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These days, media growth has lots of positive influences on human life. People have a lot of resources to acquire information and choose entertainment like radio, television, Web, etc. . Nobody could deny the significance and advantages of reading books. Then, what is a good app to download free books? how to read books for free?

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EBooks are a rage nowadays since there are too many men and women changing to eBooks instead of conventional books. Here, we’re likely to record the very best free eBook programs which you could utilize to get the most from your love for studying.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What Is A Good App To Download Free Books?
    • 1.1 Amazon Kindle
    • 1.2 Google Play Books
    • 1.3 Apple Books
    • 1.4 Barnes & Noble Nook
    • 1.5 Kobo Books
    • 1.6 Libby
    • 1.7 FBReader
    • 1.8 KyBook
    • 1.9 FullReader
    • 1.10 PocketBook Reader
  • 2 Other Considerations
    • 2.1 Aldiko
    • 2.2 Book funnel
    • 2.3 Fb Reader
    • 2.4 Oodles Ebook Reader
    • 2.5 Overdrive
    • 2.6 Prolific Works
    • 2.7 Wattpad
  • 3 FAQs
    • 3.1 Is there an app to download books for free?
    • 3.2 Where can I download PDF books for free?
    • 3.3 Is the Anybooks app free?

What Is A Good App To Download Free Books?

Amazon Kindle

You do not require a Kindle apparatus to see Amazon books; the Kindle program supports many different devices, such as Windows and Mac computers, in addition to iOS, iPad, and Android cellular devices.

While studying, you can quickly: alter the color, font, text size, line spacing, and other features; mark up and annotate text passages; utilize an X-ray attribute for more information on personalities and other components; bookmark your existing page, and also search for particular text.

Should you need the definition of a specific phrase, highlight it, and a dictionary or Wikipedia entry pops up to explain it. The Kindle program can manage books downloaded from Amazon in addition to anything from the library through Libby.

Amazon Kindle

Google Play Books

The Google Play Books program is not as strong as the Kindle program, but it is no slouch. Accessible for iPhone and iPad, Android apparatus, on the internet, along with the Chrome browser via a Chrome Extension this program plays host to some books you catch from Google Play, in addition to PDFs and other formats downloaded from third party websites.

It is possible to alter the text and color characteristics, see the book’s original pages, add a bookmark, and listen to the book read aloud. In the Preferences screen, you can turn on shadowy manners, use an offline dictionary, and enlist the quantity key to switch pages.

Apple Books

Designed for iOS and iPadOS, Apple Books is your built-in reader for ebooks and audiobooks downloaded from Apple’s bookstore. Inside the program, you can fix the font type and size, motif, brightness, and bookmark webpages, annotate text, and create notes.

Switch on Scrolling View to scroll down to see the book rather than swiping. Pressing down on a note provides you the choice to replicate it, look it up, highlight, take note of it, search for it via the book, or discuss it with somebody else. The Search feature requires you to use some particular term or page number.

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Barnes & Noble Nook

Designed to allow you to read books, magazines, and other articles from Barnes & Noble, the Nook program is supported on Windows, iOS/iPad, and Android. You can alter the font size, style, margins, line spacing, justification, and brightness of the program.

You may easily sail through the book’s pages using a convenient slider bar in the bottom or jump to a specific page. Tapping and emphasizing a word constitutes a definition. A committed Settings page enables you to tweak the page turning choices, handle your library, and command the reader.

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Kobo Books

Aimed at ebooks and audiobooks, the Kobo Books program is available for Windows, macOS, iOS/iPad, and Android. The program allows you to read books downloaded in the Kobo shop in addition to imported books stored as PDFs or even EPUBs.

Harness the display, and a string of icons appears on the lower right. From here, you can perform the font size and style, design, and motif.

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You might even decide to utilize the volume keys to flip every page, change the orientation, and tweak the page transition. Highlighting a word exerts its definition or permits you to annotate it. You may even bookmark a webpage and see a list of chapter headings along with other particulars.

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Libby permits you to borrow books from the regional library. The program is free; everything you will need is a library card to borrow books. The program works for iOS, iPad, and Android apparatus, or you could use it straight through your internet browser. Once you register with your library card and accounts, you can browse or look for a book on one of the digital stacks.

From the program itself, you can tweak the text dimensions, the light, and the book’s layout. The program permits you to bookmark and emphasize certain pages and regions of the book.

You could even search for swipe and text across the ground to jump to a particular page. Pressing down on a note enables you to see a definition, highlight it, or look for it inside the book. If you do not like Libby, you can send borrowed library books to the Kindle program instead.

