Simply lavish: Allu Arjun’s house

[] Actor Allu Arjun’s house, which is minimalistic yet lavish has a rectangular-box design, spread across 8,000 sq ft, on a plot of two acres in Hyderabad

One of the most sought after stars in Telugu film industry, super star Allu Arjun has reached new heights with the super success of his latest movie, Pushpa: The Rise – Part 01.  Released in Telugu and dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada, the movie became the highest grossing Indian film in 2021, grossing Rs 354 crore at the box office. Thanks to this, Allu Arjun scored millions of new fans across India and one of the most frequently searched for question is where is Allu Arjun house? Known for his emphasis on simplicity, Allu Arjun house location is in Hyderabad. Allu Arjun house in Hyderabad is called ‘Blessing’.

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Allu Arjun house was previously in Jubilee hills where he was living with his parents and brothers along with his family members for a long time at a palatial bungalow. After the marriage of Allu Bobby, his brother, Allu Arjun house address is in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Allu Arjun has made a name for himself in the Telugu movie industry with several hits such as Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India and Ala Vaikunta Puram. Allu Arjun family details needs no introduction. He comes from the well-known Allu family and has recently launched Allu Studios. Allu and his wife, Allu Sneha Reddy, who is also an actor, spend most of their time at their new home with their children Arha and Ayaan, along with Kazoku, their dog. Allu Arjun house cost is estimated to be around Rs 100 crore.

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Allu Arjun house: Key facts

Here are some interesting facts about Allu Arjun house in Hyderabad:

  • Allu Arjun home has a spacious and well-decorated living area.
  • There is a vibrant nursery for the children, as well.
  • The living room in Allu Arjun’s new home fuses neutral colours and whites. It has couches in cream colours, along with a coffee table in grey marble.
  • The modern décor theme in Allu Arjun new home has a minimalistic, yet lavish look and feel.
  • A grey rug completes the look in the living room.
  • Black and white striped cushions add vibrancy to the décor theme.
  • The side tables, next to the couches, have marble tops and are decorated with silver lamps and house plants.
  • There are other small tables, which have striped patterns matching the accent cushions and a textured peach ottoman has a divider too.
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  • The wooden open shelves have grey slabs and showcase curios, action figures, family photographs and flowers, enclosed in glass.
  • The couple also has a more casual sitting area. This area has dark brown and comfortable couches, along with a wooden center table and cream rug.
  • A dark-framed artwork contrasts nicely against the marble floor and white walls. There is a block-esque lighting fixture accompanied by a small counter which has delightful plants positioned upon the same.
  • The kitchen in Allu Arjun residence has a fully white décor theme, with white walls and ivory-coloured cabinets. There is a wooden island with vibrant magnets and the children’s drawings too. These are showcased on the refrigerator. The kitchen in Allu Arjun home, is the place where the family celebrates occasions together.
  • The dining area has a similar clean and spacious vibe with a polished wooden dining table in a corner. Taupe chairs make for excellent accompaniments while there is a narrow counter adjacent to the table. This acts as a divider between the dining and living areas.
  • Ayaan has a vibrant bedroom with pastel blue and white coloured walls, vibrant décor themes and a white cabinet with toys and other items. There is a small bed frame in ivory while floating wall shelves showcase his growing collection of books.

Allu Arjun house: Interesting insights

Allu Arjun house in Hyderabad has a luxurious pool which was reportedly gifted to Ayaan by his grandfather on his birthday. It is nestled beneath a white canvas shade.

The family spends a lot of its time in the garden and pool. Allu Arjun farm house has a lovely backyard, with landscaping, potted plants and vibrant foliage. The home also has a cosy television room with chaise lounge chairs in perky red.

There is a bar zone in glossy black. It also doubles up as a backdrop for photo shoots with the children, on birthdays and other occasions.

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The designer of the unique box-shaped home is Aamir Sharma from the noted firm Aamir & Hameeda Associates. He emphasised upon a minimalistic yet lavish décor theme for this massive 8,000 sq ft house on a plot of two acres in Hyderabad. The rectangular-box design of Allu Arjun home is the unique aspect that leaves architecture lovers fascinated. Sharma has stated that the brief was for a comfortable holiday home. There is a corridor in front, denoting the entrance. This extends till the swimming pool and continues into the living spaces. The shaded seating zone outdoors in Allu Arjun residence is what overlooks the swimming pool. Artificial grass has been used by Sharma for one of the walls, to connect it to the garden that lies beyond. The bar, kitchen, dining zone and living zone are all situated right next to each other.

Low-maintenance materials are used in Allu Arjun home. Cement epoxy is used for the entire flooring while also being used for linking the bar, kitchen counters and seating spaces along with shelves. A glass top lies on a cement base for creating the dining zone which is also backed up by white ply benches. Movable benches can be readily shifted outdoors for taking care of outdoor entertainment, dining and so on. The bar counter is paired up with modern bar stools in white while the wall behind the same has a rustic metal plank with nails. This functions as bottle holders, while transforming into an artifact by itself.

The entire zone has several quirky accessories including a bright yellow Piaggio Vespa. Another quirky addition in Allu Arjun house is the aircraft propeller which was sourced from Mumbai’s Mutton Street. These accessories are used for infusing more colour and dimensions into the otherwise sleek, minimalistic and soothing space.


In which city is Allu Arjun’s house located?

Allu Arjun’s house is located in Hyderabad.

How much area does Allu Arjun’s house cover?

Allu Arjun’s house covers a sprawling 8,000 sq ft on a plot of two acres.

Where did Allu Arjun originally stay?

Allu Arjun resided with his entire family at a palatial and luxurious house in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

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