Use fancy pots and planters to create ornamental gardens

[] While plants can add a soothing touch to one’s surroundings, home owners can also experiment with different planters, to create a unique décor

Gardens in homes and housing complexes, are no longer mere open spaces with a few unkempt plants. Nowadays, home owners design ornamental gardens with lush flora and fauna and fancy pots and planters. Today, gardening is much more than a mere hobby, with people using pots of various types, to enhance the décor of windows, balconies, terraces and open spaces.

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Depending on the theme of the garden, one can opt for indoor or outdoor pots, or hanging ones for vertical gardens.

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“With landscaping developing as an art, people are particular about the pots that they have in their garden,” points out Harpreet Ahluwalia of Earthly Creations, an expert in gardening and environmental space and designer of terracotta garden accessories. Ahluwalia has designed pots in shapes that are considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, as well as colourful pots shaped like rabbits, ducks, frogs and pots in the shape of watermelons, potatoes, pumpkins, lettuce, orange, etc., for kitchen gardens.

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Options galore

Even offices, banks, hotels and restaurants are all increasingly nurturing plants, owing to greater environmental awareness. Consequently, the demand for attractive planters, is increasing. Besides earthen pots, one can buy pots made of ceramic, terracotta, resin, marble and other materials.

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“People are very much aware of the trendy options and desire classy pots, for indoor as well as outdoor use,” says Nayan Jethwani of GAIA Pottery. “Our range includes ceramic table tops, stone pots, glazed pots, hanging ceramic planters, clay and cement planters and fancy wood-like planters,” adds Jethwani.

Using planters to complement the overall décor

Mona Srivastava, who has a terrace garden in Navi Mumbai, maintains that “Nurturing a few plants at home, can create a relaxing ambiance. I am particular about the pots for my tulsi plant. Presently, I am using an earthen pot, which also has a place for a diya. I only use ceramic pots indoors. My terrace looks very colourful, with pots painted in red yellow and green.”

From giant ceramic tea cups, to exquisite four-feet-tall pots, there is lot to choose from to adorn your garden. Home owners can also opt for decorative porcelain pots. However, these may be expensive, as it is not mass produced. These planters can complement eye-catching accessories, like birdbaths, table fountains and lamps, which one can use, to beautify the home garden. Pots can be bought online, from malls and also from nurseries and are available in every budget and to suit various types of garden décor.

Tips on selecting planters for your home or garden

  • To grow vegetables, it is advisable to use terracotta pots as they are porous and allow oxygen to reach the roots.
  • With their capacity to retain moisture, clay pots are ideal for house plants.
  • Pots must have drainage holes, so that the excess water can drain out. Keep trays under the pots, to ensure that the excess water does not spoil the floor.
  • Choose the size and depth of the container, according to the plant’s size and not on how tall it will grow a year later.
  • If you are planning to change the pot, ensure that the new pot has a broad mouth, so that you can easily shift the plant.
  • Use glass bottles and jars to grow money plants. Huge cups and kettles and painted aluminium kadais, can also be used to nurture plants.
  • If space is an issue, opt for stands that can hold two to three pots.
  • Hanging baskets add visual appeal to the window sill.
  • Ordinary earthen pots can be made colourful with oil paint. Arrange pots in various textures, colours and sizes, to create a cohesive look for your garden.

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