Diwali budget tips for home decoration: Simple yet creative ways for revamping your home

[] Considering that home owners cannot spend huge amounts to renovate the home for every festival, we look at some pocket-friendly tricks and simple Diwali decoration ideas

Diwali is a time, when one spruces up the home to make it look clean and fresh. For the festival of lights, it is important that the house looks bright and cheerful. “The first thing to do, is to thoroughly clean all the walls, fans and lights. All chandeliers and lamps should be cleaned, so as to emit more light and give a sparkling look to the home. Keep the rooms well-organised and clutter-free,” advises interior designer Meghna Mirchandani, of Dimensions, Delhi. Dry cleaning the sofas and curtains, can also give a fresh feel to the house and is an inexpensive option, compared to changing the upholstery, adds Mirchandani.

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You can also use colourful throws, or lustrous silk and shimmery brocades, to decorate the house. “Change the cushion covers and add a few more, on the sofa. One can opt for raw silk fabrics in various colours to spruce up the home’s décor. The right size and mix of colours, can make the space inviting,” states Saheba Singh, director, This is it Designs Pvt Ltd, Delhi. The walls can be given a quick makeover, with some acrylic emulsion and block print patterns on the entire wall, adds Singh. “You can opt for a single colour or use multiple tones of two chosen colours. Embellish it with crystals, shimmer, or whatever else you might fancy,” suggests Singh.

Here are some easy ways for Diwali decoration at home.

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[] This Diwali, give your home a quick, festive makeover

Ways to brighten the home for Diwali, with accessories and lights

Beautiful metals accessories like silver, brass and copper, can add subtle glimmer. Add a few ornamental brass pieces in the rooms, or decorate a fancy silver tray table with a few lights and flower petals and keep dry fruits and chocolates in it, for guests. LED lights are easily available. You can spread them over trees, balconies, window sills and outdoor spaces, to add a warm glow for Diwali. When opting for lights, don’t limit your choices to merely wall and ceiling lights. For example, there are statues and stones, with built-in lights. Upcycling materials like glass and turning them into decoratiove lights is one of the easiest Diwali decoration ideas. Glass bottles filled with LED string lights too, can be placed in gardens, the balcony and near the main entrance.

Use plants as accent pieces

Aesthetic plants can also be used as accent pieces for Diwali house decoration. “Add some lush green foliage indoors. You can paint the earthen pots with easily available geru, (brown earth powder) and arrange them in the corners of the room. Potted plants, shrubs, creepers, bonsais, and sculptural stems can be arranged in any room,” states Mirchandani. You can set up a temporary vertical garden indoors, by keeping a wooden ladder in a corner and arranging plants on each step and twirling fairy lights on the ladder.

This one eco-friendly way of home decoration with lights for Diwali.

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Decorating the main door for Diwali

Decorate the main door for the festival, to welcome positive energy. If one has the space near the door, place a large metal diya stand and marigold garlands on the floor. For a classic look, place huge white candles in jars and sprinkle pink roses and white mogras, around it. “For the dining table, make an arrangement with flowers, fruits and candles. Choose a single colour for all three. For example, marigold, tangerine or tiny oranges (clementine) and yellow and orange candles on the table, can spruce up the table instantly,” says Singh.

Diwali decoration tips

  • Arrange fresh flowers like lilies, hydrangeas, lotus, carnations, or tulips at home, in tall vases or in flat brass urlis with candles.
  • For a magnificent Diwali light decoration for your home, add a stunning lamp at home, as a symbol of the festival. You can choose a carved metal lamp or one with metal fittings or merely opt for a brass lantern.
  • For tableware, you can choose ethnic rustic crockery for flat plates, dip bowls, sweet platters and so on. Dress up the dining table with desi textiles and colours like red, purple and turquoise.
  • Rangoli and torans are a must, to decorate the main door. You can make a traditional powder rangoli and also draw Laxmi’s feet and swastika with kum kum, which is considered auspicious.
  • On the floor near the temple, arrange diyas.
  • To spruce up the walls, you can use washable colours and designs.
  • The garden or balcony is one area you can area you can focus on for Diwali light decoration outside home. Use fairy lights and place it around the plants or branches of trees or balcony railings.
  • Ensure that the Diwali decorations in the house do not hinder movement.
  • Use traditional ‘itra’ for fragrance at home.
  • Found some old frames? Use them for a smart makeover. Make flowers out of papers, paste them over the old frame and hang the refurbished pictures to adorn the wall of your home.
  • Buy beautiful wall stickers online. These are easy to use and can pep up any space in your home. Pick up bright or abstract designs to give a vibrant look to a gloomy wall or sitting space in your home.
  • Every Diwali, the market is flooded with earthen pots and colourful terracotta objects. Bring home beautiful statues and artifacts to decorate your home. They are available at reasonable prices.
  • You can restore the prized possessions of your grandparents or other collectibles from the older generations of your family. You can make an antique trunk bright and beautiful, by polishing it and use it as a table to display the gramophone. These antique pieces will add a zest to your Diwali decoration at no extra cost.

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