Can you pay rent via credit card without any charges?

[] Paying rent through one’s credit card is a smart and less stressful option. We look at whether it is worth paying the additional convenience fee for using this service

If you are a tenant, you may very well understand the pressure of paying house rent on time, every month. With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting the finances of most of the working class, paying the monthly rent on time, may have become a stressful affair for some. In this scenario, if you hold a credit card, rent payment can become easier without getting stressed over cash or liquidity. A number of services have been launched recently that allow you to pay rent through credit card, at the expense of a small convenience fee. Experts suggest that users should weigh the pros and cons of using credit cards for such services, where they might have to pay an additional amount to the service provider, as well as the bank.

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Pros and cons of using credit card for rent payment

Pros of using credit card for rent payment Cons of using credit card for rent payment
You can pay timely rent without impacting your cash reserves or bank balance. Service providers charge additional convenience fee, for facilitating payments.
You can earn rewards points and additional cash-backs. Your credit score can take a hit, if you do not pay your credit card bill on time.
It gives you the flexibility and room to defer payments till the bill’s due date (usually 45 days). If you fail to repay the minimum amount due on your card, your bank may charge an additional late payment fee along with interest.
It can boost your credit score, if you make timely repayments.
You can easily generate digital rent receipts and get it on your email ID.

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[] Here’s why you should use your credit card to pay rent

Why you have to pay a convenience fee for credit card rent payment?

Service providers usually charge a small amount for facilitating your rent payment through credit card. Since you are using your credit line and not cash, to transfer the amount to your landlord, there is a different banking process which has to be initiated. Moreover, these charges act as a revenue for the service providers, for the maintenance of their payment gateway, the security of your data and to ensure minimum transaction failure rate.

Is it worth paying a fee for using a credit card for rent payment? Pay Rent

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There are more pros than cons of paying rent through credit card. However, it may also depend on other factors, such as the amount you will be paying as convenience charges. Nevertheless, this fee could be offset by the reward points you will earn on your credit card along with the additional offers and discounts that you will get, if you use the Pay Rent feature. offers exclusive rewards and deals from leading brands, against your rent payment through credit card. This is over and above the credit card reward points that banks offer for credit limit utilisation. So, as compared to any other service provider, you get to earn additional discounts, offers and a lot more goodies, by using’s Pay Rent feature. The rent transfer takes a maximum of 48 hours, with notification being sent to your landlord once the payment is confirmed. Users can also get digital rent receipts via email, for claiming HRA at the end of the year.


Are there any charges for paying rent via the Pay Rent feature?

Yes, a small convenience fee is charged but this can be offset by the rewards you earn on such payments.

How long does it take to transfer rent using Pay Rent feature?

Transfer of rent via Pay Rent feature takes a maximum of 48 hours.

Can I get rent receipt for payments made via Pay Rent?

Yes, you can get digital rent receipts for payments made via Pay Rent on your email ID.

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