Basava Vasati Yojana 2022: RGRHCL scheme application procedure, beneficiary list of Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigama

[] The Basava Vasati Yojana is a housing scheme announced by the Karnataka government, to provide shelter to the economically and socially backward people in the state

The Karnataka state government comes up with various schemes for the welfare of those belonging to the economically weaker sections of the society. In order to provide quality housing to the homeless population in Karnataka, the state government has incorporated the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited (RGHCL), which provides pucca houses to socially and economically backward people. The Basava Vasati Yojana, which is managed by the RGHCL, is an initiative by the Karnataka government aimed at providing affordable homes for poor people.

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Under the Basava Vasati Yojana in the state, the applicants are liable to get 85% of the raw material for home construction from the state government. Basava Vasati Yojana, also referred to as the RGRHCL Scheme, is one of the six affordable housing schemes being implemented in the state.

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Basava Vasti Yojana: Facts

Scheme Basava Vasti Yojana
Launched in (year) 2000
State Karnataka
Organisation RGRHCL (Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing

Corporation Limited)

Official website
Objective Offering affordable homes for economically weaker section of the society
Scheme beneficiaries People falling under below poverty line category, SC/ST and OBC

Basava Vasti Yojana: Objectives

The Basava Vasti Yojana is popularly known as the RGRHCL (Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited) scheme. This scheme has noble objectives and aims of helping homeless people. Under the RGRHCL scheme, houses are provided at affordable cost to people, especially those who cannot afford to purchase a house owing to their financial situation. The Government of Karnataka had created the Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited (RGRHCL) with the aim of carrying out housing construction across the state.

Launched in 2021, this was exclusively engineered to provide homes to the homeless but the scope of the scheme has considerably widened, to provide shelter that can have life-altering impact on people. During the Budget 2020-21, Chief Minister of Karnataka, B. S. Yediyurappa, allocated a budget of Rs 2500 crores for the development of 2 lakh homes in the state.

The specifics of the Basavavasati are to cater to homeless people throughout the state, irrespective of where they come from, urban or rural. This scheme was initiated by the state government of Karnataka and is being actively implemented and executed with the aid of the Department of Housing, Karnataka. The aim is to provide shelter to the beneficiaries in Karnataka. The applicants of the RGRHCL scheme need to go through the details of the procedure and the application process, to ensure their optimal chance of being included in the programme.

Basava Vasathi Yojana is the Karnataka government’s programme, aimed at providing affordable houses to economically weaker section people. Through the basava yojana scheme, the underprivileged people, who are not able to afford a house due to their financial conditions, can construct their own dwellings if they own land. The government provides construction material to construct a pucca house. The entire basava housing scheme intends to improve the living standard of people.

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Basava Vasati Yojana scheme 2022: Benefits

The Karnataka government choses beneficiaries for the RGRHCL scheme, belonging to the financially and socially poor section. It provides homes at prices lower that the market price, with the support of the central government.

  • Eligible homeless applicants will get houses under the basava yojane scheme.
  • Those beneficiaries who do not have a home or any land, will get homes at affordable prices.
  • The transparency and effective management of resources, result in quick transfer of funds to the eligible beneficiaries of the basav vasti yojana.
  • There is a considerable budget for the program, Rs 2,500 crores, to enable the people to seek shelter.
  • The RGRHCL scheme, which is also known as basava vasati yojane, is closely associated with other housing schemes. This ensures that the maximum number of beneficiaries are given this governmental aid.

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Karnataka housing scheme for BPL families: Basava Vasati Yojana beneficiaries

The main beneficiaries of this basava vasati yojana scheme are people living below the poverty line, or from the backward communities.

The Basava vasati yojana is open only for permanent residents of the state and migrants are not allowed to apply under this housing scheme. Hence, to sum up, the beneficiaries for the Basava Vasati Yojana scheme are:

  • People below the poverty line (BPL), who cannot afford their own housing.
  • The Schedule Classes or the SCs.
  • The Schedule Tribes or the STs.
  • Lastly, the Other Backwards Classes or OBCs are eligible as beneficiaries of basava vasati scheme.

According to the latest notification published by RGRHCL, all beneficiaries are required to download the Indira Mane App and upload the status of their homes improvement on the Indira Mane app. This activity is imperative for the release of funds from the government authority.

