Plus Minus POP design ideas for ceilings and walls

[] Plus minus POP designs are an embellished element to design the ceiling or the wall.

Plus-minus POP (Plaster of Paris) designs are trending in home décor. Ceilings, when adorned with modern pop plus minus design, can visually brighten up the space and add drama and dimension to the interiors.

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POP plus minus design meaning

Plus minus POP designs are an embellished element to design the ceiling or the wall. The plus minus design POP has protruding as well as tucked in elements in a false ceiling. The designs are ornamental with multi-dimensional features. The available space should be considered before finalising a viable minus plus POP design.

Here are popular plus minus POP designs for room, home ceilings and walls.

POP design plus minus 2022

Here are some POP plus minus latest designs of 2022

Glossy finishes

Reflective or glossy finishes for the false ceiling will rule this year. Pick lighter hues if you are going for minus plus pop design for a new look for your home interiors in 2022. This simple ceiling design for a hall will lend a contemporary and luxurious appeal to your home.

When it comes to materials, combine wood with your latest plus minus pop design. Without any elaborate ceiling design, you can go for the simplest design style yet make it look appealing. If we talk about high-gloss paint for minus plus design for false ceiling, it works well even for materials like wood.

Plus Minus POP design ideas for ceilings and walls

[] POP design for drawing room ceiling

Industrial look

The industrial look of POP design for roof with plus minus style is in trend. This can be the best POP design for your hall if you are prefer contemporary designs. Although neutral hues like white, grey or black are widely preferred for modern pop designs, you can try brighter hues for a dramatic effect, bringing all the attention to the ceiling. Blend the plus minus pop design with colour matching your décor theme

Plus Minus POP design ideas for ceilings and walls


Three-dimensional designs

Three-dimensional layer with a plus minus POP design for a room can have a magical effect. You can design any pattern, like a coffered ceiling or geometrical design. Combined with suitable lighting, this design will bring out the texture and an enhanced look. This type of plus minus pop design for bedroom works well when it comes to improving the décor quotient. When it comes to designing geometric patterns, square POP design is a simple yet elegant option for a hall or bedroom.

Plus Minus POP design ideas for ceilings and walls

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Plus minus POP tray design for living room

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The living room ceiling with modern pop plus minus design can be made to look vibrant and opulent with POP plus minus design. Also known as an inverted ceiling, the style has a centre that is a few inches elevated than the perimeter of the ceiling. Tray POP ceiling can be decorated with a rounded design, moulding, different colours, lighting, and tiered levels. To add drama, highlight the centre of a POP tray design with a plus minus design and a chandelier. Add concealed LED lights along the border of the tray design for a soft glow at night. This stylish plus minus POP design for hall will lend a luxurious appeal to the house.

Plus minus POP design: Floral designs for the bedroom

Floral patterns are in trend for interiors, and they can be included with POP design minus plus false ceilings. A floral motif made with POP on the ceiling and the centre of the wall can elevate any bedroom. With this plus minus POP design for bedroom, you can add subtle pastel colour flower patterns to the ceiling designs to bring calmness to your cosy space. Dainty flowers shaped from POP can lend a tranquil vibe to the décor. Use abstract floral patterns and an array of colours to adorn your POP ceiling. A vertical false POP ceiling design extending till the bed headrest can add elegance. Opt for hidden coves with diffused light fixtures to create a relaxing ambience. Studded warm light on each petal can make your room glow. Curves, arcs, and circles are the latest trend in plus-minus POP designs for bedrooms.

Plus minus POP sky theme for kids room

While have ample choices for plus minus design for living room, the ceiling of the kids’ room can be designed in myriad ways with plus-minus POP designs. Depending on the age and interest of the child select a design theme to complement the overall décor. Sky-themed design with stars, clouds, sun, and the solar system is always popular with kids. Plus-minus false ceilings with POP enables the planets and stars to protrude from the regular ceiling. Favourite cartoon characters, flowers, and musical instrument motifs are also common in a kids room. These can be some inspiring POP plus minus design ideas for kids’ bedroom. Decorate the minus plus POP ceiling design with a track or recessed light or flush mount fixtures.

Plus minus gold design for the puja room

Puja room can be decked up with a plus minus POP designed artistic ceiling border in gold. Try a POP circular shape sun rays design (with LED strips underneath) or a huge simple circle with pendant lights to focus on the temple.

You can also include patterns of your choice with the plus minus pop design for the room and incorporate suitable lighting to create a serene ambience.

Plus-minus POP minimal design for the kitchen

For the kitchen, plus minus POP designs can be minimal with spotlights on the ceiling to infuse sophistication. Segregate areas with false ceilings. Opt for a simple circle or square or rectangular POP plus minus design just above the counter or breakfast table with sufficient focus light or pendant lights for illumination. This is a perfect choice if you are looking to spruce up a small kitchen with modern POP plus minus design.

Colourful plus minus POP design

Coloured false ceilings are the latest trend. Soothing colours can brighten up a room and give a positive vibe. Ceilings with plus-minus designs can be adorned with various colours. Opt for subtle cream and pink or vibrant red and yellow for the POP design plus minus false ceiling. Choosing a colour combination that blends with the rest of the hues in the room will make your space more cheerful. Coloured ceilings with POP and simple designs also give a feeling of expansiveness. Lights complementing the colours can create an interesting effect and give the place a serene luminosity.

Plus minus POP geometric design for the bathroom

If you are planning for home ceiling designs, then bathroom ceilings too can be adorned with designs. A POP plus minus design for this room will matching hues and lighting fixtures can elevate the overall look.