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FBReader allows you to browse books downloaded by its network library or people who you downloaded from different resources. The program supports many other formats, such as PDF, ePub, Mobi, RTF, HTML, and plain text.

Versions of this program are offered for iOS, iPad, and Android using a beta release for macOS and variants in active development for Windows and Linux.

When studying an ebook, it is simple to switch between dark and light topics, search for text, change the orientation, and zoom in or out. You can fix the text size and style, margins, look, color, and page rotation in the Preferences screen. You might even improve FBReader by installing and incorporating different programs and plugins, like an offline dictionary plus a PDF reader.

The entire program is free of charge. However, a $5.99 premium taste kicks at a text to speech reader, a translator, and a built-in service for PDF and comic book formats.


Designed for iOS and iPadOS, KyBook provides access to different book catalogs, such as Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks. It’s possible to add extra online catalogs and integrate books from folders stored in your device or one of your cloud based storage websites. The program supports a healthy collection of formats, such as ePUB, PDF, picture, text, and RTF.

From the program, you can alter the font style and text in addition to the color motif. You may look for text, listen to a book through text to speech, and set a timer to go off once you wish to quit reading.

Pressing down on a note enables you to replicate it, interpret, specify it, search for it, discuss it, mark it, or listen to it read aloud. You could even see chapter pages, bookmarks, notes, and other things.

The basic version is free of charge, even though a premium subscription with Auto Scan and much more features run $4.49 for three months or $14.99 for a full calendar year.


Geared for Android, FullReader lets you pull in an assortment of different appearances from the apparatus or by the cloud. The program supports several other formats, such as ePUB, PDF, film, txt, doc, Docx, and HTML.

It’s possible to scan for books saved on your device then import the ones you would like to read. For books held in the cloud, then it is possible to connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, and then download them to your device.

As you’re studying a book, you can tweak the font size, style, text color, background color, brightness, and motif. The advanced settings let you play with the design, spacing, orientation, page rotation, and other components.

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You can see chapter headings and jump to a particular chapter. Pressing down on a note brings up a menu where you could highlight it, interpret it, or discuss it. You may also make voice notes to hear the book read to you.

PocketBook Reader

Aimed at iOS/iPad and Android apparatus, PocketBook Reader enables you to catch books from its store, those saved on your device, and those stored in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, and PocketBook Cloud) also people downloaded in Google Books. The program supports ebooks and audiobooks from 26 different formats, including ePUB, Mobi, PDF, RTF, text, HTML, MP3, and M4B.

Tweaking the program is challenging initially. Press down on display, and a circle pops up with icons for different features but with no sign of what everyone does.

Nonetheless, the program provides a range of preferences. You may alter the font size, style, brightness, colors, margins, studying fashion, and other features. It is also possible to bookmark pages, jump to a specific page, and listen to the book read aloud.

Pressing down on a note permits you to highlight it, search for it, or specify it. Rather than managing the icons, you can jump right into the Settings screen to manually tweak the program.

Other Considerations



The fascinating characteristic of this program is its exceptionally customizable scanning interface. Reading for ePub, PDF, and Adobe DRM encoded files allows you to store new notes inside the program, such as lots of free classics. If you decide to pay for the Premium version, you may add as many audiobooks as you desire, in addition, to highlight and depart notes as you browse.

Book funnel

A fantastic way to discover new writers with freebie chapters, short stories, as well as books. Syncs into your Kindle Fire.

Fb Reader

This studying interface supports many popular ebook formats and can be incredibly customizable so that you can produce your very own online learning surroundings. Access reads through your library or gets your books by uploading to Google Drive and linking to the program.

Oodles Ebook Reader

Another discovery platform, Oodles, boasts 50,000+ reads and over ten languages. To learn Russian, why don’t you?


This program lets you link to the regional library and get anything inside its database, including the two books and audiobooks. Watch a movie simply by linking your library card. Caution, you will not have the ability to check out books when you’ve got overdue fees, not that I know this from experience or something.

Prolific Works

Like BookFunnel, this system is set up to assist readers in discovering new writers with promotional freebie reads and syncs to most readers.


This system permits writers to promote exciting new functions to keen readers, making it a fantastic place to discover new favorites. Geared toward societal reading, it lets you share ideas via notes as you browse.


Is there an app to download books for free?

Amazon Kindle

If we are speaking of free eBook programs, there’s not any way we could overlook citing Kindle. It’s undoubtedly among the most popular book reading programs. You may sign up & download it here. And see many free books that span almost all types from love to fiction, non-fiction, historical, and more.

Where can I download PDF books for free?


Is the Anybooks app free?

The program can be downloaded at no cost, and in addition, it lets you read books you’ve bought from Google Play. In addition, the program does not even want a subscription.

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