Work-from-home culture to boost Talegaon’s real estate market

[] With the work-from-home culture likely to become a norm for many professionals following the Coronavirus pandemic, real estate destinations like Talegaon, which offer large and affordable spaces, to live and to work, are likely to benefit

A lot has changed since the Coronavirus pandemic began to spread in India, in March 2020. Social distancing is more of a norm now and the place where you live has become crucial. With the work-from-home (WFH) culture becoming the new normal, properties in WFH-friendly destinations are likely to witness great demand, especially in cities such as Mumbai and Pune.

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[] How to make your work from home more productive?

Demand for properties in WFH-friendly destinations to rise

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Experts have already started discussing the change in the needs of home buyers, post-COVID-19. In a blog report titled ‘Future Gazing’, Anshul Jain, managing director, India and south-east Asia, Cushman & Wakefield, points out: “Everyone is mandated to stay indoors. All public places including offices are closed. Social distancing is the talk of the town and the need of the hour. People and organisations have pivoted, to create a global rollout of a work-from-home strategy, in order to adhere to the new social distancing norms. So, it is natural to have discussions on whether work-from-home will become a new way of working for the majority. Will the up-side that employers and employees are witnessing in terms of cost savings, saving on commute time with no concerns on productivity, make this situation that we have been forced into, a choice for the future?”

Instead of calling employees daily to offices and risking their lives, now companies may progressively ask their employees to opt to work from home. Not everyone can afford a property in the city area in metros like Pune or Mumbai. The rent is also very high in these cities. However, destinations like Talegaon have the advantage of being situated near Mumbai and Pune. Talegaon is also affordable and has the infrastructure, to accommodate people looking for a property with WFH options. Let us explore some crucial factors that make properties in Talegaon WFH-friendly for home buyers searching for a home around Pune or Mumbai.

Factors that make Talegaon a WFH-friendly destination

Work-from-home culture to boost Talegaon’s real estate market

Staying in Pune or Mumbai may not be a good idea, if you are planning to opt for WFH. Both cities are expensive, the apartment size in metros are small, property prices are very high, they are polluted and it is not easy to practice social distancing in the crowded streets of these cities. However, living in Talegaon gives easy access to both, Mumbai and Pune. Some crucial factors that make Talegaon a WFH-friendly destination are:

  • Affordable property price but larger space, in comparison to properties in Mumbai and Pune.
  • Wide roads and less crowded public places.
  • Availability of hospitals and clinics nearby.
  • Good work infrastructure in place, like high-speed internet and road and rail connectivity. Moreover, the Pune airport is within a distance of 50 kms.
  • Excellent connectivity to all the cities in India and especially Mumbai and Pune.
  • Pollution-free environment.
  • Excellent social infrastructure like clubs, restaurants, parks, etc.

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“There are reports that many companies are asking their employees to voluntarily opt for WFH, because they want to cut costs by reducing the office’s floor space. In an economic recession, WFH could be a win-win proposition for the employers and the employees, as employers can reduce the office rent and employees can save time and costs associated with travel. If you work in Pune or Mumbai and are looking for a destination for buying a home, where you can get all the facilities for WFH, then, Talegaon could be a great choice”, says Raj Shah, director of the Namrata Group.

Things to keep in mind, when buying a property for WFH purpose

While buying a home for WFH purpose, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Buy a home from a reputed builder.
  • Check the WFH essentials in the location, such as mobile connectivity, high-speed internet, good roads, no noise disturbance, etc.
  • Opt for a home that has 24-hours power backup and water supply.
  • Choose an apartment with an extra room than what you need for living. You can use the extra room to set up your work area.

The pandemic may take some time to go away. So, having a WFH-friendly property at the right destination, can not only allow you mental peace and save money but also protect you from contagious infections.

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