The POP false ceiling with plus minus geometric design suit the bathroom. Brighten it up with lights at the centre or just above the mirror and bathtub. A POP design on the ceiling with lights peeping through can look amazing. The beauty of the POP ceiling motifs can be enhanced by maintaining a complimentary décor for the bathroom.

Plus minus design with two fans

If you have a huge hall, plan the POP design on the ceiling to accommodate two fans along with fancy LED lights. Ensure that the ceiling design provides an easy frame for the fans with space for a shimmering chandelier or statement pendant lights in the centre. Besides a POP plus minus design, POP cornice moulding can cover the borders. Other options like multi-tiered ceiling design where the centre takes a hollow shape for the fan or circular-shaped layered ceiling with detailed plus minus work can also be explored. Accentuate your ceiling with lighting fixtures, which is an easy simple ceiling design technique.

Plus minus design for the entry foyer

An all-white false plus minus POP design ceiling with single layering and minimal decoration can be a simple yet elegant design for the lobby or the entry foyer. A dab of texture in addition to the geometry of your false ceiling will make it attractive. Circular, hexagonal, floral or leaf designs can be added to the POP wall as well, enhancing the plus minus POP design look for lobby without elaborate ceiling decorations. Select cove lighting and spotlights to highlight artwork and family photos at the entrance.

Modern POP plus minus design for porch

A POP design for home porch can include a simple white design reflecting the colonial style ceilings. You can also bring a rustic touch to the space by including earthy colours and textured walls. A POP design made simple with vertical stripes adds a sophisticated look to your home exteriors spaces.

Plus minus design combination with wood and glass

POP plus minus design ceiling can be combined with wood, glass or translucent colourful acrylic sheets to add an oomph to the overall décor. Stained glass can be fixed to POP ceilings for an eye-catching look and an artistic element. Wood panels at the centre of a suspended POP ceiling provide an art deco look. POP false ceiling design with wood and lights can be the centre of attraction in any room. Use laser cut wood and POP for an exquisite impact.

Plus minus design for an accent wall

The POP plus minus designs on the ceilings must blend seamlessly with the walls. Extend the design up to the accent wall to elevate the appeal of the room. The POP home wall design can be funky, intricate, bold or simple. Depending on the room’s theme, select a single or dual-tone with detailed patterns. The POP plus-minus design can conceal ducts and electrical wiring, and provide a neat look. POP is flexible with shapes and textures, from exposed brick to tile finish. Craft a POP brick wall or an abstract plus minus POP design, or a mural for the TV wall and the bar area.

Plus minus pop design 2021

While some of the modern pop plus minus designs of 2019 and 2020 continue to rule this year, we also take a look at the POP latest plus minus designs of 2021.

The guitar design

One of the latest POP plus minus designs is the guitar design that be the ultimate addition to a music lover’s room. There are plenty of POP plus minus colour combinations for this design, you can pick them to suit your home décor theme.

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POP Plus Minus design ideas for ceilings and walls

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Yin and Yang POP design

A simple false ceiling design signifying the Yin and Yang concept will not only be a reminder of the balancing effect but this plus minus POPdesign for the room will also enhance the overall look of the interiors.

POP Plus Minus design ideas for ceilings and walls

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Circular cut out designs

Ruling the plus minus pop design 2021 trends is the simple circle cut out from the ceiling design. It is a simple pop design 2020 ruling 2021 as well.

POP Plus Minus design ideas for ceilings and walls

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Simple pop ceiling design catalogue

POP Plus Minus design ideas for ceilings and walls

(Source: Pinterest)

POP Plus Minus design ideas for ceilings and walls

(Source: Pinterest)

POP Plus Minus design ideas for ceilings and walls

(Source: Pinterest)

Tips for designing ceiling and walls with plus-minus POP design

  • Plan the POP plus minus design for room ceilings in your home as per the number and placement of lights and fans.
  • Select the lights for the POP false ceiling to complement the design. Consider the shape, size colour, warmness, and height of the lights when picking home POP design. Opt for mood lighting with varied brightness and colour options. Choose LED recess lights, cove lights, flush mount lights or chandeliers depending on the room.
  • Modern pop designs also work for low height ceilings. For rooms with low ceilings choose a false ceiling design that runs along the periphery of the walls.
  • Match the geometric and floral elements on the plus minus POP ceilings with the curtains, and upholstered sofas and chairs.
  • Choose simple pop design for a new look to your interiors. Use POP plus minus design to decorate niches, cornices, partitioned walls, mirror frames, or wall trims.

POP design price

For decorating a house with POP design, the price in India can range anywhere between Rs 70 to Rs 120 per square foot. The cost may vary depending on the type of design and details. The price for designing POP cornices and decorative mouldings can start from Rs 45 per square foot.


What should be the height of a room to install a POP ceiling with a plus-minus design in it?

To make a false ceiling in a room, the height should be above 9 feet. The POP designed ceiling reduces the height by at least 8 inches. There should be a safe distance between the fan or chandelier when people raise their hands or kids jump on the bed.

What Is the POP ceiling?

Plaster of Paris (POP) is a dehydrated form of gypsum. For creating house POP designs, the dry powder is mixed with water to form a paste that is shaped to create different types of false ceilings. POP lends a smooth finish that aids in colouring and painting too.

What are the advantages of a POP ceiling in an entertainment room?

Adding a false ceiling creates better acoustics for home theatres and music rooms.

How do I care for my POP false ceiling?

The POP false ceiling does not require special maintenance. Dust it gently regularly. Ensure that there is no water seepage as it can damage the ceiling.

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