Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

[] An almirah is a vital piece of furniture in every home. Apart from meeting the storage needs of a family, it can work as a great décor option to transform a dull corner into a focal point for the room. Check out these home almirah designs.

When you wish your home to look beautiful and clutter-free, there is no way you can ignore the need for storage spaces. Almirahs are an integral part of Indian homes. Since every room in the house has its unique storage requirements, installing the right storage unit can help you to organise things while making the room look spacious. With the variety of cabinets and almirahs and the different materials available these days, you can pick some inspiring almirah interior designs to deck up any corner of your home.

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Almirah for bedroom

Designer almirah

An almirah is one of the most frequently used furniture in a bedroom, apart from the bed. If you are looking to spruce up the room with some stunning décor elements or the latest bedroom almirah designs, here are the different types of almirah or wardrobe choices.

[] Sunmica design to take inspiration from

Walk-in closet

An unused corner can be used for a custom-made walk-in wardrobe, to create a focal point for the bedroom. You can team this bedroom almirah design with a vanity table and statement lighting for a chic décor theme.

Vintage cupboards

You can recreate the magic of the bygone era by including vintage items inside a contemporary bedroom. Vintage, wooden hinged wardrobes, used for storing clothes and accessories, can be a classic décor option to style your bedroom.

Cabinet with sliding doors

An almirah with sliding doors is an excellent choice for the bedroom, instead of the typical hinge-door wardrobes. Based on the available width and space, you can incorporate two to four sliding doors. This kind of almirah design for bedroom occupies less space and give a contemporary look to the room.

Almirah with mirror design

Wardrobes with mirrors are among the preferred modern almirah designs for bedrooms. Mirrors reflect light and make the room look spacious. Mirror wardrobes can add extra dimensions to the room while improving the visual appeal. Such wall almirahs are perfect for small bedrooms.

Bedroom almirah with dressing table

A dressing set up is a necessity in every bedroom. If you are picking a wall almirah design for bedroom area, it is wise to choose a classic closet with a big mirror. A sliding wardrobe or wooden wall almirah with a dressing table design set up becomes a perfect décor addition in the room.

[] Cement cupboard designs: Popular trends in wall almirah cement designs for Indian homes

Wooden almirah design for living room

Almirah design

Apart from being a space to relax and bond with the family, a living room fulfils numerous functions, including storage. Cabinets, armoires and pie safes are some storage cabinets for giving a traditional look to living rooms. Consider these living room almirah design ideas to make the room well-organised and welcoming.

Freestanding storage cabinets

Freestanding wooden almirahs can be used to store books and various items, while the top surface can be used to display photos. Compared to wall fixing almirah designs, such freestanding storage units offer the flexibility of placement and you can take it along, if you decide to move out.

Console cabinets

Console cabinets are suitable for an open living room floor plan. You can place it behind a sofa in the centre of the room and use it for keeping lamps to light up the seating area. These cabinets are an ideal choice if you are looking for wooden almirah designs for your living room.

Hanging wardrobes

Go for the minimalist décor style and save on floor space in the living room with modern wall cabinets or almari design in wall. You can decide the mounting location, whether on the ceiling or the middle of an empty wall, based on your personal choice. You can have a small wall almirah for clothes in the bedroom if there the space is limited.

Similarly, you can either create a large wall almirah design for living room for the television or pick shelves with unique designs. Open shelving units are apt for a hall to showcase books or decorative items unlike cabinet designs with cement or closed wooden wall almirahs.

Corner cabinets

If the living room is not spacious enough, then, installing small size almirahs or corner cabinets can be the best storage solution while bringing a touch of sophistication to the house. From glass-front cabinets to almirahs with a distressed wood look, there are plenty of fascinating options in these small wooden almirah designs.

For the main hall, cement cupboard designs can be used as bookshelves. In the hall, there would be plenty of furniture and other decor elements like in every Indian home. So, make sure the cement shelf designs you have chosen blend with them perfectly.

Take a look at this wooden almirah design catalogue:

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

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Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

Almirah design for kids’ room

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

Adding a splash of vibrant colours when decorating the kids’ room can make the space playful and lively. Wall almirah in kids’ bedroom becomes an important piece of furniture in the house, especially when you have plenty of things to store like books, toys, clothes, etc. Here are some interesting almirah designs for the kids’ room.

Built-in wardrobe

Whether the room is used by a teenager or toddlers, you can never go wrong with a colourful built-in wardrobe that can save a lot of space. You can customise by installing shelves and drawers. Such wall almirah designs provide ample space and are perfect for keeping clothing and toys.

Pick a sliding door almirah design that works well for small spaces.

[] Tips to design your kids’ room

Almirah design for kitchen

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

There are plenty of ways to adorn a kitchen and the best way, is to choose a decorative almirah or cupboard.

Glass almirah for crockery

A crockery unit is an important item in every kitchen or dining space. Use a wall-mounted glass cabinet to display your collection of decorative dinner plates, fancy glasses and cups and saucers. In this almirah, the inside design can be customised as per one’s preference. You can also pick a standing unit if you do not want to have an almirah designed in the room wall.

Wooden sideboards

A sideboard is a type of cabinet kept in the dining room for placing crockery. You can choose this type of almirah wooden design that is artistically decorated with the desired colour and texture, to suit your décor theme.

[] Popular trends in kitchen cabinets

Almirah design for bathroom

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

When it comes to including cabinets for the bathroom, you have countless options in terms of materials, shapes and sizes of almirahs. You can utilise an empty bathroom corner to place these trendy storage units.

Corner bathroom cabinets

The small space in a bathroom corner can be an ideal spot to install a modern corner cabinet, without making the space look too cluttered. This small wall almirah design can blend perfectly with the overall décor theme.

