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Using Colloidal Copper for Grey Hair

These days, many aging adults depend on hair color treatments to make them look young again. Sometimes, they even spend a lot of money on this. If you’re one such person, you may feel happy with the fact that colloidal copper can turn your grey hair back to its original dark color.


Of course, you should still take any claim about reversing the aging process with a grain of salt. Many anecdotal reports from people who used the colloidal copper claim that their grey hair turned dark. Copper is an essential mineral that’s part of a healthy and balanced diet. If it can help you get back your original hair color, that’s just another great benefit to look forward to!

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What is colloidal copper?

Colloidal copper is an essential mineral in the body and a popular health supplement. Like colloidal silver, you can use it for medical and wellness purposes. Colloidal copper supplements contain microscopic particles of copper suspended in purified water. You can purchase this in liquid form and take it orally.

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How does copper affect grey hair

Melanin is the natural dark pigment that gives our hair, eyes, and skin their color. Melanocytes produce this pigment in the presence of tyrosinase, which is an enzyme. Copper plays an important role here as it catalyzes the enzymic reaction.

How does copper affect grey hair

Therefore, taking copper supplements can effectively protect you against greying hair. Studies have also shown that copper levels can have an effect on the early appearance of grey hair.

Colloidal copper and grey hair

Colloidal copper and grey hair

There are several factors that cause your hair to turn grey including stress, age, and genes, among others. Taking colloidal copper to avoid or change the color of grey hair may have varying results for different people.

Since there are many factors why people lose color, some people may need more copper than others. But there have been many people who have found success by using colloidal copper in terms of reducing their grey hair.

How to use colloidal copper for your hair

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The main purpose of colloidal copper for many people is to get rid of grey hair. Studies have shown that copper has worked for a lot of people to bring back or maintain their hair color. You can take colloidal copper orally. But some people prefer to soak a piece of wool with the colloidal copper supplement, then apply it to their scalp directly, then gently massage it.

This method is more helpful as the copper gets directly into your hair tissues. Colloidal copper plays a significant role in hair pigment care. Aside from this benefit, it’s also essential in maintaining the health of your arterial walls.

Limitations of colloidal copper on grey hair

If you try taking colloidal copper but it doesn’t do anything for your grey hair, don’t try to apply more either orally or on your scalp. Remember that for some people, colloidal copper may work quickly and restore their hair color easily. But for others, it might not work because of specific factors that have caused the greying of hair.

Also, you should know that too much copper in your body isn’t good – you must stick with the recommended doses. Make sure that you have enough copper in your diet that will benefit you. If there is any effect on your grey hair, good for you! There are even some people who have genetic conditions where their bodies hold on to this mineral without processing or using it.

This can be very harmful as it could lead to the accumulation of excessive amounts of copper. Such people shouldn’t take colloidal copper unless recommended by their doctors.

Potential side effects of colloidal copper

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Copper is not a dangerous supplement. This also applies when taken orally in liquid form. When used topically, you won’t have to worry about anything. Still, you have to be both cautious and sparing when it comes to topical use.

Right now, there aren’t enough studies to evaluate how much colloidal copper is safe when applied directly to the skin. Many topical drugs get absorbed through the skin well. Also, there aren’t any studies about the safety of topical copper when combined with copper taken orally.

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When taking colloidal copper, don’t take more than 10mg each day. If you’re breastfeeding or pregnant, don’t take colloidal copper supplements at all. Also, don’t apply colloidal copper topically without asking your doctor first.

You should also observe how your body reacts to this supplement. Stop taking the supplement right away if you start experiencing symptoms like nausea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain. heart problems, bloody diarrhea, or low blood pressure.

Consult with your doctor right away if you experience any of these symptoms. These may indicate that you have taken dangerously high amounts of copper, which might end up damaging your kidneys and liver.

Using the right products

When it comes to using supplements, you need to be very careful. Make sure to choose products that come from well-known and trusted brands. These are the safer options compared to products that have so many claims but come from manufacturers that you never even heard of. One such great product is Nano Colloidal Copper Supplement. This product consists of real copper particles that support healthy growth and bodily functions. Add this to your self-care routine and see if the stories about turning hair from grey to black (or any other dark color) have truth to them.

MesoCopper Colloidal Copper is another amazing product that supports the health of your skin while rejuvenating collagen stores in the body. It also offers other age-reversing benefits like reducing the common signs of aging. This is a highly rated product that you may consider.

Finally, you may also try Organa Pure Crystalline Liquid Copper Supplement that has nano copper particles to make them more readily utilized by the body. This is pure colloidal copper at its best.


Colloidal copper is a useful supplement that may help in the production of melanin pigments and strengthen the walls of your arteries. You may use it if you have concerns about grey hair appearing on your head. Maybe you can use colloidal copper to reverse the tide and regain your dark mane. 

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