All you need to know about the Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO)

[] The Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO) plays an important role, in ensuring public health, environment and sanitation-related developments across the country. Read this article, to understand the crucial responsibilities that the CPHEEO undertakes

The Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO) in India is an entity that has existed since 1954, when it was formed under the Ministry of Health. Many crucial decisions with respect to public health and sanitation are taken by the CPHEEO staff, all of whom are post-graduate engineers in the relevant field. The CPHEEO is affiliated to the Ministry of Urban Development (erstwhile Ministry of Works and Housing).

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Core areas of work of the CPHEEO

The CPHEEO supports the government, the states and the concerned ministry, with respect to formulation of policies and technical expertise, in the areas of new technologies, appraisal or scrutiny of schemes, water supply and sanitation-related issues such as municipal solid waste management, etc. Besides these, schemes posed for agencies such as the World Bank / JICA/ ADB/ KfW/ AfD or others, also go through a study by the CPHEEO.

All you need to know about the Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO)

Role and responsibilities of CPHEEO

The CPHEEO has an important role to play especially in the matters listed below:


Every technical aspect dealing with public health and environmental engineering (water supply, sewerage, storm water drainage and solid waste management) can be passed only after the CPHEEO’s close examination and advice.

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To ensure the overall development of the engineering section of the public health and environment sector, the CPHEEO has the crucial role of assisting the ministry to formulate guidelines, strategies and policies and programs. Other ministries or central agencies (such as the Ministries of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, New and Renewable Energy, Social Justice and Empowerment, Health and Family Welfare, Commerce and Industry, Labour and Employment, Steel, Mines, Jal Shakti, Economic Affairs, etc.) too may ask the CPHEEO for assistance.

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Strategy and guidelines

Manuals that contain the technical know-how of aspects related to environmental engineering or public health fields, are also developed by the CPHEEO.

Monitoring and evaluation

The appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of sewerage, water supply and urban drainage projects, are also carried out by the CPHEEO. This includes projects sponsored by the centre and the states, as well. Similarly, the scrutiny of various projects that are submitted by the states, union territories or even the urban local bodies and those that seek assistance from other funding agencies, are assessed by the body.

Formulation of five-year plans

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The CPHEEO also assists the ministry in formulating the five-year plans for the concerned sectors, i.e., health and environment engineering.

Promote human resources

One of the important roles of the CPHEEO is also to promote and coordinate the development of resources in the field of health engineering, which includes imparting training for them. Organising or co-sponsoring seminars is also a role that the CPHEEO is required to play.


The CPHEEO must also, as per requirement, represent the ministry in high-level committee meetings that are constituted by various central ministries. The body also needs to advise these committees on various health and environment-related areas of concern.


To formulate or implement various researches, the CPHEEO also needs to work in collaboration with the India Council for Medical Research, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, World Health Organization or even educational institutions, from time to time. Besides, it also needs to work together with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), to prepare various standards relevant to the sector.


Where can I buy the CPHEEO manuals from?

The CPHEEO manual can be bought from e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

Does CPHEEO come under the Urban Development Ministry?

Yes, the CPHEEO is the technical wing of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.

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