All about Housing Board Haryana

[] Here is everything you need to know about the Housing Board of Haryana and how you can participate in its property e-auctions

Among the various state-led agencies that work towards offering residential properties to citizens, is the Housing Board Haryana (HBH). Established under the Haryana Housing Board Act of 1971 and also known as the Haryana Housing Board, it has been working towards meeting this prime objective since its inception and launches various housing schemes from time to time.

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Under its schemes, the Panchkula-headquartered Housing Board Haryana strives to provide housing to all, especially candidates from the lower-income groups (LIG) and economically weaker sections (EWS). Official tally shows the board has constructed 95,969 houses for different categories, of which 75% have been constructed for the BPL, EWS and LIG categories.

Apart from residential, the Housing Board Haryana also sells commercial properties through e-auctions.

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How are the Housing Board Haryana flats allotted?

The HBH allots flats using the draw of lots method after the completion of houses.

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Eligibility for HBH Haryana flats

For all categories:

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age, at the time of registration.
  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • An applicant or the spouse of the applicant, or any of his/her dependent members, cannot submit more than one application.
  • The applicant, the spouse of the applicant or dependent relatives, who were earlier allotted flats by the Housing Board Haryana and subsequently, transferred the same to another person under the transfer policy of the Board, are not entitled to register their names, for five years from the date of transfer.

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For EWS and LIG categories:

To get units from the Housing Board Haryana, applicants belonging to the LIG and EWS categories must fulfil the following conditions:

  • They must be a resident of Haryana and should be working in Haryana for at least six months, on the date of application. They can also be employees of the Haryana government or the central government.
  • The applicant should not own a house in Haryana, Chandigarh or Delhi, either in his/her name, or in the name of his/her spouse or in the name of his/her dependent relatives, including unmarried minor children. However, applicants owning ancestral houses in a village or a share in urban or rural property, are eligible to apply.

For MIG and HIG categories:

  • Applicants belonging to the scheduled castes and backward classes, or those who are handicapped, visually impaired, freedom fighters, disabled servicemen, war widows and widows, should be domiciles of Haryana.
  • The applicants for whom reservation is provided under Regulation 7, should not own any other house in Haryana in his/her name or in the name of his/her spouse or any dependent family members.

Category based on income

Category *Family income at the time of registration
Economically weaker section Up to Rs 1,00,000 per annum
Low-income group From Rs 1,00,001 to Rs 2,00,000 per annum
Middle-income group From Rs 2,00,001 to Rs 4,50,000 per annum
High-income group Above Rs 4,50,000 per annum

* Family income will include the income of applicant, his/her spouse, dependent relatives and unmarried minor children. Salary income shall include the basic pay, DA, ADA, HRA (in excess of 10% of basic pay), CCA and other allowances, special pay, interim relief, overtime allowance, etc.

Payment for Housing Board of Haryana flats

Applicants have to make the payment for flats in the following manner:

Amount payable with application 10% of the advertised cost 10% of the advertised cost
Amount payable after draw of lots 20% of the advertised cost less amount already paid. 25% of the advertised cost less amount already paid.
Amount payable at the time of possession Minimum 50% of the actual cost, less amount already paid. Maximum 40% of the actual cost, less amount already paid.

Source: Housing Board Haryana

The remaining amount has to be paid in equated monthly installments (EMIs) over a period of 10 years.

Documents to be submitted by applicants

If the applicant is an individual, s/he has to submit self-attested copies of the PAN card, Aadhaar card and passport-size photos. In case of joint bids, each person has to submit the same documents.

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Housing Board Haryana new scheme 2021

Under its various schemes, the Housing Board Haryana has been e-auctioning properties regularly. To know more about these schemes, click here.

How to participate in Haryana Housing Board e-auction?

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All bidders have to register themselves, in order to generate the user ID and password for e-auctions.

All about Housing Board Haryana

All about Housing Board Haryana

All about Housing Board Haryana

For BPL/EWS properties, the registration is free while for general properties the registration fee is Rs 1,000 + GST. However, based on the selection of the properties, general and BPL/EWS bidders too have to deposit a non-refundable processing fee of Rs 500 for each property group separately. The processing fee is to be deposited online through internet banking/RTGS/NEFT.

Earnest money deposit

After successful registration, the bidder has to deposit the earnest money, equivalent to 10% of the reserve price of the property. The amount can be deposited by generating a challan through RTGS/NEFT before 48 hours from the scheduled date and time of the e-auction and up to 4:00 pm through RTGS/net-banking on the preceding date of the e-auction.

Housing Board Haryana refund

The earnest money of the unsuccessful bidders will be refunded by the system automatically, on the closure of the auction.

HBH letter of intent to successful bidders

After acceptance of the bid and verification of the requisite documents, the successful bidder will be issued a letter of intent (LOI) on his email ID. All the payment schedule pertaining to the bid amount, is linked with the date of dispatch of the LOI.

