All about Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA)

[] The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is responsible for the overall development of the city

The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has the responsibility to bring about all-round development of the city. To ensure this, the GMDA undertakes a number of functions, including the enforcement and execution of the Guwahati Master Plan, formulating and implementing schemes and supervising schemes and plans, to foster sustainable development within the metropolitan area. Another important function of the GMDA is the conservation and promotion of the health, safety and welfare of the public.

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Jurisdiction of Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority

The GMDA’s jurisdiction covers north Guwahati town committee and revenue villages of Beltola Mouza, Sela Sundari Ghopa Mouza, Pub Barsar Mouza, Dakhin Rani Mouza and Ramcharani Mouza.

Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA)

How to apply for building permission on GMDA?

If you are planning to develop or re-erect or construct anything in the GMDA’s jurisdiction, you will need all the required permissions. Your application to do so, along with the required charges, must be submitted to the CEO of the GMDA with the necessary documents.

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Eligibility to apply for building permission

Those intending to apply must be residents of the state.

Guidelines, charges and documents required for building permit 

The permit should be sought under the Guwahati Building Construction (Regulation) Act, under Section 5, in Form-1 (part-I and part-II), along with the requisite fees as prescribed under Schedule-1 of the Guwahati Building Construction (Regulation) Byelaws, 2014. This must be submitted to the CEO of the GMDA. You should also scan all the required documents, if you are opting for the online mode of application.

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The processing fee is as follows:

Type Processing fee
RCC ground floor Rs 10 per sq metre and Rs 20 per sq metre for upper floors.
Apartments, schools and other religious Institutions Rs 20 per sq metre for the ground floor and Rs 24 per sq metre for the upper floors.
Commercial and industrial buildings Four and eight times that of residential building fees’ structure.

Important documents required to process building permit application

Sl no Documents
1 Trace map of the proposed site, indicating the patta number, dag number, revenue village, mouza and the town of the concerned district.
2 Plan of the area, including natural channels, roads, drains and landmarks.
3 Site plan to a minimum scale of 1:200.
4 Accurate building plan in a minimum scale of 1:100, with dimensions mentioned in metres.
5 General specifications of the proposed construction, including FAR calculation details, type and grade of materials to be used in Form 11, Form 24 and Form 25, all duly signed by the concerned Registered Technical Personnel (RTP) and the applicant.
6 A certificate of supervision in Form 8, Form 9 and Form 10 of the Guwahati Building Construction (Regulation) Byelaws 2014.
7 Self-declaration that property has been assessed/ reassessed after September 12, 2008.
8 Certificate of undertaking against safety hazards from the structural engineer on record, for buildings that have Ground + 3 floors and above, in Form 7 of the Guwahati Building Construction (Regulation) Byelaws 2014.
9 An undertaking (under Appendix V of Guwahati Building Construction (Regulation) Byelaws 2014) signed by the power of attorney holder or land owner or promoter or builder or the applicant, as the case may be, stating that he shall surrender/leave land for road-widening purposes, if required, free of cost and will not violate any rules or building byelaws. The undertaking shall also state that in case of violations, the Authority can take action as per the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority Act, 1985/ the Guwahati Municipal Corporation Act, 1971.
10 An affidavit along with the application form, declaring the following:

(a) Ownership of the land (b) Particulars of the land, (c) That they shall construct the building as per the approved plan, (d) They shall obtain the completion certificate prior to obtaining electric connection, (e) That the applicant will not occupy the building before obtaining the occupancy certificate (f) They shall not change the RTP during the construction period, without prior notice to the Authority, and if any change is made, the new RTP/applicant has to fulfill all the formalities completed by the earlier RTP.

11 In case of an existing building/structure, the up-to-date property tax paid receipt to be submitted.

Note: All the drawings/ plans shall be duly signed by the owner and a registered architect or a registered graduate civil engineer, who prepares the plan.

How to apply for a building permit?

Step 1: Submit your online application through the registered technical persons (RTPs) of GMDA to the counter clerk, with all the aforementioned documents. If all is well, the CEO of the GMDA will grant the permit after consulting with the town planner of the GMDA.

What to do after receiving the CEO’s online building permit?

After receiving the approval, you must submit four hard copies of the plan to the GMDA. You can track the progress online.

Next, three sets of drawings plus the planning permit, will be forwarded by the GMDA to the Guwahati Municipal Corporation, the urban local bodies or panchayats, for the issuance of the building permit. Part-II of the application is issued by the GMC or other local bodies and in case the competent technical officer is not available, the government may authorise or designate another officer to do the needful.

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How to apply for NOC for sale of land?

A resident of India, who is the legal owner of land or has an attorney, can apply for the NOC for land sale. To receive an NOC, the application must be completely filled and signed by both, the seller and the purchaser. Note that all documents should be self-attested by the seller or notarised.

Type Processing fee
NOC for sale/ transfer/ sub-division of land 1% of the total land value, excluding the value of the building.
Proposal for transfer of land with building as fixed by DC Kamrup (Metro)/DC, Kamrup To be paid after approval + Rs 250 (Adjustable amount)
NOC for apartment/flat sale/transfer 1%, limited to the extent of the land value only.

Documents required for NOC for land sale from GMDA

Sl no Documents
1 Land sale permission of the deputy commissioner.
2 Land ownership details
3 Trace map
4 Affidavit from the seller(s) and purchaser(s).
5 Layout plan, if the total area of the original plot that is subdivided, is equal to or greater than 1 bigha.
6 Three passport size photographs each of the seller and purchaser.
7 Any other document/declaration ought by the Authority.

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Note: All documents need to be signed by the town planner/architect. A minimum of 5% of the land area should be reserved for parks/ playgrounds.

Procedure to apply for land sale NOC

This facility is not available online. Applicants must submit the hard copy of the application, along with the documents at the GMDA’s counter. You will be required to fill the following forms:

  • Application form for land subdivision/transfer.
  • Checklist of documents: land sale/transfer/sub-division permission.

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How to apply for a land use certificate from GMDA?

Note that this service is not available online. Anyone applying for a land use certificate should ensure that their property documents are up to date in the public records, thereby, minimising chances of fraud. Remember that if you wish to avail of this service, you must have all the property tax receipts as of date.

The application is to be made on a plain paper and should be submitted to the CEO of the GMDA. It must have the dag number, patta number, revenue village and mouza details, along with a fee of Rs 50, to be submitted at the cash counter.

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Can I reserve GMDA parks?

Yes, however, prior to using these public parks, you will need the GMDA’s permission. With your application to the CEO of GMDA, add the following details:

  • Name of event.
  • Purpose of the event.
  • Date of the event.
  • Time of event.
  • Tentative number of guests.

The application is then passed on to the Park Committee and then moves to the CEO for approval. The applicant is then informed about the GMDA’s decision. If approved, the terms and conditions of the event are also listed, as well as the requisite amount to be paid prior to the event.


What is the address of the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority?

You can write to the CEO of Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority at the address given below: CEO, Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority 3rd Floor, STATFED Building GMCH Road, Bhangagarh Guwahati-781005 Phone: 0361-2529824, 2529650 (O) Email:

Where can I see the Guwahati Master Plan 2025?

Visit the official website of the GMDA and go to the tab, ‘Information and Services’. Next, click on ‘Master Plan Guwahati 2025’ to access the document and map.

Does GMDA also look at water body restoration in Assam?

The Guwahati Water Bodies (Preservation and Conservation) Act was enacted in 2008 (amended in May, 2010) and works towards the protection of wetlands of Deepor, Silsako and Borsola-Sorusola.

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