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Basava Vasati Yojana eligibility

The state government has prescribed certain eligibility criteria, for the applicants who want to apply under the basava vasati yojana 2021 scheme in Karnataka:

  • The applicant of RGRHCL scheme must be permanent residents of Karnataka.
  • The applicant’s household income should not be more than Rs 32,000 per annum.
  • The applicant of the basava vasati yojane  should not own a pucca house anywhere in the state or country.
  • The applicant must have a land or kutcha house where construction could take place.

However, it should be noted that the beneficiaries of RGRHCL scheme may have houses of their own, as long as they do not contradict the aforementioned needs. The basava housing scheme allows them 85% of the raw material free of cost. This is indeed much more than providing shelter. This ensures better standards of living, while adhering to the sustainability goals for the nation.

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Basava Vasati Yojana 2022 application form

Those interested in applying for the Basavavasati yojana can visit the official portal of RGRHCL and get the application form online.

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Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Yojana: How to apply?

Applicants of RGRHCL scheme can apply online for the housing scheme, also known as Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigama. Follow this step-by-step procedure, to apply for the Basava Vasati Yojana:

  • Visit the official portal Ashraya for Karnataka’s Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited.
  • Click on the online application or the Registration link on the home page.
  • Enter all the required details, personal information such as name of the applicant, date of birth, father’s name, contact details, gender, income details, mandal, district and village name, address of the applicant and Aadhaar card number and upload the requisite documents such as photograph and income certificate.

The beneficiary list for Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigama is finalised by the gram panchayat authority and will be available online for viewing.

The beneficiaries are also selected on the ground level by the Block Development Officer through a lottery system. Once identified, the BDO visits the beneficiary’s correspondence address and submit the name in Form-17 which is later forwarded to the executive officer. Once the beneficiary list is finalised, the RGRHCL 2020-21 list is made available in the local block development office.

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Basava Vasati Yojana documents required

To apply for the RGRHCL housing scheme, applicants need the following documents:

  • Aadhaar card
  • Address proof
  • Age proof
  • Income proof
  • Passport-sized photo

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Basava Vasati Yojana requirements to fill application

  • Name of the applicant the Basava vasathi yojana
  • Date of birth
  • Father’s name
  • Contact number
  • Gender
  • Income details
  • Mandal
  • District and village name
  • Address of the applicant
  • Aadhaar card number
  • Photograph
  • Income certificate

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RGRHCL scheme: Procedure to login

Here’s a step-by-step process to sign into the official portal.

  • Visit the official website of Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited (RGHCL)
  • On the home page, click on ‘login’
  • Select the district and click on ‘submit’

rgrhcl scheme1 1

  • On the next page, enter your username and password, submit the Captcha. Click on ‘login’

Basava Vasati Yojana 2022: RGRHCL scheme application procedure, beneficiary list of Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigama

Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Yojana: How to check beneficiary status?

Applicants can follow the procedure explained below to check the RGRHCL benf status:

* Visit the RGRHCL portal and select ‘Beneficiary Information’ from the top menu.

All You Need To Know About Basava Vasati Yojana

*You will be redirected to a new page where you can select the district and enter the acknowledgement number. Click on ‘Submit’ to check the beneficiary status.

All You Need To Know About Basava Vasati Yojana

Your Basava Vasathi Yojana application status will be visible on the screen and you will be able to track your status in the beneficiary list of the Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigama.

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Basava Vasati Yojana: How are Beneficiaries selected?

After all the entries are received, the final beneficiaries will be selected either by the MLA of the constituency or the gram panchayat and then finalised by authorities of Basava Vasati Yojana. Each beneficiary who is selected under the Basava Vasati scheme will be given the unit cost of the homes under the Basava Vasati Yojana scheme, that is, Rs 1.5 lakh.

Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Yojana: How to check name correction report?

  • Visit the RGRHCL portal (click here).
  • Based on the area you belong to – urban or rural – click on ‘Name Correction Report’.
  • Choose the district, city/taluka, GRP/GP.
  • The list will be displayed on the screen and you can check the status.

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Basava Vasati Yojana 2021

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Basava Vasati Yojana: How to check grant release information?

  • Visit the RGRHCL portal.
  • Look for ‘Subsidy Fund Release’ details, based on the urban or rural area you belong to.
  • Select the year and week, along with the reference number.

All You Need To Know About Basava Vasati Yojana

  • Click ‘Submit’ and the details will be visible on the screen.

Basava Vasati Yojana: How to check Aadhaar linking status?

All beneficiaries are required to link their Aadhaar numbers with their profiles, to get timely subsidy in their bank accounts. To check the Aadhaar linking status for Basava Vasati Yojana, users need to visit the UIDAI Bank Mapping portal and fill in the requisite details.

