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Colloidal Silver for UTI

At one point in our lives, we may experience getting a urinary tract infection (UTI). This is a very easy illness to diagnose as it’s very common. It’s also quite easy to treat this condition at home.

Colloidal Silver for UTI

Although very common, it’s still important to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of the condition and the home supporting remedies to treat it. For one, you can use colloidal silver for UTI treatment, both as a prevention or as for after-infection support.

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Effects of colloidal silver on UTI

Effects of colloidal silver on UTI

Colloidal silver has been commonly used by many people for the treatment of viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, like UTIs. When you suffer from this illness, you will have light-colored and “watery” pee.

Taking colloidal silver could help push the bacteria out of your urinary tract. Some colloidal silver could also find its way into your urinary tract to provide direct support to your immune system thanks to its special properties.

Colloidal silver is a common antibacterial treatment for certain illnesses even before antibiotics came into the picture. According to studies, you can also use colloidal silver to kill different types of bacteria.

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This is why you can find colloidal silver in health care products like wound dressings, medical equipment, wound creams, and more. It can either appear as one of the components or it may be one of the recommended products for treatment.

Although the proponents of this product believe that it has antiviral effects in the body, there aren’t enough studies that have focused on the ingestion of colloidal silver to counter viruses in humans.

Some people also use colloidal to treat fungal infections. Several studies have shown that applying colloidal silver may hinder the growth of some fungal strains. But there is a need for more evidence to support the claim that this substance is a reliable agent against fungal infections.

Choose the right products

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If you use colloidal silver, remember that this is a potent antifungal and antibiotic agent. You may take it internally to combat infections like UTIs. You can also take this substance when you have an infection to minimize undesirable microbes in your body.

If you will opt for this treatment, make sure to purchase genuine colloidal silver products, then research the product before you use it. If it works for you, you should include colloidal silver in your emergency kit.

Potential side effects to look out for

The silver found in our environment is quite safe as a compound. But when you use colloidal silver, the most significant risk associated with frequent exposure to it is a condition known as arguna.

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When you suffer from this condition, your skin will take on a blue-gray color caused by the accumulation of silver metal particles in your skin and the rest of your body. Silver can also accumulate in the liver, kidneys, intestines, and other organs. There is also the risk of silver allergy, but this risk is very rare.

Other home remedies to consider

Home remedies are often geared towards prevention rather than curing illnesses. When it comes to UTIs, taking hygienic steps will keep bacteria away from your urinary tract. For instance, it’s important to always use a clean wash cloth whenever you take a shower.

Another remedy in the treatment of UTIs at home is cranberry juice. The acids in the cranberries help kill bacteria in the bladder. But when drinking this juice, only opt for pure cranberry juice because added sugars will feed the bacteria instead.

If you contract a UTI or if you get this condition chronically, make  sure not to consume sugar frequently. Remember that too much of this sweet stuff can fuel UTI because sugars nourish unhealthy bacteria in your body.

If you want to prevent or enhance the treatment of your UTI, water – as in most conditions – is the best beverage for you to drink.


In most cases, doctors treat UTI patients with antibiotics. But there are many instances where natural approaches work well as treatment for this condition. Some of these natural alternatives include herbs, foods, and supplements like colloidal silver.

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