All about Indore Development Authority (IDA)

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Indore, with over 10 lakh residents, was declared the cleanest city in India in the government’s cleanliness survey on December 31, 2019. This was the fourth time that the city managed to retain the top ranking.

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For Madhya Pradesh’s Indore continuing to be counted among the cleanest cities in India, part of its success can be attributed to the contributions made by its planning and development authority, the Indore Development Authority (IDA). This was established under the Madhya Pradesh Town and Country Planning Act, 1973, for the urban growth of Indore.

Indore Development Authority (IDA)

Functions of IDA

Apart from implementing the master plans (prepared by the town and country planning authority) of the city, the IDA is also responsible for overseeing all development-related activities in the city, mainly land acquisition and allotment for various purposes. Aside from providing housing to all sections of the society, the IDA also acts as the construction agency to build roads, bridges, flyovers, regional parks, sewerage lines, etc.

Note that the city is currently being developed under the Indore Master Plan 2021.

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[] All about the Indore Master Plan

Various departments under the IDA

The IDA works through various departments, to ensure the overall development of Indore. The 12 departments that come under the IDA include:

  1. Engineering
  2. Finance
  3. Town Planning
  4. Architecture
  5. Legal
  6. Monitoring
  7. Enforcement
  8. Vigilance
  9. Establishment and Authority
  10. Policy
  11. Land Acquisition
  12. Information Technology

Online services on IDA site

In addition to getting information about all new flats and land allotment schemes by the development agency on the official portal,, citizens can also avail of various other services on the site. These include application for address change and lease deed approval, using the IDA website.

Housing by the IDA

Currently, the IDA owns around 300 plots including, over 50 commercial ones in different schemes.

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IDA super corridor

The IDA, in 2019, came up with two residential colonies, Scheme-172 and Scheme-176. To be developed on about 500 acres in the next two years, the two schemes will take shape on a ‘super corridor’. Apart from corporate offices, malls and multiplexes, the super corridor will also host a sports complex, medical hub, convention center, etc., along with residential developments.

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While a majority of the land meant for the schemes is owned by the government, the state will have to acquire 30% of the total area from farmers. To ensure that the farmers, whose land will be acquired for the ambitious project, benefit from the schemes, the IDA will provide them ownership rights of 33% of the developed area, with floor area ratio (FAR) between 1.5 and 2.

Earlier, the IDA had acquired land for Scheme-156, 166, 169-A and 169-B but it was not able to hand over the developed plots to the farmers in a timely manner.

Note: Those interested in plot purchases in Indore could also express their interest in the same, on the IDA website. To show interest, click here.

IDA contact information

7 Racecourse Road, Indore, MP, 452003

Phone: +91 9893699113



Where is the head office of the IDA?

The head office of the IDA is at 7 Racecourse Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

What is the tagline of the IDA?

The tagline of the IDA is ‘Where construction is a never-ending process’.

Is Indore a metro city?

Indore is a tier-2 city in India.

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