Baner Pashan Link Road property market: An overview

[] Baner Pashan Link Road (BPLR) is a popular residential area in Pune. This road connects the suburbs of Baner and Pashan. The BPLR region supports a population of 10,000 and provides its residents with the luxury of social amenities and services

Baner Pashan Link Road is a coveted residential area of Pune which is located at the intersection of Baner and Pashan. The link road starts at the intersection of Balaji Chowk and then extends towards Paranjape Athashri. From there, it turns right at Camellia before finally ending at Baner Road. From Paranjape the road branches out towards Someshwarwadi.

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Baner Pashan Link Road was not occupied by residential establishments before 2003. Surrounded by hills, the locality provides a beautiful scenery. It is a good place to set up both homes and hotels, as the pollution-free environment lures all.

The locality also offers its inhabitants various social amenities like educational and health institutions and its proximity to banks and ATMs makes the locality both liveable and well-coveted.

The locality is well-connected to Comfort Zone, Vasant Vihar Paranjape Schemes, Park Express, Mont Vert Grande, Avora, Kapil Asmet, Teerth Tower, Nandan Prospera, Iris, Magnolia Paranjape Schemes, Camellia Paranjape Schemes and Yuthika Paranjape Schemes.


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The locality is well-connected to various developed areas and a number of hotels, schools, banks and hospitals via an excellent network of railways and roadways.

  • It lies close to the highway, near Hinjewadi.
  • The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is situated at a distance of 10 minutes from Baner Pashan Link Road.
  • It is also well-connected to the well developed areas of Baner, Pashan, Aundh and Pune City.


The locality is witnessing an increase in the population in the recent years owing to its proximity to various employment hubs. These include

  • IT companies of Hinjewadi
  • IT companies of Aundh
  • ICC Tower
  • SB Road
  • Regent Plaza
  • Symantec
  • Cal-Soft

The locality also houses a number of scientific research laboratories, which helps science professionals to easily find jobs in and around Baner Pashan Link Road. These laboratories include –

  • Defence Laboratories
  • CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL)



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Baner Pashan Link Road provides its residents with all kinds of social amenities to live a happy and peaceful life. Vidya Valley School, Indira Kids, The Sanskriti School, The Orchid School and DAV School are the famous educational institutions in and around Baner Pashan Link Road. All these educational institutions lie at a distance of 3-5 kilometres from BPLR.

Of the social amenities provided by Baner Pashan Link Road, the major health institutions in and around the locality include Dhanvantari Hospital, Metro Hospital, Vishwa Hospital and Baner Multispeciality Hospital. Apart from these it also provides the luxury of enjoying recreational amenities and proximity to various banks and ATMs.


  • Price depreciation- Around 1%.
  • Current property rates- Rs 6,208 – Rs 8,942 per sq ft.


Although the price rates have been seen to be decreasing presently, the increasing demand of properties and growing IT hubs surrounding Baner Pashan Link Road, will soon result in rising property rates. So, investing in Baner Pashan Link Road will prove to be quite lucrative in the future. One can easily buy properties in and around Baner Pashan Link Road at the present low rates and wait for the development to kick in,which will make the same properties cost much more. Also, if one is in search for a beautiful, hilly and peaceful surrounding, Baner Pashan Link Road would be a great choice.

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