Thane and beyond: The sought-after luxury residential destinations

[] Thane and areas beyond it, like Kalyan and Ambernath, are a breath of fresh air for individuals who are tired of the overcrowded and congested lifestyle of Mumbai

All these years, the sole aim of Bhavna Mahendra, a tenant staying in Thane, was to buy a studio apartment in central Mumbai near her workplace. However, the COVID-19 pandemic convinced her to change her decision, to giving more weightage to ‘space available’ than the ‘area’ we live in. “As I have been staying in Thane for a few years, I am well-versed with the nearby locations here and have invested in a lavish big apartment in a gated community in Kalyan, at almost the same price that I would have paid for a studio apartment in prime Mumbai,” says Mahendra.

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Luxury that is affordable

Owing to overcrowding through the years in Mumbai, there is not much space left to have a good lifestyle. On the contrary, properties in Thane and beyond areas, like Kalyan and Ambernath, are like a breath of fresh air for individuals who are tired of the overcrowded and congested lifestyle of Mumbai.

With the success of work-from-home, many organisations have decided to make it a norm. For example, TCS has decided to allow 75% of its employees to work from home. “So, living in remote areas is no more a challenge for people. They aspire to maintain a healthy work-life balance, lead a great quality of life and reside in bigger-sized houses at affordable prices. The beyond Thane market offers all these things, along with great connectivity. Thane and beyond localities have always been known for their large-sized flats. One concept on which localities beyond Thane have worked, is affordable luxury, as in this crisis, most home buyers search for something like that, which the Thane and beyond locations are capable of offering,” says Hemant Bendar, director, RealtyNext.

Home buyer Mahesh Patil couldn’t agree more to what Hemant Bendar, director of RealtyNext, explained. Just before the lockdown was enforced, Patil was almost going to invest in a property in the city centre, where the only advantage was that it was closer to the workplace, for him and his wife. “With work-from-home prevalent everywhere and here to stay for a great extent of time, residences closer to workplaces hold little relevance. While earlier, we could afford a 1.5BHK in prime Mumbai area with carpet area 350 sq ft, now, for the same budget, we are getting a spacious 3BHK of around 1,000 sq ft in Thane,” says Patil.

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Thane and beyond: The sought-after luxury residential destinations

Change in priorities

There is a spike in people opting for large spaces and properties with bigger configurations, say property consultants. Why is this trend so? Industry experts attribute the change in priorities over the last three months, as one of the chief reasons for this. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought along concepts of lockdown, isolation and self-quarantine. There is also no clear direction, as to where the disease is heading. So, with everyone aiming to stay safe, the need for properties with bigger configurations, has seen an increase.

While previously ‘residences closer to the workplace’ was the mantra that would result in people compromising on the home’s configuration, today, in the fifth edition of the lockdown, all people want is more space at home, point industry experts. There are many reasons, like preference for comfortable living, growing families, want for privacy, etc. that encourage buyers towards this choice. They go on to add that this shift in thinking, is also because of the success of working from home and schooling from home and such practices becoming the new normal.

The Corona effect has led to home buyers approaching property consultants like RealtyNext, with affordable luxury as the key sought-after element while buying property. Since the last 10 years, Realty Next has striven to be the best in the business, by delivering desired results (in sync with what the market demands at that point of time) by way of superior revenue generation leads, for reputed builders across India. Holding up to their reputation, the company has not disappointed customers even now and has been triumphant, even during the lockdown, in fulfilling customer expectations.

“We aspire and deliver the best by following a meaningful, research-oriented and personalised lead generation method that our core team works on. Companies who have collaborated with us have seen their businesses grow, as the quality leads generated have translated to effective sales. What is noteworthy, is that RealtyNext has been having a successful run even in these tough times of lockdown owing to our line of work,” says Hemant Bendar, director, RealtyNext.

Excellent infrastructure

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Thane and beyond locations offer exceptional infrastructure, connectivity and accessibility to modern-day basic needs, including healthcare facilities, educational institutions and entertainment facilities, making them apt locations for residential housing. What is interesting is that minus the distance that prime areas enjoy, the huge variety of residential properties here, offer amenities and features that are akin to those available in prime Mumbai areas, for a fraction of the cost. Wide roads, green open spaces, connectivity to each and every corner of the city through public transport including BEST, the state transport bus services, the Central Railway network and the proposed Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan metro line, make this location liveable.

“The Metro Line 5 will give the Thane and beyond areas a facelift that will add to the many benefits that these places enjoy. Since most of the business centres are located in the areas of Ambernath, Badlapur, Titwala and Kalyan and a commercial city centre on the lines of BKC is planned at Kalyan, real estate will boom in these places, resulting in good business and high returns on investment, going forward. Our business too focuses primarily in these locations. Additionally, even when most real estate markets went through a tough phase post-demonetisation, Thane and beyond localities never saw a dip and instead, these areas saw increased demand, with the market showing a large amount of inventory being sold in the last three years, as compared to other localities of Mumbai,” points out Hemant Bendar, director, RealtyNext.

Locality-wise bifurcation

Thane: This residential area has the presence of more than 10 top educational institutions, 10 reputed hospitals and more than five shopping malls, to take care of modern day needs. Connectivity-wise, one can reach any part of Mumbai in around 30-40 minutes from here.

Kalyan and Dombivali: These areas that are located beyond Thane have more than five leading schools and excellent healthcare and shopping facilities. When you look at connectivity, one can reach any part of Mumbai in 60 minutes.

Ambernath and Badlapur: Located beyond Thane, these regions enjoy fantastic connectivity through rail and road, to other parts of Mumbai. They have the presence of four good schools and colleges. The locality offers good healthcare and lifestyle amenities and fantastic places for shopping.

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