Robotic vaults in residential complexes: Boosting security and convenience

[] A high-security vault in a gated community, will not only increase the value of living for its residents but also change people’s outlook towards security and convenience

Home ownership and buying trends have evolved significantly in the last year. Most people are considering this as the right time to buy a home, given the new wave of Coronavirus cases across the country and the work-from-home culture ushered in by the pandemic. Even millennials are not shying away from investing in their own homes. Nevertheless, the amenities that home buyers include, in their list of must-haves, is changing.

Changing home buyer preferences since COVID-19

There has been a clear shift from just aesthetics to more important aspects like home and health security. Home owners are now looking for holistic security solutions in their apartments, instead of just comfort. When it comes to home and health security, new requirements have emerged. While the sanitiser turnstile, gesture-controlled video door phones and easy viewing home cameras already came up last year, the latest development has been the robotic vault systems at residential premises.

What is a robotic vault system?

During the lockdown, access to banking facilities was limited, for the security of people. Limited hours were designated to banks to operate and accessibility to lockers was also limited to specific hours and days. During these times, people became worried about accessing assets and valuables in times of emergency, adding to the panic. To curtail the pressure on banks and to keep citizens safe, new-age residential complexes and townships have started to invest in high-security robotic locker systems that help to store documents, jewellery, as well as other assets of home owners of a particular residential complex.

[] How to select the right locking system for a house?

These ‘Autovaults’ act as an aid for residential complexes to store valuables. These automated lockers enable round-the-clock accessibility, in case of urgent requirements and access to the individual locker is only limited to the owner with a special key. Moreover, there is complete privacy upon accessing the designated locker.

Advantage of robotic vault systems in housing colonies

High-security lockers in residential premises provide convenience and are proven to reduce the hassle of visiting banks and ATMs. This can also help in the development of properties that might not necessarily be located near a bank but still offer best-in-class facilities. This additional USP can be a game-changer for real estate developers. This adds an element of security that was missing in residential complexes.

Typically, a robotic locker has a four-tier security that consists of facial detection / biometric access upon entry and card swipe entry to a designated booth where a robotic arm retrieves the owner’s locker. The owner is also given a pin and key to enter and access the locker, to store their belongings. It aims to minimise the owner’s dependency on banks and provide it as a luxury service in top-tier residential complexes.

[] Home security systems: Easy to use, easy on the pocket

As we step into a new normal, community living and contact-less, security-enabled amenities will be the most valued needs for buyers. Investing in a home or any property provides a sense of security in people’s minds. Modern residential complexes will not only help to preserve and secure the residents but also help to take care of the assets people have accumulated over the years.

(The writer is vice-president and head of B2B, Godrej Security Solutions)

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