Best When A Woman Is Fed Up Quotes And Sayings 2022


One problem is that today’s singles scene seems as bad as it was in my last time leaving it. This is evident by the horrible stories shared by single women. It doesn’t matter if it’s the guy who vomits in a restaurant, kicked it under a table, unsolicited penis photos (yeah! That’s going to seal a deal when the conversation doesn’t), or ghosting. None of this sounds good.

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Some of us are curious about biological clocks or just lonely. It’s enough for you to think that maybe you should settle with the guy who likes picking his teeth and examining the results. Here are some of the most inspiring When A Woman’s Fed Up Quotes.

Best When A Woman’s Fed Up Quotes

Moms Mabley

Honey, that Totie Fields is one well-fed white woman. When that gal sits around the house, she sits around the house! – Moms Mabley

I’m fed up with not being good enough. I’m fed up with being ugly. Fed up of being unwanted. Fed up with being alone.

A GOOD WOMAN can only take so much. Don’t underestimate her desire to be happy even if it means moving on without you.

The hungry world cannot be fed until and unless the growth of its resources and the growth of its population come into balance. Each man and woman-and each nation-must make decisions of conscience and policy in the face of this great problem. – Lyndon B. Johnson

“Well I hope so, they are getting married – R.S. Burnett

A woman’s silence says it all. Her silence & lack of expression means that she’s reached her breaking point!

Cuz when a woman’s fed up. No matter how you beg, no. It ain’t nothing you can do about it.

I’m fucking fed up with having a terrible-ass attitude, not being myself & dealing with pain.

The woman laughed, shoulders bouncing. I think the gods eat suffering. That’s why they’ve put it everywhere you look: so anywhere they go, they’ll always be fed. – Edward W. Robertson

When you’re fed up with being in the company of the same person for days. I wanna meet new people.

when a woman's fed up quotes

I’m fed up seeing people moaning about being fat, if you are so bothered about your weight you would do something about it!

I fed the phone again and dialed the Chief of Staff’s office, deep inside the Pentagon. A woman’s voice answered. It was a perfect Washington voice. Not high, not low, cultured, elegant, nearly accentless. – Lee Child

Remember it’s all just a mirror we made to see ourselves in. – Grant Morrison

Men, if you’re traveling with your wife or girlfriend and she mentions that it’s time to start looking for a restaurant, you need to sit up and take notice. This means her blood sugar level has dropped and, for you, it ought to be a red alert with flashing lights and sirens. Get that woman fed! – John Gray

There comes a certain time when every girl gets fed up with being lead on by a guy, then ends up being pushed away when he’s ‘done with her.

All I wanted was to follow my heart, but somehow along the way, I lost my soul. – K.K. Allen

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It is the leader’s job to model and enforces the values and behaviors that make up the company culture. “Model” the behaviors is key. “Do as I say” only breeds contempt from others. – Beth Ramsay

Fed up with people being pissed off with me and not telling me. Grow some balls and just tell me what I’ve done.

when a woman is fed up in a relationship quotes

Getting fed up with being the helpful understanding child, somebody saves me.

“I think that a fierce woman’s better, a woman

That breaks away when you have thought she won,

For I’d be fed and hungry at one time”. – W.B.Yeats

Fed up with people being pissed off with me and not telling me. Grow some balls and just tell me what I’ve done.

Fed up with being let down and wasting my time on every single person I’ve ever cared about

I had been fed, in my youth, a lot of old wives’ tales about the way men would instantly forsake a beautiful woman to flock around a brilliant one. It is but fair to say that, after getting out in the world, I had never seen this happen.

Certain writers look down their noses at the plot, and I think I might have been one of them until I tried it. – Patrick DeWitt

[From a column dated November 17, 1928] – Dorothy Parker

When I listen to people talk, all I hear is what they’re not tellin’ me. – Bob Dylan

I’m always scared of losing someone close to me…and fed up of being told that ‘It will be fine…’

James S.A. Corey

They build stations inside of rocks for a reason,” Naomi said. “Not so easy to force radiation through this many meters of rock.” – James S.A. Corey

I am shattered but so fed up with not being able to sleep due to being ridiculously uncomfortable that I’m staying up as long as possible.

” I can see one of them clearly now, walking

along with a newspaper tucked under his arm.

he has cut himself shaving and a bit of tissue

with a circle of blood is stuck to his cheek, – Billy Collins”

If you start feeling wonderful and powerful and like you’ve seen the face of God, you’re having a euphoric attack. – James S.A. Corey

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I’m not at all fed up with British films, but I am fed up with playing upper-class people

Giving up on boys because I’m fed up with being the bit on the side.

She’s not stuck up, she just got her guard up…and that’s from only being fed up with so many people letting her down.

Excellence and competitiveness aren’t incompatible with honesty and integrity. – Jack Welch

I want a girl who is fun and loves adventure. – Louis Tomlinson

There was always a woman with TB in Remarque's books. Frankly, I was a little fed up with it. - Per Petterson

There was always a woman with TB in Remarque’s books. Frankly, I was a little fed up with it. – Per Petterson

Time. I’m so fed up with these stupid ‘alcoholic’ jokes being aimed toward me by the people I care about most…I need new friends.

It’s quite all right,” I assured him. “My mother always said that eggs were appropriate no matter the time of day.” That was a filthy lie: My mother was a traditional woman who would have died before she’d fed me breakfast this late in the day. – Mira Grant

I guess that from the moment we are fed by our mothers, without even knowing it, we are caught in a net that brings us comfort, something we always feel when a special woman cooks for us. It is something unique and personal – it is something we want to keep for ourselves. – Jose Andres

Not all young people are violent thugs/x factor loving zombies. I’m fed up of being generalized

There’s not a Hand in this town, sir, man, woman, or child, but has one ultimate object in life. That object is, to be fed on turtle soup and venison with a gold spoon. Now, they’re not a-going – none of ’em – ever to be fed on turtle soup and venison with a gold spoon. – Charles Dickens

Haters are confused admirers who can’t understand why everybody else likes you – Paulo Coelho

In the ’90s action pictures were all the rage. As a woman, I was fed up with them and I initially thought that the script was just another action film dressed up as a period piece. – Madeleine Stowe

When passion is not fed, it changes to need. At this juncture, marriage becomes a fixed idea in the mind of the bourgeois, being the only means whereby he can win a woman and appropriate her to his uses. – Honore De Balzac

I’m a real actress. – Paz De La Huerta

Give a man a fish and you’ve fed him for a day, but – ” “Give a woman a vibrator, and she’ll orgasm for life. I get it. – Penny Reid

I have learned that the place where I subsist is all places, and the space I occupy is all intervals. – Khalil

I was only one woman alone and had no power to move to action full-fed, sleek-coated, ease-loving, pleasure-seeking, well-paid, and well-placed countrymen in this war- trampled, dead, old land, each one afraid that he should be called upon to do something. – Clara Barton

Clara Barton

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