Real estate YouTube channels, blogs and online courses for brokers

[] We look at some online channels, blogs and courses on real estate buying and selling that brokers can follow, to stay informed about the latest trends and improve their business

It is important for real estate agents and brokers, to keep themselves informed about the latest trends and news in the realty sector. This not only includes events in the Indian market but also other property markets, as well as technologies or marketing innovations that can be adopted for domestic clients. This practice will make brokers more aware about the industry and help in their personal development. Knowledge sharing and discussions can also be a good conversation-starter, when meeting any prospective client for the first time.

You are reading: Real estate YouTube channels, blogs and online courses for brokers

To help you, News has listed the best online resources that real estate agents can use, for upgrading, updating and up-skilling yourself.

Real estate YouTube channels, blogs and online courses for brokers

YouTube channels for real estate agents

Bigger Pockets

It is one of the most popular and biggest YouTube channels about real estate investing and hacks. The channel has videos on every possible aspect of real estate investing, property finance, suggestions, advice, etc. A new video is posted every Friday, which is usually based on wealth creation using real estate investment.

Kevin Ward

He is one of the popular real estate coaches who has made a career out of training and mentoring some of the successful real estate agents. He is the founder and president of Yes Masters Inc. He is also the author of the bestseller, ‘The Book of Yes: The Ultimate Real Estate Conversation Guide’. Even though the US market is different from Indian real estate, there are a lot of things that you could learn from Kevin Ward, which can help you to propel your business to greater heights.

Grant Cardone

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He is one of the top social media business influencers in the world and owns Cardone Capital, a real estate investment firm with USD 1 billion in assets under management. With over a million subscribers, he creates weekly videos on sales training, real estate investment, financial freedom, etc. Cardone is one of those successful real estate moguls, who have created their wealth from the scratch.

Bryan Casella

He is one of the successful real estate agents in southern California and has some good tips to offer for fellow agents. From communication skills to persuasion and the art of negotiation, you can check Bryan’s engaging videos every week, to understand the nitty-gritty of real estate selling. He is also known for providing some handy tips and tricks for investing and gaining from real estate investment.

Tom Ferry

He has been named among the top real estate educators recently and is known as the best trainer and business coach for real estate agents across the world. Check out his channel if you want to know about new strategies and ideas for building your real estate brand. Ferry comes out with a new video every week on real estate tips and ideas.

Blogs for real estate agents


If you like reading about prop-tech and innovations in the property market, then, Inman’s blog is the perfect place for you. They publish detailed articles based on real estate technology, latest home buying trends and what other property markets/ agencies are doing to build and promote their business.

Forbes Real Estate

If you want to read the latest news about the global real estate market, there could not be a better online resource than Forbes. Apart from news and outlook, the publication has a number of articles for home buyers and sellers, who seek financial and investment advice. They also publish some well-researched articles on global real estate markets. News News is one of India’s most successful real estate news platforms, where you can get free access to quality and analytical content across categories such as renting, leasing, legal, taxation, lifestyle, décor, Vastu, etc. is one of the most popular real estate portals in India and has lots of local data and historical price trends that can help you to brush-up your knowledge.

ET Realty

This is another real estate news platform which you can access for free, to read the latest property news in India. It is a subsidiary of Economic Times, which is one of the biggest newspapers in the country. ET Realty also caters to other allied industries, such as lighting, sanitary ware, cement, steel and other commodities, etc.

Sotheby’s Realty Blog

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Sotheby’s luxury living blog is a perfect place for you, if you want to know about the trophy assets in Indian and other global markets. The platform publishes content related to marquee properties, posh destinations and market updates about global luxury sales. You can also catch their weekly roundup, to keep yourself updated about the global luxury property market.

Online courses for real estate agents

Real Estate Digital Marketing Program

This certification is offered by the Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) and is a 3-week executive program that will provide you with an understanding about and applications of digital marketing strategies for driving sales. The course will provide a basic understanding about content marketing, search engine marketing and lead generation using different mediums.

Real Estate Business Management

This is another online course offered by REMI which focuses on the fundamentals of real estate and key concepts, which will help new entrants in the field. This program is also equipped to provide you with a deep understanding of real estate business terminologies and concepts that you may use in daily life. It is a four-week program where the online lectures are done by internal and external guest faculties.

Real Estate Photography

This is a beginner’s course for professionals who want to know more about real estate photography. This online certificate course is offered by LinkedIn Learning and can be accessed at your ease, as per your own timings. The course is designed by architectural photographer Scott Hargis and it will take over three hours to watch the entire content.

Social Media Marketing: Real Estate

If you want to make use of social media for generating leads and publishing quality content, this course is perfect for you to learn more about this medium. Offered by LinkedIn Learning, this course will help you understand how referral networks work, usage of hashtags effectively and optimising your social media profiles using engaging content.

Real estate courses at Udemy

There are a number of real estate courses available at Udemy, which you can choose from according to your interest. From investing, flipping and selling, to analysing rental income properties, Udemy has a number of online certifications to offer that can help you to upskill yourself and help your real estate business to grow.


Are there any YouTube channels for real estate agents?

Some popular YouTube channels for real estate agents include those by Bigger Pockets, Kevin Ward, Grant Cardone, Bryan Casella and Tom Ferry.

Are there any blogs for real estate brokers?

Inman, Forbes Real Estate, News, ET Realty and Sotheby’s Realty Blog are some of the blogs that provide useful information for brokers.

What are the online courses for real estate agents?

The Real Estate Management Institute (REMI), LinkedIn Learning and Udemy offer several online courses for real estate agents.

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