How to surrender a DDA flat?

[] We explain the process that allottees have to follow, to surrender the DDA Housing Scheme flats

Even though the affordability of the Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA’s) housing schemes inspires many to apply for its flats each year, a large number of people often decide to surrender the units that they win in the authority’s lucky draw, for various reasons.

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In 2021, for example, the DDA has been forced to go for a fresh draw of lots to re-allocate over 600 flats, on August 25, 2021, surrendered by the allottees of the DDA Housing Scheme 2021. The main reasons cited for the surrender of flats by the allottees include civic facilities, accessibility from main city, last-mile connectivity and transportation and safety-related issues. Recall here that the surrendered flats make up for nearly half the flats launched by the Authority in its DDA 2021 Housing Scheme. The surrendered units are located across Dwarka, Jasola, Manglapuri, Vasant Kunj and Rohini.

While some may find the location of the unit not to their liking, others may not be satisfied with the size of the unit. It may also so happen that the buyer would find the area under-developed and hence, would not want to live in the area in the foreseeable future.

Whatever one’s reason may be, for applying for the surrender of the DDA Housing Scheme flat, there is a specific procedure that should be followed, to get a refund of your money, which varies for buyers, depending on the category they belong to. While those buying a Janta flat have to pay Rs 10,000, buyers of 1BHK homes have to pay Rs 15,000, as the registration fee. Buyers from the EWS, the LIG and the MIG/HIG categories have to pay Rs 25,000, Rs 1 lakh and Rs 2 lakhs, as the DDA registration fee. A certain percentage of this money will be deducted, when the DDA refunds your money after accepting your request for surrender of the flat.

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[] How to apply for DDA flats

How to cancel DDA flat?

While no penalty was imposed on those who surrendered their flats before 2017, the DDA revised its cancellation policy that year, to ensure that only those with a genuine intent to buy properties, applied for the DDA’s draw of lots.

DDA housing scheme surrender/cancellation charges

Depending on the exact day when you decide to surrender the flat and make an application in this regard to the DDA, you may have to let go of a part of or all of the application amount.

Period Surrender charge
From the date of the draw and up to the 15th day from the date of issue of demand-cum-allotment letter None
From the 16th day to the 30th day, from the date of issue of the demand-cum-allotment letter 10% of the application money
From the 30th to the 90th day of the issue of the allotment letter Half the application amount
After 90 days of the issue of the allotment letter Entire amount

Source: DDA website

Process to surrender DDA flat

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To surrender a DDA flat, the applicant must submit the request for cancellation and refund amount, along with various other documents.

You have to submit this with a letter at Counter 4 of the DDA’s office at Vikas Sadan. The cancellation form could either be obtained online from the DDA portal or could be taken from the DDA’s office. This application could either be sent by post with the letter, or be submitted at Counter 4, D Block, at DDA Vikas Sadan.

[] All you need to know about Delhi Development Authority (DDA)

List of documents to be submitted for cancelling DDA flat

  1. Original demand-cum-allotment letter.
  2. Original acknowledgment slip of the application form.
  3. The no-objection certificate (NOC) of the bank, through which the registration money was financed, or, otherwise, a copy of the bank pass book through which the registration money was deposited.
  4. Crossed cheque of the bank account of the allottee in which the refund is sought to be deposited.
  5. Proof of residence, in case there is a change of address as given in the application form.

Refund for DDA flat allotment cancellation

Even if the application was made jointly, the refund money would be credited in the bank account of the primarily applicant. This is why the applicants must provide the account number of the primarily applicant, while filling the application. Also note that this bank account should not be a non-resident external account.


How can I get refund for DDA housing scheme?

The allottee has to make an application to the DDA in the prescribed format and within the specified period, to cancel a flat allotted by the DDA and to obtain a refund.

Can I surrender a DDA flat after 90 days?

An allottee, who wishes to cancel his/her DDA flat after 90 days of the issue of the allotment letter, will have to forfeit the entire application amount.

Can I get a full refund for cancelling a DDA flat?

There is no surrender charge, if the applicant surrenders the flat within 15 days from the lottery date and issue of the demand-cum-allotment letter.

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