POP light design ideas for your home

[] Listed in this article are POP lighting ideas to accentuate the glamour quotient of your house

What good is your investment in a designer ceiling, if no one notices it? Lacklustre lighting can be the root cause of this predicament. Dull lighting can fail to highlight the aesthetics of your room. To avoid this, accentuate the glamour quotient of your house with the perfect POP light design ideas we have listed below.

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POP lighting design options

Recessed POP LED light design – standard

Ceiling light design

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This innovative false ceiling is beautifully illuminated with LED lights built into the ceiling. The recessed installation is characterised by hidden illumination, where the light source is completely concealed. It will give you the warmth of soft lighting and the crispness of focused LEDs, which is especially helpful for low ceilings.

Troffers roof light design

Roof light design

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Troffers are generally hidden inside modular dropped rooftops. Depending on the illumination requirement of the room, you can fix them in an array style or a design pattern like an alternate grid. Although perfect for offices, these are equally useful for your study rooms or dining areas where you need focused lighting. Apart from LEDs, you can use standard fluorescent lights in these concealed light POP designs.

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Cove light design to highlight the dropped ceiling

Light design

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This style gives a soothing touch to the lighting in the room and creates a dreamy environment for you. The concealed light source produces an upward glare and reflects the soft rays towards the room’s floor area. You could even use it in your bedroom for a serene, quiet ambience.

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[] What are dropped or suspended ceilings?

POP lighting design and chandeliers

PoP lighting design

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Give your home an imperial look with the convergence of artistic chandeliers and modern recessed and cove lighting. Here, the designers have used POP LED lights to give it a semblance of stars. Chandeliers are the most majestic of hanging light designs and bring glamour to the setting. So, get experimental and take a hint from this design. or go ahead and use this idea as it is!

Gimbals concealed light design

Concealed light design

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Yet another gorgeous lighting hack for your drawing room is the Gimbals lighting. This POP ceiling light lets you highlight the areas you want your guests to appreciate, especially the exquisite artistic masterpieces like paintings or other artworks. You can also use this task lighting style in your kitchen.

Island roof light designs

Roof light desig

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Merge the linear formation of island lights with cove lights, to jazz up your interiors. While the cove lights will highlight the edges of your stunning false ceiling design, the island lights will add to the aesthetics and provide focused illumination. Thus, this style is best suited for your kitchen work area or the dining table.

Decorative flush ceiling light design

PoP light design ideas for your home

Source: Pinterest

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This exquisite semi-flush cove lighting with intricate design on it, lends refinement and class to your interiors. These are best suited for the hallways or spacious rooms due to their vast size.

Foyer lighting

PoP light design ideas for your home

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If you have a big hallway or lobby area, these foyer lights are the best way to brighten up the space.

Fan lightings

PoP light design ideas for your home

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This innovative and splendid fan with lighting capabilities serves the dual purpose of ventilation and illumination. So, brighten up your room while you sit and enjoy the cool breeze of this fan.

Sculptured POP ceiling light design

PoP light design ideas for your home

Source: Pinterest

This inspirational sculptured false ceiling, with LED lighting will undeniably wow your guests.

In short, concealed lighting plays a pivotal role in adding charm and appeal to the interiors of your dwelling. However, inappropriate lighting makes the environment gloomy and mutes the creativity of your false roof designs. So, choose suitable lighting and enjoy the artistry of your gorgeous abode.


Are POP lights expensive?

POP light price is dependent on the type, power, size, and brand; the more significant the size and complexity of the light, the higher the pricing.

What are the various POP light options available in the market?

Decorative lights are available in three primary categories based on their functions – ambient lighting, task lights and decorative lighting.

What should I look for before finalising POP lights for my home?

Decide what kind of ambience you want to create with the lights.

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