The bidder will be further required to deposit 25% of the quoted bid (after adjustment of EMD) amount, within 30 days from the date of issuance of the LOI. In case of failure to deposit the said amount within this period, the LOI will stand automatically withdrawn without any further notice and the earnest money will be forfeited by the HBH.

The successful bidder has to deposit the amount by way of online payment, through net banking or through RTGS/NEFT or by generation of challans on the e-auction portal. The link will be visible only to the highest bidder of that property.

The remaining 75% of the bid amount has to be paid within a period of 100 days from the date of dispatch of the allotment letter without interest, or in six half- yearly instalments with interest of 10% per annum. The payments must be made either online on the Housing Board Haryana website gateway or by generating a challan through the website and depositing the same in the authorised banks.

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Allotment letter by Housing Board of Haryana

On payment of 25% of the bid, the successful bidder will be issued the allotment letter and possession of the unit will be handed over.

Surrender of Housing Board Haryana flats

If the bidder surrenders the property after the issue of the allotment letter, 50% of the total deposited amount will be forfeited and the remaining money will be refunded without interest.

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Declaration by bidders when applying for Housing Board of Haryana flats

Bidders also have to fill and sign a declaration and upload its scanned copies on the official website, at the time of submitting their application for HBH flats.

Sample text for declaration when applying for Housing Board of Haryana flats

I/we______ S/o/D/o __________ R/o______________ do hereby affirm and declare as under:-

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I/we the bidder(s) do state hereby that I/we have read the entire e-auction bidding terms and conditions for e-auction of flats / shops / kiosk / community centre. The general terms and conditions for allotment of flats, shops, kiosk and community centre through e-auction and the terms and conditions of payment of e-auction have been understood by me/us. I/we, hereby unconditionally agree to be bound by and to abide by the terms and conditions to take part in the online e-auction.

I/we declare that the earnest money deposit (EMD) and other deposits towards purchase/price were made by me/us against my/our offer and that the particulars of remittance given by me/us in the bid form are true and correct.

I/we agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the Housing Board Haryana for participation in the e-auction.

I/we further declare that the information in the bid form furnished by me/us is true and correct to the best of my/our belief and knowledge. I/we understand and agree that if any of the information/statement furnished by me/us is found incorrect and/or false, then, the offer/bid submitted by me/us is liable to be cancelled. In such a case, the EMD paid by me/us is liable to be forfeited by the Housing Board Haryana and that the HBH will be at liberty to annul the offer made to me/us at any point of time. Further, I/we shall not challenge the same in any court of law.

I/we understand that in the event of me/us being declared as successful bidder/s by the Housing Board Haryana, I/we are unconditionally bound to comply with the terms and conditions of the e-auction. I/we agree that if my/our bid for the purchase of flats / shops / kiosk / community centre is accepted by the HBH and thereafter, if I/we fail to comply with the terms and conditions of the offer letter or not able to complete the transaction within the specified time limit, for any reason whatsoever and/or fail to fulfil any/all of the terms and conditions, the EMD and any payment made by me/us along with the bid thereafter, is/are liable to be forfeited by Housing Board Haryana.

I/we also agree that in the case of forfeiture of the amount by Housing Board Haryana, the defaulting bidder(s) shall have no claim on the property or on any part of the sum for which it may be sold/auctioned, subsequently.

I/we understand that the EMD of all bidder(s) shall be retained by Housing Board Haryana and will be returned without interest only after the successful completion of sale/e-auction of the properties. I/we state that I/we have fully understood the terms and conditions of the e-auction and agree to be bound by the same.

I/we shall abide by the GST Act 2017 and pay GST as applicable from time to time on the e-auction property.

The decision taken by Housing Board Haryana in all respects shall be binding on me/us.

I/we also agree that if, due to any eventuality, the e-auction is cancelled by the Board, even after successfully bidding, I/we shall not challenge the cancellation.

That I understand that monopolistic practices (pooling) is a penal offence and Housing Board Haryana reserves the right to cancel any bid/offer if such practice are brought to the notice and HBH will be at the liberty to take criminal action against me and my properties.

I further affirm that I shall refrain from any such pooling practice during the conduct of e-auction. I accept the terms and conditions as above.

Name of bidder ____________

Address ____________

Mobile No. ____________

E-mail ID ____________

Key things to remember

  1. You will be allowed to visit the properties beforehand, when applying for Housing Board Haryana apartments or flats.
  2. Housing Board Haryana properties will be auctioned on an as-is-where-is basis. This means that the HBH will not be responsible for levelling of uneven plots or land or any other defects in the property.
  3. The photographs and locations of all properties put for e-auction by the Housing Board Haryana are available on its official website Please visit the portal to have a clear idea about the investment prospects.
  4. The successful bidders and allottees will have no right to transfer the property or create any right/title/interest in it without a prior written permission from the Housing Board Haryana even after the execution of the deed of conveyance.


Where is the Haryana Housing Board headquarter?

The headquarters of the Haryana Housing Board is in Panchkula.

How to apply for e-auction of Housing Board Haryana units?

You can apply for Haryana Housing Board e-auction by visiting and logging in after registering yourself.

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