Mini bar design at home

[] Here are some impressive bar unit designs for your home.

There are several reasons to have a mini bar at your home, the top being how convenient they are. They add value to your house and can increase the resale price in the future. While making your own mini bar design at home, remember that it is important to have comfortable chairs when your guests and friends come around. Another essential factor to consider is lighting. Good lighting plays a huge role in deciding the vibe of your place and will make your food and drinks look good. The design of your mini bar should complement your home furniture and the overall look of your house. 

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If you are planning to have your own mini bar design at home, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Listed below are the top space-efficient mini bar designs at home that will inspire you to have your own.

Straight home mini bar unit designs

You can easily fit a stylish straight home mini bar in a small horizontal space. Setting it up away from the wall will provide you with 2 spaces- one where you will prepare and serve and the other, where your guests will sit and enjoy. The best part about a straight home mini bar is that it allows you to keep all the bar supplies and bottles in the same place. 

These bar unit designs can be placed against the wall if you don’t have enough space. 

Mini Bar Design at Home


Cart style mini bar unit designs

With a cart style mini bar, you can turn any place into a party. You don’t have to struggle with carrying all the drinks at once and you can easily maneuver your mini bar around. Their caster wheels and open wide shelves allow you to entertain your family or friends anywhere you want. When buying one, there are a few features you need to keep in mind, such as stemware storage, a removable tray top, a wine rack and towel bars. 

The best way to make your bar cart look classy and elegant is by keeping it simple. Just place some gorgeous glassware and top-quality cocktail tools such as lime squeezer, strainer, muddler and mixing tin on the shelves. You can even use your home ingredients as decor, such as a vase of pretty flowers, a bowl of citrus, or even walnuts and candies. Fresh flowers are a great way of bringing the outdoors in. 

You can use different colors, prints, textures, and patterns to style your bar cart. Colorful straws, custom coasters, and cloth cocktail napkins can bring a lot of fun to your mini bar. You can even go for vintage bar accessories like cocktail stirs and picks. 

Mini Bar Design at Home


Expandable bar cabinet

An expandable bar cabinet is the best option for you if your spirit collection keeps growing by the minute. These bar unit designs provide has plenty of storage and you can keep adding bottles to your collection. You can even find an expandable bar cabinet with wheels. 

A bar cabinet consists of wine racks, glassware storage and handy drawers. They have several shelves and you can fit all your bar accessories in a single mini bar making it the most space-efficient space option. You can easily close in the side compartments when you don’t need them. 

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Mini Bar Design at Home

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Hidden small bar unit designs

In case you don’t want your mini bar to be in the living room or open to the eyes of everyone, you can hide your vodka and whiskey bottles in a small bar that looks like a sideboard. A hidden small bar is particularly handy when you have children around. 

When it comes to cabinets with closed doors, there are unlimited colours and styles options to choose from, making it super easy for you to find the one that can go with your home decor. To make it look more appealing, you can place some items, such as flowers, a fruit bowl or a lamp, on the countertop of your hidden mini bar.

Mini Bar Design at Home


Low profile mini bar unit designs

Even if you don’t have a lot of space to spare, you can still display your liquor collection and glassware in a sophisticated manner. A mini bar design with glass doors allows you to see what is inside and you can update your stock accordingly. 

More than anything, with a low profile mini bar, you can set a statement. Again, you can enhance its look by adding a vase of pretty flowers or green plants to bring in a sense of freshness. 

Mini Bar Design at Home

Mini home bar for unused corners 

As the name suggests, you can optimally use empty corners and turn them into beautiful mini bars. You can fit these creative furniture pieces in the corner of the dining room, living room or even the kitchen, and they won’t get in the way at all. The dining room seating can be utilised for bar unit designs if there is limited space. 

These mini bars usually come with a couple of wine racks and a mini service countertop. There are also extra compartments for spirit bottles, decor, and cocktail recipe books available with these bar unit designs. 

Mini Bar Design at Home


Tall, narrow mini home bar 

Generally, mini home bars are short and wide. However, when you don’t have enough horizontal space, tall and narrow mini bar unit designs are the ideal solution. Their best feature is how they can be squeezed between two pieces of furniture and make them look even better.

They usually come with additional cupboards and have ample capacity. They are available in several colors and patterns and you can easily find the one that blends in with your home decor. 

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Mini Bar Design at Home


Bar counter design for home

A typical bar counter design for your home will need a lot more area than any other type of home bar. But, if you are intending for a pub-like feel, then it’s a great option. Since they are bigger in size, there is enough space for you and your guests to sit and talk, with all the alcohol requirements in reach. 

With several shelves and cupboards, bar counter design for home come with exceptional storage capability; some even come with a dry sink. You can get matching and comfortable chairs or stools with this type of bar counter design for your home to enhance the look of the area. 

Mini Bar Design at Home


Mini bar with a refrigerated cooler 

Some drinks taste best when chilled. A mini bar design for home with a refrigerated cooler can keep your alcohol cool and flavor full. These innovative furniture pieces come with both, open and closed compartments and are extremely eye-catching. You can even place a bowl of citrus or candies, a vase of fresh flowers or cocktail recipe books on the countertop. This bar has glass counter design which is suited for any modern home. 

Mini Bar Design at Home


Wall-mounted mini bar

A wall-mounted mini bar allows you to have a classy and functional mini bar without utilising a square meter of your floor space. It’s so compact that you can hang it anywhere, the kitchen, living room, or dining room. It is one of the choicest ways to flaunt your whiskey collection. 

The only drawback is that it doesn’t have any countertop to serve the drinks to your guests. You can combine it with a stylish bar counter design for your home.

Mini Bar Design at Home



How can I pick a mini bar based on its size?

Mini bars come in different sizes and dimensions. Measure the space you have available and depending on the type you want to buy, consider other criteria as well. For instance, a back bar will be placed against the wall and requires open frontal space. Similarly, a front bar requires enough space for people to stand on both sides. Once you have decided this and know how much space you have, you can begin the buying process.

How much does a mini bar cost?

Depending on the quality and finish, a mini bar design at home can range between Rs 2,500 to Rs 37,000.

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