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Texting has become one of the most popular forms of communication, and with that, a whole new language has developed. TBR is just one example of an acronym that is commonly used in text messages.

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But what does TBR mean? TBR stands for “to be honest.” This phrase is often used when someone wants to share their true feelings or opinion on something.

TBR can be used as a standalone statement or as part of a longer sentence. For example, someone might text “TBR, I’m not sure if I’m ready for a relationship right now.”

While TBR is a relatively common acronym, there are many others that are used more frequently. Some of the most popular include LOL (laugh out loud), TTYL (talk to you later), and BRB (be right back).

If you’re wondering what TBR means in text, you’re not alone. TBR is a popular acronym that stands for “to be read. ” People use it to indicate that they have a book or other piece of reading material that they want to get to eventually.

While it’s often used in a casual way, some people take their TBR lists very seriously. In fact, there are even TBR challenges where people try to read a certain number of books from their list within a year.

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive list of TBR definitions, you’ve come to the right place. Here, Pennbookcenter will give you the top full definitions for TBR in 2022.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What Does TBR Mean?
  • 2 Where Do You Find Yourself?
  • 3 Other Meanings of TBR
  • 4 How to Make and Maintain a TBR List?
    • 4.1 Creating a TBR (To Be Read) List
  • 5 How Do You Get Through Your Reading List While Having Fun?
    • 5.1 1. Read books that you want to read.
    • 5.2 2. The “Weird Trick” For Determining Whether Or Not You Will Enjoy A Book
    • 5.3 3. Establish A Routine
    • 5.4 4. Do You Read One Book At A Time?
    • 5.5 5. Turn It Into A Ritual
  • 6 What You Shouldn’t Do…?

What Does TBR Mean?

tbr meaning

TBR stands for “To Be Read.” It’s simply a list of all the books you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had the opportunity yet.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way, and we don’t always get to read as much as we’d like.

Adult responsibilities keep you from reading as much as you’d want, and you wind up with a backlog of books to read. (To be honest, I occasionally purchase books knowing full well that I won’t be able to read them till next year…)

My fellow bibliophiles, don’t despair. I’ve come up with a clever solution. One that you’ve had trouble with previously, but I can assist you in correctly implementing it. It’s known as a TBR list.

Where Do You Find Yourself?

So, how do you feel about it, Rioters? What does TBR mean to you? Is it documented in Goodreads, Excel, LibraryThing, or any comparable program?

The definition of TBR is less important than how you utilize it and if it works for you. Here are some strategies for working through your TBR books and how to handle it when it becomes too much for those of us who have too many books and not enough time.

TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations, Book Riot’s own book suggestion service, is also available. Our experienced book nerds will offer you bespoke book recommendations if you don’t have nearly as many books on your nightstand as you’d want. (Imagine StitchFix for books.)

Other Meanings of TBR

  1. TBR Tennessee Board of Regents
  2. TBR Transport Block Reject
  3. TBR This Board Rocks (discussion forum)
  4. TBR Team Bellas Room (gaming clan)
  5. TBR Tax Board of Review
  6. TBR The Broken Record
  7. TBR Thin Bond Repair
  8. TBR To Be Rescinded
  9. TBR Tactical Battlefield Reporting
  10. TBR The Business Record
  11. TBR Statesboro, Georgia – Municipal (airport code)
  12. TBR The Burning Reel
  13. TBR Truth Box Reply (social media application)
  14. TBR To Be Returned
  15. TBR The Back Room
  16. TBR Traditional Boat Race
  17. TBR To Be Revised
  18. TBR Technical Basis for Regulation
  19. TBR This Beautiful Republic (Christian band)
  20. TBR The Boiler Room (manga fan fiction website)
  21. TBR To Be Renamed (shipping)
  22. TBR Texas Business Review
  23. TBR Treasury Bill Rate
  24. TBR True Born Records (record label)
  25. TBR Technology Business Research
  26. TBR To Be Read
  27. TBR Teenage Bottle Rocket (band)
  28. TBR Teenage Bottlerocket (band)
  29. TBR To Be Released (domain names)
  30. TBR To Be Rescheduled (events)
  31. TBR Tampa Bay Rays (baseball team)
  32. TBR To Be Recorded
  33. TBR Travel Business Roundtable
  34. TBR Traceability Based Reading
  35. TBR Transaction Billing Resources
  36. TBR Tape Bootstrap Routine
  37. TBR Timed Break Recall
  38. TBR to Be Reported
  39. TBR Tommy Baldwin Racing (Mooresville, NC)
  40. TBR To Be Reviewed
  41. TBR To Be Resolved
  42. TBR Truncated Balanced Realization (model order reduction)
  43. TBR Terminal Bonus Reserve (insurance)
  44. TBR Thorium Breeder Reactor
  45. TBR Tape Byte Read
  46. TBR Total Body Rot
  47. TBR Time Bearing Recorder
  48. TBR Truck & Bus Radial Tire
  49. TBR Time between Replacement (aviation)
  50. TBR Total-Body Radiation
  51. TBR The Blessed Resistance (Demon Hunter fan community)
  52. TBR The Brill Report
  53. TBR Tag Bit Rate (Cisco)
  54. TBR Total Business Return
  55. TBR Tallahassee Board of Realtors
  56. TBR Torpedo Bomber Reconnaissance Aircraft (US Navy)
  57. TBR Taco Bell Run
  58. TBR The Bereavement Register (UK)
  59. TBR Theological Book Review
  60. TBR To Be Recommended
  61. TBR Texas Bound Radio (online station)
  62. TBR Trade Barrier Regulation

How to Make and Maintain a TBR List?

tbr books - to be read

First and foremost, we must reach an agreement.

