Nana Patekar’s simple and unconventional house reflects his personality

[] Nana Patekar’s property portfolio includes a 1BHK apartment in Andheri, a farmhouse in Pune and a stylish home in Goa

Actor Nana Patekar, is known for his straight talking and his pioneering work in Hindi and Marathi films. However, he rarely opens up to offer a glimpse into his personal space. Patekar is famous for his philanthropy and generosity, along with his prowess in filmmaking, acting and screenwriting. He has enjoyed a long and stellar journey in the Bollywood industry, debuting in 1978 with ‘Gaman’. He has played diverse characters, which have endeared him to the mainstream audience over the years, as well.

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Nana Patekar was born on January 1, 1951, at Murud-Janjira in Maharashtra. He had a tough childhood, since his father passed away at 28 years of age. He married his wife Nilakanti at 27 years of age but they later separated. Patekar has a son, Malhaar Patekar. Coming to his house, Nana Patekar lives in a 1BHK apartment in Mumbai’s Andheri. He leads a very simple lifestyle, in stark contrast to his reported assets of Rs 40 crores. He has donated hugely to philanthropic causes and has supported farmers in drought-impacted Maharashtra zones. For example, he distributed cheques of Rs 15,000 to 62 farming families in 2015 that were impacted by the Vidarbha drought and also to 113 families hailing from Latur.

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Nana Patekar’s house and properties

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Nana Patekar owns several properties in the country. He lives in a modest 1BHK unit, which he formerly shared with his mother. Some years ago, Patekar reportedly purchased a farmhouse situated at Khadakwasla, near Pune, far from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city. This farmhouse covers a whopping 27 acres and this is where he spends most of his time, these days. Nana Patekar’s farmhouse has seven rooms and a large hall, although the interiors are relatively simple and unassuming.

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Reports state that Patekar gets wheat and paddy cultivated at this Pune farmhouse and sells his crop throughout the state. Thereafter, he distributes all the money among the laborers working at the site, while also helping farmers financially. He confirmed buying a house in Murud in the past. This was the very same bungalow sneak into its backyard, to steal white jam and Indian plums, when he was a child. Patekar’s father was mostly stationed in Mumbai and he used to stay with his mother and siblings in Murud. He now has a bungalow there, along with a nice house on Law College Road in Pune.

Nana Patekar house

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Nana Patekar’s house in Goa. Source: Twitter

A stylish home in Goa rounds off his property portfolio. Reports mention that Patekar keeps traveling to Pune and stays there for sizable durations, before spending a few days in Mumbai and thereafter, heading off to Goa periodically.

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Where does Nana Patekar live in Mumbai?

Nana Patekar lives in Andheri, Mumbai in a 1 BHK apartment.

Where all in India does Nana Patekar own properties?

Nana Patekar owns a flat in Mumbai along with houses in Pune, Murud and Goa, in addition to a sprawling farmhouse in Pune, as well.

(Images sourced from Nana Patekar’s fan pages on Instagram)

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