Karnataka housing scheme for BPL families: How to check reports of homeless families?

The Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited maintains a detailed record of all the individuals who lost their houses for some reason and are currently homeless. One needs to follow the steps below to check the details of homeless families-

  • Visit the official website of RGRHCL by going to
  • You would be able to find the data of rural and urban data on the home page

All you need to know about Basava Vasati Yojana

  • You need to look for the report of homeless families based either in urban or rural areas.
  • Once you click on the link, a report will be displayed on the screen.
  • You can also download this report on your device.
Houseless Families
Payment Failure

Target Details
Physical Progress Report
GPS Photo Click Status
Not Ok Details
Geo Duplicate Progress
Blocked Houses
Name Correction Status
Death Case Status
Subsidy Fund Releases

Indira mane Basava Vasati Yojana: Mobile application services

The RGRHCL scheme has launched a mobile application for all the housing schemes. One can view their beneficiary status under the Basava vasati yojana and also upload their documents and pictures using this application. To do so, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Visit Google play store and search for ‘Indira Home App’
  • Click on the first option and select the install option.
  • Once installed, open the application on your device and fill up the required sections and the app will be ready to use.

RGRHCL work order

Go to the official RGRHCL website to access the work order. Choose urban or rural from the given options. Select the district and enter the number or beneficiary code. Click on the download button.

Basava Vasati Yojana 2022: Application procedure, beneficiary list of Rajiv Gandhi Vasati Nigama

Basava Vasati Scheme helpline contact details

Applicants of the basava vasathi yojane can use the below given address, to reach out to the authority for any discrepancy, or subsidy-related information:

Kaveri Bhawan, 9th Floor, C&F Block KG Road, Bangalore -560009, Fax: 91-080-22247317, Email: and Contact Center: 080-23118888.

Basava Housing Scheme: Latest update

Update on July 16, 2021

Recently, the Karnataka government announced the construction of nine lakh houses over the next two years, out of which five lakh units will be constructed under state housing schemes including the Basava Vasati Scheme. In addition to this, around Rs 6,200 crores will be released for these state housing projects. These funds will be released in a phase-by-phase manner. This would further brighten the prospects for those beneficiaries who are still awaiting their subsidy from the government offices.

Update on June 21, 2021

It seems the affordable housing programme in Karnataka is a long way from completion. The major reason for this, is the lack of proper land documentation by the state government. While the land has been identified, the land documents such as title and title deed are not available for several instances. Also, the process is being delayed by slow application submission. According to government data, of the 1.6 lakh applicants, only 15,758 applications have been submitted to the banks for housing loans, due to lack of documentation.


The Karnataka state government is planning to construct around 1.69 lakh houses under various housing schemes including the Basava Housing Scheme 2021. Around 69,000 houses will be constructed in Mysuru, Chikkamagalur and Raichur districts while another 1.2 lakh homes will be constructed across the state by the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation at the expense of Rs 10,000 crores.

Issues with Basava Vasati Yojana

Though the Basava Vasati Yojana was established to provide permanent shelters to the poor, there were several issues that cropped up after its implementation. Even after the beneficiaries of the Basava Vasati Yojana had built their houses, many of them failed to get their instalments in the first month. There were no officers to inspect and oversee the process of implementation of the housing or resolve the issues of the beneficiaries. One of the primary issues was the locking of houses under this scheme. The locking system locked the houses if the beneficiaries did not begin constructing their houses after six months from the date of their allocation. 

Budget allocation for Basava Vasati Yojana

The Karnataka government decided in 2020 to construct at least 20 houses in each panchayat limit. The state government will construct 1.69 lakh houses in Panchayat limits under the Ambedkar and Basava Vasati schemes. The government has allocated Rs 200 crore for developing 64 lakh sites. The land for the same has been identified for the purpose. The state government has decided to build 69,000 houses in Raichur, Mysuru and Chikkamagalur. Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation has now approved building 1.2 lakh houses at Rs 10,100 crore.


What is Basava Vasati Yojana?

The Basava Vasati Yojana of the Karnataka government aims to provide houses to economically and socially backward people in the state, by providing raw materials for construction.

Can I apply for the Basava Vasati Yojana if I live in another state?

Only permanent residents of Karnataka can apply for the Basava Vasati Yojana.

What is RGRHCL?

The RGRHCL (Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited) was set up in 2000, to implement central and state housing schemes in Karnataka.

Who manages Basava Vasati Yojana?

The Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited manages the Basava Vasati Yojana. This organisation was established by the government of Karnataka in 2000.

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