Greater Noida Authority asks plot owners to pay additional charge

[] In a bid to recover money spent on land acquisition, the Greater Noida Authority has asked plot owners to pay Rs 1,287 per sq metre, along with 11% interest, calculated from 2013

In a shocker for 25,000 plot owners in 50 sectors of Greater Noida, just on the outskirts of the national capital, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) has slapped them with a demand notice, asking them to pay Rs 1,287 per sq metre additional charge, together with 11% interest, backdated to 2013. The demand comes, after the Allahabad High Court asked it to give additional compensation to farmers, whose land was acquired. The GNIDA borrowed money from banks to pay some of the farmers Rs 4,500 crores and is now wanting to recover it, by backdating the demand from existing plot owners.

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The additional charge of Rs 1,287 per sq metre will have to be paid by all plot owners, irrespective of when they bought the area. This charge will be levied from May 1, 2013 and will attract 11% simple interest, GNIDA said in the order, adding that the amount due will be payable in four equal installments. “Non-payment of the charge will attract an additional 3% penalty,” it said. The additional payment for a plot of 200 sq metres, comes to over Rs 4 lakhs. According to the GNIDA order, the first instalment is due to be deposited by October 31, 2019. The September 28, 2019 notice to plot holders, cited the Allahabad High Court order, asking it to give 64.7% additional compensation to farmers. It termed the additional charge as ‘additional compensation recovery’. Sectors called Alpha 1, 2; Beta 1, 2; Gamma 1, 2; Delta 1, 2 3 are not part of this scheme.

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Some residents’ welfare associations have decided to challenge the order in court. Following an uproar over the new charge by the plot owners, the GNIDA, on October 5, 2019, issued a clarification saying that it had ‘borrowed about Rs 4,500 crores from different banks / financial institutions, to pay additional compensation to farmers. The Authority has to pay monthly interest on this loan’.

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