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Does Colloidal Silver Expire

Colloidal silver is a potent and natural antiseptic that also works as a body-normalizing substance. When first manufactured, colloidal silver has a clear color like water. After several hours, it turns a light gold color.

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Over time, the color will darken even further until it gets a fine gold tint. In any of these states, you can use colloidal silver. But when the substance turns black, pink, or blue, you shouldn’t use it anymore. These colors indicate that the liquid has already gotten contaminated.

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What is colloidal silver?

What is colloidal silver

Many consider colloidal silver an effective antibacterial agent. Today, there are so many pathogens that have high resistance to antibiotics. Therefore, you should know about effective natural alternatives to destroy them. One of these options is colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is a solution that contains colloids and water. The former are minute particles of silver suspended in water. Early in the 20th century, silver was extensively used in the treatment of several illnesses. But today, antibiotics are the more common choice.

As a liquid solution, you can use colloidal silver as a broad spectrum antibacterial agent. You can also use colloidal silver in the purification of water or when dressing wounds.

How long does it last?


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Even if the color changes over time, colloidal silver can potentially last for about 10 years if you store it properly. But this potential shelf life can only happen if you meet certain conditions.

First, you should store colloidal silver at room temperature. Any extreme temperatures will shorten the product’s shelf life. You should also keep this product away from direct light. Store colloidal silver in cobalt or amber-colored containers made of glass. Don’t use plastic containers as these will shorten the shelf life of colloidal silver too.

There are many places where you can safely store colloidal silver. The cupboards in your kitchen or the medicine cabinets in your bathroom are the best spots. But as long as you meet the above conditions, it doesn’t matter where you store this product.

Precautions when storing or using colloidal silver

Precautions when storing or using colloidal silver

Storing colloidal silver close to a magnetic field of an electrical device like a television, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, and more can destroy the electrical charge of the silver particles.

What keeps the silver particles and ions suspended or colloidal in the liquid is their electric charge. These particles will quickly lose their electric charges when exposed to strong electromagnetic fields.

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Some people add a little bit of colloidal silver to their drinking bottles to support their immune system throughout the day. Using purified water in glass or plastic water bottles is okay. But water bottles made of metal aren’t recommended as these could react with the substance.

Will it go bad after you open it?

In most cases, colloidal silver won’t turn bad after you open the bottle, although you have to take a couple of precautions. For instance, avoid drinking from the bottle directly. You should also put the lid back when you’re not using it. Colloidal silver can stand on its own but when it gets contaminated, it can cause issues.

Things won’t usually grow in this substance. But if there are any microbes on the lid, over time, something might start growing. The longest time colloidal silver will last without getting contaminated is more than a year in such a state.

Since people often use colloidal silver when they feel sick, you must take the precautionary steps to avoid introducing contaminants to the bottle. Placing the lid back will prevent dangers such as these.

Check before you purchase

When purchasing colloidal silver, make sure to check the expiry date of the product first. Remember that colloidal silver can expire and it can go bad, just like any product. Although this product can potentially last long, at some point, it will reach its expiry date.


Colloidal silver has an expiry date too, just like any other product. The particles of colloidal silver tend to lose their effectiveness, which makes the expiration date very important. Before buying a colloidal silver product, read the label first to find the expiration date.

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