DDA leasehold to freehold conversion: How to apply and track application status

[] We explain how to apply for the conversion of DDA properties from leasehold to freehold online and the charges that will apply

In September 2015, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) launched an online property conversion system, in a bid to bring transparency and efficiency to the process. Through this system, the conversion process for DDA flats and group housing projects, can be initiated by allottees, as well as the holder of the general power of attorney/agreement to sell. Recently, the DDA extended this service to land owners. Starting August 13, 2020, plot holders can apply for e-conversion (leasehold to freehold) and e-EOT (extension of time), through its portal. Applications are cleared on a ‘first-in, first-out’ basis and its status can be viewed online, so that the applicant can track their file on a real-time basis. Here is how to convert your DDA leasehold property to freehold property.

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Freehold conversion of DDA property

The conversion scheme covers almost all housing schemes under different categories, including Janta, EHS, LIG, MIG, HIG, SFS flats and plots allotted by the DDA, including flats in the Asian Games Village Complex constructed prior to 1992 on leasehold basis.

  • In case the flat is mortgaged to a bank or any lender, the execution of the conveyance deed would be allowed, on submission of a no-objection certificate from the financial institution.
  • If there is any legal dispute pertaining to the title of the flat, conversion shall not be allowed until the legal dispute is settled.
  • In case the application for mutation or submission is pending with the DDA, the execution of the conveyance deed would be allowed, only after the necessary mutation has been carried out.

Procedure for converting leasehold flats to freehold

  1. Obtain the brochure from DDA Vikas Sadan and fill the application form attached in the booklet.
  2.   If the applicant is the allottee, he needs to fill the blue form and if the applicant is the holder of the power of attorney holder or agreement to sell, he needs to fill the green form.
  3.   Fill the application and mention the file number, which can be found on the lease document or other communications sent to the allottee by the DDA.
  4.   Submit the form along with the third copy of the challan for conversion charges duly received by Central Bank of India or State Bank of India.

If the application is in order, the conversion application is decided within 45 days. Once confirmed, the conveyance deed shall be sent to the applicant in whose name the execution of conveyance deed is sought, by speed post. The recipient will have to get it stamped from the Collector of Stamps and submit the same within 45 working days at the DDA office.

On receipt of the conveyance deed duly stamped from the Collector of Stamps, a date (ECL) will be given for execution. Also note that the stamp duty and registration charges shall be borne by the person in whose favour the execution of conveyance deed is allowed.

Documents required for submitting application

  • Undertaking and affidavit attested by a notary public/ first class magistrate (as per Annexure E and F of the booklet).
  • Indemnity bond attested by a notary public.
  • Proof of physical possession of the property, of the person in whose name the conversion is sought, which can include passport/ voter ID card/ electricity bill/ water bill/ house tax receipt/ ration card, etc., duly attested by the notary public/gazetted officer.
  • Copy of the demand-cum-allotment letter issued by the DDA, duly attested by the notary public/gazetted officer.
  • Copy of the possession letter issued by the DDA, duly attested by the notary public/gazetted officer.
  • One passport size photograph and three attested specimen signatures of the person, in whose favour the conversion is sought, duly attested by the notary public/gazetted officer (as per Annexure J).
  • An NOC from the mortgagee (in case the flat is mortgaged), duly attested by the notary public/gazetted officer.

Charges for DDA flat conversion

For allottees

Category of flats East zone North/west and Rohini zone South and Dwarka zone Central zone
LIG Rs 9,450 Rs 28,080 Rs 37,530 Rs 46,845
MIG/SFS-I Rs 13,365 Rs 39,825 Rs 53,055 Rs 66,285
SFS-II/HIG Rs 19,575 Rs 58,590 Rs 78,030 Rs 97,470
SFS-III Rs 23,490 Rs 70,200 Rs 93,555 Rs 1,17,045

Stamp duty of 6% in case of men and 4% in case of women, has to be paid on the consideration amount mentioned in the conveyance deed. Registration fee is 1% of the total value of the conveyance deed.

For GPA holders

Category of flats East zone North/west and Rohini zone South and Dwarka zone Central zone
LIG Rs 21,000 Rs 62,400 Rs 83,400 Rs 1,04,100
MIG/SFS-I Rs 29,700 Rs 88,500 Rs 1,17,900 Rs 1,47,300
SFS-II/HIG Rs 43,500 Rs 1,30,000 Rs 1,73,400 Rs 2,16,600
SFS-III Rs 52,200 Rs 1,56,000 Rs 2,07,900 Rs 2,60,100

For flats in Asian Games Village Complex allotted by the DDA

Plinth area (in sq  metres) Conversion charges
Upto 140 Rs 69,300
140-175 Rs 92,400
Above 175 Rs 1,15,500

How to calculate conversion charges online

You can also calculate conversion charges for your DDA flat online. Follow the process below:

Step 1: Visit the DDA Online Challan Generation for group housing flats page.

Step 2: Mention the zone in the first column. If you do not know the zone of your locality, you can search for it in the filter available next to it.

Step 3: Fill the flat category and select if your property was allotted before April 1992.

Step 4: Mention if the freehold will be in the favor of the allottee or GPA holder.

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The conversion charges will be calculated automatically. You can also generate the challan from here, for making the payment.

How to apply online for the conversion process

Step 1: Visit the DDA freehold conversion portal.


Step 2: Click on ‘New Applicant Registration’ and fill the registration form

Step 3: Fill the form correctly as you won’t be able to edit it later. Mention the Aadhaar Card details, property type and contact information for OTP generation.


Step 4: Once you have created your User ID, you can login and select the services from the given options, which include mutation, online appointment booking, extension of time and conversion. You need to select ‘Conversion’ for property conversion.

Step 5: To check the list of documents required, click here.  Prepare all the documents and upload them on the portal.

Step 6: Now, click ‘Make other type of online payment’. Enter the login and password generated in Step 4. You will be asked to fill up the payment details with the challan number.

Step 7: Submit your application. The receipts will be sent to you through SMS and e-mail. You can now track the progress of your application through an online system by quoting your acknowledgement/ receipt number.

How to track your freehold conversion application status

Step 1: Visit the DDA Freehold Status portal.

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Step 2: Select the property type.

Step 3: Mention the Request ID, User ID or Challan Number.

Step 4: Search for the application.

The results will indicate if your application has some deficiency or has been accepted. You will get 45 working days to complete your application, if it has been deemed incomplete by the authorities.

DDA leasehold to freehold conversion: Pain points

The main problem is that most of the allottees are senior citizens and are finding the process of conversion of their plot from leasehold to freehold a very complicated process. To help them in this regard they have approached the DDA which is working towards reducing the pendency. However, it hasn’t taken any decision with regards to relaxing any norms related with the DDA leasehold to freehold conversion, which citizens have demanded for.

DDA freehold conversion: Contact details

For any query related to DDA leasehold to freehold conversion, you can contact

Commissioner (LD), DDA:

Phone No:- 011 24698350

Email ID:-

DDA Call Center: 1800110332


Can I convert DDA leasehold property to freehold?

Yes, a DDA leasehold property can be converted to freehold by obtaining a brochure from DDA Vikas Sadan and filling the application form in the booklet or by applying online at

How long does it take to convert DDA leasehold property to freehold?

If the conversion application is in order, a decision will be given within 45 days, after which the conveyance deed needs to be stamped and executed.

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