All about the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon or MCG

[] Explained in this article are the roles and responsibilities of the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram or Gurgaon

If Gurgaon, considered to be a wasteland city in the 1980s, evolved to become the hub of all financial activities in Haryana, a lot of credit for this fast progress could be attributed to the local body that was formed as late as 2008. The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has been responsible for the transformation of this small town into a city of global repute. The MCG Gurgaon takes care of the millennium city’s civic infrastructure, apart from being responsible for the city’s planned development.

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Even though the MCG was formed nearly a decade after the city had already undergone unprecedented urbanisation, the agency has been credited with changing the face of Gurugram, to become the city that it is today. The MCG also works closely with the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) over multiple projects.

However, the MCG Gurgaon has also been criticised for its failure to address issues like basic infrastructure maintenance (water and power supply remain erratic till date, while Gurugram also continues to struggle with drainage issues and poor roads), lack of online services, non-inclusion of residents in development and lack of access to MCG offices.

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In an order issued in 2021, the MCG commissioner recently came down on its officials, for delays in addressing public grievances in a timely manner.

Online services on MCG portal

The Gurgaon Municipal Corporation plans to act as an e-office, where all files are digitised and approved and sanctioned via e-signatures. Now, even though the MCG Gurgaon has been working on digitising its entire mode of operations since December 2018, the most success has been achieved by its property tax wing.

all about the municipal corporation of gurgaon or mcg

Using the official portal of the MCG, citizens can also avail of a host of other services virtually. These online services include payment of various taxes including water bill and property tax, registration of civic complaints, submission of requests for building plan approvals and no-dues certificates and application for birth and marriage certificates, etc.

Property tax Gurgaon

To know all details about how check MCG Gurgaon property tax and how to pay it, read our in-depth guide on paying property tax in Gurugram.

MCG Gurgaon: News updates

Mukesh Kumar Ahuja appointed new MCG commissioner

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Mukesh Kumar Ahuja took charge as the commissioner of the MCG in June 2021. In his first meeting with the MCG staff, Ahuja directed the agency’s IT wing to develop an online system for monitoring all civic works.

“My top priority would be to rectify the cleanliness system and to get public grievances resolved in a time-bound manner. A zero-tolerance policy will be adopted in cases of corruption. The citizens of Gurugram can make complaints to the MCG through various means and these complaints will be resolved on a priority basis,” he said.

The commissioner is also in the process of getting an online system developed, using which citizens will be able to book appointments to meet the MCG chief to get their grievances addressed.

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How to pay property tax Gurgaon online?

Visit the MCG Gurgaon website at and click on the ‘Services’ tab on the top of the page and select ‘Property Tax’. This will open a new page, where you can enter the details and proceed with the property tax payment.

How to contact the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram?

You can get in touch with the MCG on the toll-free number 18001801817.

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