Kalwa property market: An overview

[] Kalwa is a suburb of Thane city and located on outskirts of Mumbai. It lies to the north of Thane and falls under the Thane Municipal Corporation. Kalwa is more of an industrial and commercial place and is an important business hub of Mumbai

Kalwa is a locality that is located in the north-eastern side of Mumbai. It lies close to the node of Navi Mumbai. Kalwa is a major industrial hub in Mumbai as it is located around the Belapur Road. Over the years, tremendous level of industrialisation has taken place in the area and in present times, it is one of the major business hubs of the country. Primarily, the Ford Motor Corporation located in this area has led to the industrial and overall growth of this locality.

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The Kalwa real estate is also blooming day by day. There are several real estate builders in Kalwa who are constructing flats and apartments in Kalwa. Realtors like Puneet Group have constructed many residential homes in and around Kalwa. People are interested in living in this area, because of several reasons like its closeness to Navi Mumbai, central Mumbai and the western suburbs.

Connectivity with nearby Kalwa localities

  • The distance from Kalwa to Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport is 27.7 kilometres.
  • The distance from Kalwa to Mumbai Central railway station is 39.5 kilometres.
  • There are several bus stops and local railway stations in the area, which connect it to other places.

Employment hubs near Kalwa

  • The distance from Kalwa to Navi Mumbai which is a major IT hub, is 22.3 kilometres via Thane-Belapur Road.
  • The distance from Kalwa to Thane is 7.5 kilometres via Pune-Mumbai Highway.

Schools in Kalwa and other social amenities

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The social infrastructure of this area is well-developed. There are several schools, colleges, hospitals, banks and amusement parks in Kalwa. The list of schools in Kalwa include Sadhana Vidya Mandir, Academy of Career Building, etc. Hospitals in Kalwa include Doshi Children’s Hospital, Shree Ganesh Medical Centre, etc. There are banks in Kalwa too like ICICI Bank ATM, Canara Bank ATM, etc. There are amusement parks in Kalwa as well, like Kalwa Children Park, etc. The list of restaurants in Kalwa includes Sai Kitchens, Hindusthan Bakery, etc.

Kalwa is one of the most developed localities of Thane. Due to its good connectivity and presence of strong social infrastructure, there is high demand for residential homes in this area. As per October-December 2016, pricing trend of Kalwa shows that the highest rate for multi-storey buildings in the region is Rs 10,461 per sq ft, the average rate is Rs 8,433 per sq ft and the lowest rate is Rs 6,405 per sq ft. The highest rate for builder floor apartments is Rs 10,633 per sq yard, the average rate is Rs 8,511 per sq yard and the lowest rate is Rs 6,390 per sq yard.

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Reasons to invest in Kalwa

Kalwa is an important locality in Thane. The area is well-developed. The transport system is sound and helps its residents to connect easily with the other areas. The social infrastructure is also good. Here, one can find refreshment options along with employment and business opportunities. People who cannot afford to live in Mumbai can choose to stay here. This place is also considered as a twin sister of Mumbai, as it has similar facilities of Mumbai. What more? Several reputed real estate groups are constructing buildings and apartments in this locality.

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