Designer cabinets

Designer cabinets with a marble top and sleek finishing can look aesthetically appealing and it can be a perfect choice for luxury bathrooms. A modern wooden cabinet or almirah in the bathroom matches with any colour theme.

Room almirah designs for 2022

Check these latest bedroom almirah designs that are trending this year. Get inspired by these impressive room wardrobe design images.

Double door bedroom almirah design

A double door, wooden wall almirah design is one favorite design for homeowners, which is trending this year. One can incorporate see through glass panels to make the almirah inside design visible or use mirrors for a classy look. You can pick any colour scheme and almirah sunmica design for this option.

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

(Source: Pinterest)

Room almirah design with glass

A complete glass almirah design for bedroom is an excellent option to add a bit of sophistication to the interiors. Get a glimpse of this luxury almirah for clothes.

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

(Source: Pinterest)

Three door almirah

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A triple door almirah in interior designs can elevate the overall décor of the room. This almirah design is the latest trend in 2022.

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

(Source: Pinterest)

Mirror almirah design

A bed room almirah design with mirror has been quite popular. The mirrored wardrobe also serves as a dressing table. So, include a stylish mirror in this almirah with a dressing table theme can become a focal point for the room.

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

(Source: Pinterest)

Sliding almirah design

Adorn a room wall corner luxury almirah with sliding doors. These sliding almirahs are highly convenient to use and they also enhance the overall décor of the room.

Here is an example of a stylish slider almirah design for contemporary bedrooms in Indian homes.

Almirah designs ideas that provide storage solutions while enhancing your home décor

(Source: Pinterest)

Which type of almirah is the best?

An almirah can be designed using different materials. Here are the most commonly available types of almirahs.

Steel almirah design

Stainless steel cupboards have been widely used in offices. Steel wall almirah designs for bedroom in Indian houses too are quite common. Compared to wooden cabinets, steel wardrobes are durable, environment-friendly and can last for years. An almirah with steel and glass design combination adds makes any room spacious and elegant.

Wooden almirah design

Solid wood cabinets are timeless design elements and durable storage units. Wooden almirah designs for bedroom make for an excellent storage option. There are ample options, in terms of design, shape and colour, for styling your wooden cupboard design.

Almirah Sunmica design

Sunmica, which is a decorative laminate sheet, is widely used for almirah designs of wooden materials. Since the material is resistant to staining or cracking, wooden almirah designs with Sunmica look elegant. By choosing a chic Bedroom almirah with sunmica design, you can elevate the décor theme of your house.

[] Sunmica colour combinations for your home décor

Plywood almirah design

Plywood has many benefits compared to solid wood, which is why plywood almirahs are an excellent décor element for modern bedrooms. These modern almirah designs enhance the overall aesthetics. Almirah of plywood material come in various designs such as a built-in wardrobe, corner shelves, sliding door cabinets, etc. A contemporary bed room can be made to look stylish with plywood cupboard or almirah design featuring a mirror.

Glass almirah design

Cabinets designed with glass, or a combination of wood and glass, can be stylish storage solutions for your living or dining room. With a glass almirah design, you have the advantage to display souvenirs and awards or kitchen decorations. A glass almirah design in room wall is an ideal choice since it is easy to clean and adds elegance to any space.

Iron almirah design

Almirah design made of iron is mostly preferred to keep accessories such as jewellery, shoes, etc. There are multiple options to choose, like sliding doors, single or double doors, open or closed units, etc. Glossy finishes for an almirah of white colour looks opulent and eye-catching.

Cement almirah design

Traditional cement cupboard designs for bedrooms in Indian homes are quite common. Since these wall cupboards are sturdy and blend with the wall while providing storage solutions, Indian cement shelf designs for bedroom are still a widely used storage feature. An almari design in wall made of cement or concrete can be decorated with interesting elements like stylish doors to bring a modern look to the house.

  • Brick and cement can be used to create floating shelves on the wall. This house cement almirah design gives a clear and uncluttered look to the living room.
  • You can make a laminated cement almirah design in living room where laminate is installed above the base made of wood or concrete.
  • Cement shelf designs for hall in India are a popular choice for designing bookshelves that gives a minimalist yet modern appeal to the room.
  • Cement shelves design in bedroom also widely used for building a television showcase cum almirah design.

Decorating a cement wall with cupboard designs can add life to dull walls of a room. Cement wall cupboards comes in variety of designs like floating units, corner shelves, etc. Hall cupboard designs with cement wall can be chosen for small spaces or in a spacious hall.

Stone almirah design

You can install a stone almirah design in wall of any bedroom in the house. In particular, it can be a perfect idea to create a study space for the kids’ bedroom. This almari design in a cement wall can be used to store books and other things to keep the room well-organised.


Which is better, wood or steel almirah?

Both types of almirahs have their own unique benefits. As compared to wooden cabinets, steel cabinets are affordable, resistant to termites and eco-friendly storage options. On the other hand, wooden cabinets score over steel cabinets in terms of the design variety they offer.

Is it cheaper to buy or build cabinets?

If you have the level of skill required and the necessary tools, you can custom design your own cabinet and save a lot of money, including the cost of labour. However, the amount of money you will spend, whether you are buying or building cabinets, will depend on several factors like the materials used, type of cabinet design, etc.

Which wood is best for an almirah?

Solid wood or plywood is the most commonly used material for designing almirahs or custom wardrobes.

What is the size of almirah?

Typically, the size of an almirah or hinged wardrobe is around 72 inches (6 ft) in height, 48 inches (4 ft) in width and 22 inches in depth.

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