Tips For Painting Office Interiors


The interior of an office not only subtly defines the relationship of the office with its customers but also has a bearing on the employee productivity. Painting the office interiors is a serious task and must be done after due diligence and all the care should be taken in the process.

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Various studies have pointed out that the looks and decor of an office directly impact job satisfaction among employees, apart from deciding their productivity. This makes the paint job of the interiors of an office all the more complex. In no way the productivity of the employees can be compromised after a paint job. Since employees spend the second highest duration of time in their offices after home, it is imperative to give them a conducive environment.

Here is a guide to painting different parts of the office in order to have the best possible outcomes:

1 Reception

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The reception of the office is the area where customers come and have their first interaction with the company officials. This area should have complete professional look and all the care must be taken to impress the customers. What colours to choose for the paint in the reception area depends on the business type that is carried on in the office. A company dealing with youngsters can have bright colours in the reception area whereas a business dealing with elderly can have slightly serious or dull colours in the reception area. What ever is the choice of the colours, the look must be professional.

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2 Workstation Area Of Employees

The main working area of the employees should be painted in vibrant colours. This will infuse energy in them and bring out the best in them. Vibrant colours also make the employees more productive. Blue and green can be chosen for this area. Blue has the effect of reducing stress at work because it reflects tranquilly of ocean. Green helps reduce eye strain if an employee gazes at this colour wall.

3 Cafeteria

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The cafeteria is an area where employees mingle and relax over a cup of tea or coffee. Thus the colour of the walls in a cafeteria should be more informal and should be able to help employees strike a conversation. Red is one colour that can be chosen for cafeteria as it promotes amiable environment and is considered to be a warm colour.

4 Conference Room

The Conference Room is an area of an office where serious discussions take place. It is also an area where presentations are made and opinion sought from employees over a project. This area should have a more serious feel than others and white can be considered for this area. White is usually associated with serious affairs.

Careful budgeting should be done for carrying out paint job in the whole of the office. An assessment has to be made as to how much pain job can be carried out on weekends and how much on weekdays. Which area must be painted first and then followed by which area is again a matter to be pre-decided. A professional painter must be hired for the purpose.

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