All about Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC)

[] Here is everything you need to know about the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), one of the oldest civic bodies in India, which governs a city with a population of over 4.5 million

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) is one of the oldest civic bodies in India. Established in 1864, the civic body used to govern just 15 sq kms of area at that time, with a population of 82,000. Now, it has over 46 lakh people under its jurisdiction and is also the winter capital of the state. Recently ranked as one of the cleanest cities in India, Nagpur has also become a major commercial centre in Maharashtra. The NMC has over 10,000 employees to handle the administration of the city. Here is everything you need to know about the civic body:

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC)

Responsibilities of Nagpur Municipal Corporation

The major responsibilities of the NMC are to oversee development, to provide basic civic infrastructure and to ensure that there is no oversight on the part of the authorities. The departments in the NMC include public relations, health, finance, library, buildings, slums, street lighting, roads, traffic, gardens, public works, waterworks, establishment, local audit, legal services, education, octroi and fire services. The NMC’s activities are administered by its zonal offices.

The key responsibilities include:

  1. Building and maintenance of roads, streets and flyovers.
  2. Maintenance of parks and open spaces.
  3. Street lighting.
  4. Public municipal schools.
  5. Hospitals.
  6. Water purification and supply.
  7. Sewage treatment and disposal.
  8. Garbage disposal and cleanliness of streets.
  9. Urban development and city planning for new areas.
  10. Registration of births and deaths.

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Jurisdiction of Nagpur Municipal Corporation

The NMC has been divided the city into 10 zones:

  1. Laxmi Nagar
  2. Dharampeth
  3. Hanuman Nagar
  4. Dhantoli
  5. Nehru Nagar
  6. Gandhi Baugh
  7. Sataranjipura
  8. Lakadganj
  9. Ashi Nagar
  10. Mangalwari.

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Each of these zones is divided into several wards and each ward is represented by a corporator. At present, the NMC has 151 corporators, a majority of whom are elected in local elections. The NMC and the Nagpur Improvement Trust, together are in charge of the infrastructure and civic needs, as well as the development of new areas.

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NMC property tax: How to calculate property tax in Nagpur

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has around 8 lakh registered properties and it imposes property tax on the ‘rateable value-based tax system’, which is calculated on the Annual Letting Value (ALV) of the property. This calculation system is based on many factors including:

  • Block
  • Net built-up area
  • Structural details
  • Usage
  • Age of the property
  • Occupancy.

The NMC’s property tax department derives the annual rent for a property, by first calculating its monthly rent. The department levies a general tax of 10% from the total letting value. Nagpur has been divided into six blocks, on the basis of the ready reckoner rates of properties. The following factors are taken into consideration, to calculate the property tax amount in Nagpur:

Block Ready reckoner Value
Block 1 Above Rs 50,000 Rs 11
Block 2 Rs 40,000-50,000 Rs 10
Block 3 Rs 30,000-40,000 Rs 9
Block 4 Rs 20,000-30,000 Rs 8
Block 5 Rs 10,000-20,000 Rs 7
Block 6 Under Rs 10,000 Rs 6

Categories as per structure

Category Weightage
Premium quality 1.25
Good quality 1
Average quality 0.8
Low quality 0.5

Usage factor

Usage Weightage
Commercial (airport buildings, bars, restaurants, marriage halls, banks, ATMs, shopping malls, multiplexes, shops, lodges, clubs, petrol pumps, health clubs, hospitals and special parking lots) 2.5
Unspecified (warehouses, factories, non-AC offices and other properties which are not covered in commercial or residential categories) 2
Residential (open plots, residential buildings, education institutes, trust hospitals, religious complexes, sports grounds and advocates’ chambers) 1

Age factor

Age of the property Weightage
0-10 years 1
11-20 years 0.95
21-30 years 0.9
31-40 years 0.85
41-50 years 0.8
51-60 years 0.75
Over 60 years 0.7

How to pay NMC Nagpur property tax online

Property owners can view their property tax bills by using the index number of the property. The index number of the property can be found on the previous years’ property tax receipts.

Visit the ‘Property tax page’ of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation portal and click on the ‘view your property tax demand’ option. Next, enter the index number of your property and your property tax bill will be displayed on your screen.

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Nagpur Municipal Corporation contact details

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If you wish to reach out to the NMC, the civic body can be reached at:

Nagpur Municipal Corporation,

Mahanagar Palika Marg, Civil Lines, Nagpur

Email :

Phone : 0712-2567035

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How many municipal corporators are there in Nagpur?

There are 151 corporators in Nagpur.

How many zones are there in Nagpur?

There are 10 zones in Nagpur.

What is the website of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation?

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s official portal is

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