if you base your choice on what we have just discussed or the factors that the best colloidal generator has, then the decision becomes easier. Keep in mind that a high-quality generator will produce high-quality products.

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