Understanding the difference between Bangalore’s A Khata and B Khata properties

[] B khata properties are the ones that are not legal and a separate register is maintained to record the details of such properties. Know everything about A khata and B khata properties through this article

In 2007, when the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) was formed, the authorities came up with the concept of ‘khata’. So, what is a Khata? The idea behind introducing khata was to simplify the property tax collection in Bangalore. Prior to 2007, three different bodies were in charge of collecting property tax in Bangalore and efficiency became a challenge. To avoid any kind of redundancy, the BBMP started maintaining two separate registers- bbmp a khata and b Khata. Let us understand what is A khata in Bangalore? ‘A Khata’ certificate is a record of legal properties in Bangalore while the second register, with ‘B Khata’ properties, is a record of unauthorised or partially legal properties in Bangalore.

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A khata: Who can apply?

The title holder of a property can apply for A khata in the prescribed form, along with relevant documents, to the assistant revenue officer (ARO), provided that the property is within the jurisdiction of the BBMP A Khata. The A katha application can be obtained from either the citizen service centers or any office of the ARO. Once you fill up the A Khata application, submit it at the office. You will receive an acknowledgement, thereafter.

A Khata certificate and A Khata extract : Charges in Bangalore

You are required to pay a nominal fee of Rs 25 (per copy) for A khata certificate and Rs 100 (per copy) for A khata extract. The concerned office of the assistant revenue officer or any of the citizen service centers will be able to provide you with a copy of A Khata certificate or A katha extract.

A Khata certificate sample

Khata certificate

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A khata: Advantages of owning

An A khata is a recognised and valid legal document that provides several rights to the owner of the property. The owner of A khata can carry out any commercial or domestic construction within his property premises. Furthermore an A khata can also be used for availing of loans from banks and other financial institutions. A khata certificate can be used for selling the property or transferring the ownership of the property.

Is A khata the same as title deed?

Not at all. A khata is for the purpose of simplification of property tax collection, whereas a title deed establishes one’s ownership over the property.

Difference between A khata and B khata

A khata B khata
A khata property owner has paid relevant taxes to the BBMP. What is B Khata? B Khata is a register to help the BBMP to collect tax from illegal properties (i.e., those that violate the bylaws, unauthorised layouts, constructions in revenue land, or properties without the completion certificates).
A khata is legal property. B Khata are Illegal properties as per a Karnataka High Court order OF December 2014.
A khata owner can apply for trade licenses, building licenses. The B Khata owner is barred from applying for trade licenses.
A khata owner an apply and avail of loans on the property. B Khata owner cannot apply for loans.
A khata property is easy to sell and transfer. Not easy to sell and transfer with B khata documents.
A khata owner can easily renovate the property and apply for construction permits. With B Khata documents, extending the house or any other type of construction is not allowed by the BBMP.
Fully legal property with access to services from the BBMP. A khata is a final document. B khata is a temporary document. To avail of benefits associated with property ownership, the property needs to be upgraded to A khata.

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A khata: Which properties can be converted?

One can apply for A khata conversion for properties that have minor deviations from the existing and accepted building regulations.

B Khata to A Khata conversion costs

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B Khata to an A Khata conversion is possible provided that the owner of such a property pays the B Khata to A Khata conversion cost, clears pays the all dues, including property tax, DC conversion charges, as well as payment of the betterment charges levied by the BBMP.

B khata to A khata conversion: List of documents required

Here is a list of the documents you would require to keep handy, for B khata to A khata conversion of property:

  1. Sale deed
  2. Title deed
  3. Copies of previously paid property tax receipts
  4. Order of conversion of the land from agricultural to non-agricultural use
  5. Blueprint showing property’s location
  6. Blueprint showing property’s dimensions and other specifications
  7. Proof of any improvement charges paid
  8. Occupancy certificate
  9. Khata extract
  10. Any other document, as required for the conversion

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B khata to A khata conversion:  Step by step process of khata conversion (offline)

Step 1: Apply for District Commissioner (DC) Conversion, to convert the land from agricultural to non-agricultural.

Step 2: Make sure that you have cleared all property tax dues till date.

Step 3: The A khata form must be obtained from the BBMP office and filled as required.

Step 4: The A Katha application form mentions all the documents that need to be submitted, along with the form. Keep these handy.

Step 5: B khata to A khata conversion cost is called betterment charges and it is levied by the BBMP. Submit the duly filled A khata form along with the tax receipts and the other required documents, to the assistant revenue officer of the area.

The khata document will be issued within a period of four to six weeks after the submission of the form.

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B khata to A khata conversion: Online process of khata conversion in Bangalore

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The online process of khata conversion is also available, although many users have faced problems while trying to obtain the Khata certificate and Khata extract online. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Opt for khata transfer option.

Step 3: Fill the required data

Step 4: You will be required to upload the mandatory documents.

Step 5: A Sakala number will be issued which can be used to track the status of your request. You will also be informed about every step through an SMS. When alerted, download the khata extract online or at BangaloreOne.

Till 2014, even B khata property owners enjoyed some rights, with respect to ownership of the property in Bangalore. In December 2014, however, a Karnataka High Court order nullified all the legal rights. Now, to avoid any complications during sale, purchase or transfer, B khata properties must be converted into A khata.

Is it safe to keep B khata in Bangalore?

There are no specific safety issues in owning a B khata property. A B khata will also allow you to sell your property. However, you might face issues if you want to build or reconstruct your property, as a B khata does not provide building rights.

Can I get loan against B khata properties?

You cannot avail of a loan against a B khata property from nationalised banks, because B khata is not a legal or official document indicating ownership. However, individuals can avail of loans from private banks but the rates of interest for loans against B khata properties are higher than that for A khata properties.

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Can khata transfer be done online?

Yes, you can transfer khata online through the sakala online services website.

Is the Sakala website available in English?

Yes, Sakala Online Services is available in English and Kannada. To change your language to English, simply click on ‘English’ at the top right-hand side corner of the website.

How can I get in touch with BBMP?

You could write to BBMP at

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