Life might be stressful, but your alone time is much too important to be squandered on trivial matters.

Have faith in me. My mental equilibrium was wrong every time I stopped reading because I was “too busy at work” or “too weary, I’ll simply watch Netflix.”

Make a promise to me that you’ll make time for what makes you happy. Reading in this circumstance.

Depending on your objectives and personal interests, each TBR list will be unique.

For instance, I aspired to be a badass copywriter five years ago. I spent my time reading industry-related works like “Ogilvy on Advertising” and “Cashvertising” instead of the typical fare (philosophy, novels, memoirs, etc.).

Creating a TBR (To Be Read) List

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It will be simpler to develop and manage your TBR list if you have a clear objective in mind. (It’s worth noting that reading should still be enjoyable.) Don’t let it become a crutch!)

Reading some classics or tearing through Poe’s anthologies may be on your TBR list. If you’re an artist, it’s a given that you’ll want to learn more about your trade.

Whatever the case, there are a few options for compiling your TBR list.

1. Paper and a pen

My preferred method is still the old-fashioned approach! Make a list of how many books you want to read in a week, month, or year, then start checking them off as you finish them.

2. Spreadsheet in Excel

We’re starting to get a little fancier now. You may categorize your data in Excel by genre, author, date, and so on. You may make it as complicated as you want.

You may make a plan (for example, “Finish XX pages by 12/9”) and keep track of your reviews next to each book.

3. The website Goodreads

Although I have mixed thoughts about this one, I notice a lot of individuals utilizing Goodreads to keep track of their reading lists.

While there are several treasures, the reviews may make you reluctant to walk in with an open mind.

Knowing what other people say about a book may be helpful (and time-saving), but I like to take my chances. Besides, I have a “strange” method for determining if a book is worthwhile. Continue reading!

4. Create a Facebook Group for Friends

Oh, those crazy college years. We used to have a private Facebook group with an informal “book club.” My five friends and I would add a book to a year-long list every month.

Our TBR list was fascinating, to say the least, since we all had varied reading interests!

Unfortunately, we could never read them all (512=60 books every year), but the group concept has a lot of promise!

5. Your Bedside Table

Last but not least, go with what you observe next to your bed daily! Take a book from the stack and start reading. That’s what I do most of the time.

The simple step is making a TBR list. But what about reading every single one of these books?

How Do You Get Through Your Reading List While Having Fun?

tbr meaning snapchat

I’ve mentioned it before, but what good is a reading list if you don’t like it? Here are some suggestions about how to read more books while having fun!

1. Read books that you want to read.

Don’t push yourself to read novels you’re sure you won’t like. Rather than the other way around, you should customize your TBR list to meet your personality.

When I finished reading the aforementioned copywriting books, I realized I had absorbed all the theoretical information, and it was time to move forward.

But there were a few novels at the bottom of my list that I wanted to read. And I had to almost push myself to finish them. I squandered a few weeks for no apparent purpose.

Do not read about politics, philosophy, or science if you are uninterested in these topics. Don’t succumb to online peer pressure to read “important” books.

After all, the more you “exercise” your reading muscles, the more severe and sophisticated literature you’ll want to read. Have faith in me.

2. The “Weird Trick” For Determining Whether Or Not You Will Enjoy A Book

“Don’t read for the sake of finishing books. Read to pique your intellectual interest.” Naval Ravikant (Naval Ravikant) (Naval Ravikant) (

I’m one of those who tries to complete every book they start. I’m not sure why, but I simply feel compelled to complete it, no matter how horrible it is!

I just came to the fact that statistically speaking, most novels ARE awful. Yup.

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You don’t owe someone your precious time just because they were able to publish (or self-publish) a book.

My suggestion is as follows:

At least 50 pages should be read.

Treat books the same way you would a blog article.

If you’ve reached the 50th page and still find it tedious to read, you’re free to skip through it (like a blog post).

Throw it away if you’re still not pleased. I’m serious.

You don’t have to go all the way to the final page. You should be ecstatic every time you sit down and open the blasted thing! (I should probably follow my own advice…)

3. Establish A Routine

It’s more difficult to begin exercising and more challenging to continue exercising. The law of inertia states that an item will remain in motion.

If you take a break from reading, you’ll find that your attention span is shorter, and it’s more challenging to concentrate on your book.

However, if you want to finish your TBR, you’ll need to be disciplined first.

Every day, set aside 30-60 minutes for reading. It may take a few weeks for it to become second nature. After a time, you’ll anticipate it.

4. Do You Read One Book At A Time?

That might cause some debate… However, no law prohibits you from reading 100 books at once or just one.

It’s best, in my view, to concentrate on one fiction and one non-fiction book. You can offer your brain some diversity without thinning it down this way.

5. Turn It Into A Ritual

Uncomfortable seating, background noise, and excessive heat or cold may prevent you from reading. Make an effort to establish an atmosphere that encourages you to read.

So there you have it! Do these things, and you’ll be updating your TBR list in no time!

What You Shouldn’t Do…?

tbr meaning in scholarship

One advice that many bibliophiles follow is to read everything you possess before buying another book. I disagree. Money spent on books, in my opinion, is money well spent.

Even if you don’t read them all in a month, your library will appreciate it in the long term.

Books, in my opinion, are an investment. For the sake of myself and my future family

Plus, having hundreds of unopened books reminds me of all the information I don’t have…

How many books are currently on your TBR list? How long do you think it will take to read all of them?

I’ll begin. I have seven novels in the works, and I estimate it will take me three months to complete them.

Now it’s your turn.

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