10 stunning bathroom POP designs for bathroom

[] A stylish false ceiling design can give your bathroom a sophisticated look. Check these POP designs for modern bathrooms.

Bathrooms have a reputation for being the most unappreciated space in the house. Let’s face it: most bathroom POP design in India is merely functional. On the other hand, bathrooms provide an ideal space for creating unique interiors. After all, it is the most private space in your home that can be proof of your artistic and personal taste. A stylish bathroom POP design might aid in sprucing up your bathroom.

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Best bathroom POP design to glam up your bathroom

We have handpicked some of the best bathroom POP designs to assist you while designing your bathroom.

Stunning bathroom POP design with LED

Installing a thick LED border around the bathroom POP design makes it a centrepiece for the area. Another excellent luxury bathroom design feature is the usage of LED lights along with the flooring and the sidewall. It makes your bathroom look larger and brighter than it is.


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Go bold with colourful bathroom POP design

If you don’t want to spend a fortune decorating a space like your toilet, consider this clever painted ceiling option. Extend the bathroom POP design or smooth out your regular wall with putty. Now, pick a brightly coloured waterproof paint and unleash your inner artist!


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Ocean-themed bathroom POP design

Consider this simplistic bathroom POP design inspired by popular ocean themes. While the walls are covered in tiny mosaic tiles, the ceiling takes the design to the next level. The POP ceiling is meant to highlight the bathtub and shower cubicle while leaving the rest of the space open for customisation.

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Get playful with plus-minus bathroom POP design

Geometric ceilings are always popular. Here is one such idea that you might use in your bathroom. The magnificent style of this bathroom POP design immediately draws your attention. There are several designs available in plus-minus styles for you to pick from. Brighten up your space by adding lights to the corners.


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Conceal shower vent using bathroom POP design

The shower is a standard bathroom fixture made of Plaster of Paris. A POP ceiling is well-known for concealing wiring, wires, and vents in any room. Take advantage of this by installing a fancy shower vent in your bathroom POP design.


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Sleek black bathroom POP design

If you want to add grandeur, drama, and refinement to your bathroom simultaneously, a black bathroom POP design is the way to go. You may break up the monotony of hues and provide the required brightness. Also, use contrasting fixtures in your bathroom and position furniture in grey and white.


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Add drama with a light centrepiece 

A sophisticated royal light centrepiece may add a lot of sparkle and glamour to your bathroom. It is a classy aesthetic that you may offer your bathroom POP design.

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Luxurious skylight for your bathroom

Do you live in a bungalow and want to bring in a piece of the sky into your bathing space?  A skylight in the bathroom’s ceiling that provides a stunning view of the beautiful blue sky is unquestionably an excellent choice. It is a unique and opulent design idea for your bathroom POP design. Because Plaster of Paris is quite durable, it can very effectively sustain the skylight in the ceiling.


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Double row lighting for bathroom POP design

A bathroom should always be well-lit and bright. As a result, you should install a double row of lighting on your bathroom POP design. Simple panel LEDs or halogen spotlights may provide a charming touch to your bathroom.


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Complement your food tile design 

This magnificent design gives us primary interior goals with its unique flooring, wall, and ceiling designs. If you look attentively, you will see that the bathroom POP design corresponds to the geometry of the ground tiles. Bright lights may be used to disguise the joints, giving them a spectacular look.


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