Check these ideas to use gold colour combination for home décor

[] Colours like purple, white, blue, etc., go well with gold colour. Create a new style statement with these gold colour combination ideas for home interiors. 

Gold colour symbolises luxury and sophistication. When applied to home interiors, it can add depth and elegance to any space inside the house. The trend of including gold accents for home decoration is growing among homeowners. Golden paint colours need not be only limited to chandeliers, door handles, and other accessories. The metallic hue can also work as a neutral tone in combination with other colours for the walls. We share some interesting gold colour combination ideas and unique ways to introduce this magnificent colour in home décor.

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Gold colour paint for walls

Gold colour walls make for a perfect backdrop and allow the space to reflect more calmness. The warmth of this colour matches well with many colours to create a style statement.

Purple and gold

Like gold, purple colour too symbolises royalty and this colour combination works like magic to transform any space. Even a hint of purple in the overall décor theme can create a remarkable effect. You can pick furniture with this stunning colour mix to make a visible impact. 

Purple and gold colour combination for home décor

White and gold

The addition of white colour with golden theme is an excellent combination with both being timeless in their own way. While using white with golden for the interiors, choose a warmer shade. Off white, ash white, and ivory provide a stunning effect with gold accessories. 

White and gold colour combination for home décor

Grey and gold

Greys do not go easily with gold colour. However, subtle shades of grey are suitable for home interiors with golden theme. They provide a subtle backdrop while creating an eye-catching look for the living space. 

Grey and gold colour combination for home décor

Cream and gold

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Cream blends perfectly well with gold to give luxurious appeal to a living room. The golden colour combination with cream brings just the right kind of luxury while retaining simplicity and warmth. You can create a feature wall using cream and gold colour combination. You can pick warmer cream colour for furnishings. 

Cream and gold colour combination for home décor

Green and gold

Let your home make a bold statement by picking the green and gold colour combination. Choose deeper shades of green to achieve the desired result. There are many ways to add green to the colour scheme. You can use wall paint or wallpapers or simply include planters to lend a natural look to the space.  

Green and gold colour combination for home décor

Gold and blue

Different shades of blue can be used with gold for walls or other areas of the living room. You can get a dramatic effect by choosing a dark shade like cobalt blue. You can also choose gold accessories in the form of artwork that will highlight the unique colour combination. 

Blue and gold colour combination for home décor

Black and white with gold

Gold can work as a decorative accent for a black-and-white colour scheme for  your house. It works well for lighting fixtures, doors, and cabinet handles, etc. The use of gold with the black-and-white combination works brilliantly to highlight the décor features of a room. 

Black and gold colour combination for home décor

Gold colour wallpaper

For the golden colour theme for home décor, you can experiment by picking impressive gold wallpaper designs. It will instantly elevate the overall décor, especially when used with light colours like pale grey, dusty pink, blue, and lilac or even darker shades like deep purple and dark greys. 

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gold colour combination for home décor

How to use golden colour in home décor?

Gold furnishings

Picking gold hues for tables, chairs, and other furniture can be an unusual décor idea, but it is a great way to highlight these things. While gold tabletops look elegant in modern home interiors, you can also pick wooden tabletops with golden legs if you do not want a strong effect with this metallic colour. You can choose curtains, pillows or rugs that gives a touch of gold to the home interiors.

Check these ideas to use gold colour combination for home décor

Check these ideas to use gold colour combination for home décor

Lighting fixtures

Gold colour is a classic option for chandeliers and lamps as these lighting fixtures turn into decorative elements in a room. The colour also reflects light and makes a room appear more spacious. You can also pick large ceiling light fixtures as they are in trend. 

Check these ideas to use gold colour combination for home décor

Gold accent pieces

One of the easiest solutions to add the sparkle of gold hues in home interiors is picking décor items or wall sconces. However, make sure that the design creates the right balance without being too overwhelming. 

Check these ideas to use gold colour combination for home décor


What colour goes well with golden wall?

One can use subtle shades like greys and creams or darker colour tones like deep purple and blue to go with golden walls.

Do gold and cream colours go together?

Warmer tones of cream colour work well with gold for the home interiors.

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