Wall molding design: 6 designs to glam up the walls

[] Wall molding designs are a low-cost solution to transform a room’s aesthetic

Wall moldings provide a combination of functionality and elegance. They can effectively conceal cracks, gaps, and other surface imperfections – an inevitable aspect of any building. Apart from that, it is used to decorate the surface and create a dramatic design statement. Wall molding designs are a low-cost solution to transform a room’s aesthetic. For those of you who might not be able to tell the difference between a cove and a crown, here’s an explainer of the different wall molding styles!

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Wall molding materials

You may use MDF, natural wood, or poly trim as wall molding. Wood is more sturdy and durable than plastic or MDF. However, it tends to shrink slightly. Use natural wood, if you prefer the natural clear-coat or stained wood look. You may also use MDF or plastic if you intend to paint the trim. MDF is the least expensive trim material. However, it is prone to damage. Plastic polymer trim is more costly than MDF but lasts longer and does not shrink like wood. We suggest that you research and select the best option for your household.


Types of wall molding

Wall molding helps conceal any irregular architectural lines in your home. It also gives the impression of grander ceilings and larger spaces. Simpler designs are suitable for tiny houses since they do not overwhelm the space. Let us look at the types of wall moldings and how they can protect your walls.

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Chair rail wall molding

A chair rail is a horizontal wall molding design that runs three feet above the floor. As a general rule, chair rail moldings should be installed at 25% of the room’s height. This is the spot where your dining chairs may come in touch with the wall. The original purpose of chair rails was to protect walls from damage caused by chairs. However, the design has now gained popularity as a popular ornamental element of a space. You may utilise these wall trimmings to create a visually appealing bifurcation of your space. Try painting one colour above the chair rail and another below it, to make it more aesthetic.

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Crown wall molding

Crown moldings can be found at the junction of walls and ceilings. As a result, it is often built at a 45-degree angle. It also has a hollow area behind it, having an exquisite look that can boost the value of your property. Crown wall moldings come in various designs and forms. You may enhance it even more by installing baseboards beneath it, to give it a more extended, more dramatic look.

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Skirting wall molding design

This type of molding is typically installed where the floor meets the wall and is both visually stunning and useful. It improves the transition between the floor and the wall. Especially, if the two are drastically different in colour, finish, or texture. Skirting conceals uneven surfaces and protects the wall from damage caused by slamming doors and cabinets. This wall molding design does not have to be the same colour as the others; it can be made of tile, plaster, or wood.

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Casing wall molding design

This is the wall molding surrounding the windows on your home’s interior and exterior, filling the gap between the walls and the window or door frame. These are crucial in ensuring that your home has a smooth finish and are often installed during the construction of the building.

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Cove wall molding

Cove wall molding is a simpler version of crown molding, popular in Indian houses. It is a bare wall molding design with a concave form and a few step-like embellishments. Coving is a creative way to boost the perception of vertical height and make the space appear larger. For added drama, keep the coving white or paint it in contrasting colours.

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Baseboard wall molding design

Have you ever seen long strips of wood running along the walls of stylish homes? That’s what is meant by baseboard. They provide a seamless transition from the wall to the floor. Baseboards are the most often used wall trim style. They are also the easiest to install. The best thing is to choose from various forms, styles, and sizes. They might be pretty narrow or as broad as six inches. In a standard-sized home, they typically measure three to five inches.

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