12 Furnishing Ideas for Your Kids’ Room


Do you want some of the first memories of your child to be some special hours spent in a beautiful nursery that helped him/her grow into a bright child? A room that not only made his/her days fun but also helped him/her learn various things every day? We help you do up your baby’s room using fun elements, without going overboard.

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Your concern about your child reflects in all areas, and you can start by making his/her first years at home some of the best years of their lives. Here are some simple tips to decorate your child’s nursery or playroom, uniquely but on a budget. The end result? An uncommon room that will give your child as much joy using it as you had decorating it.

1) Use wall paint in a peppy colour

Choose the wall paint in a peppy colour that your child loves – it could be anything from aqua to bright yellow or a reddish orange. This will make the room come alive, for sure!

Who said you can only consider two colour choices for baby room designs– blue for a boy and pink for a girl? No way! Match the nursery wall colours, as closely as possible, to your son or daughter’s current favourite hue, and see their eyes light up in delight when they get a sneak peek of their room!

2) Let there be abundant natural light

12 Furnishing Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Ensure that there is plenty of natural light in your child’s room. This is another factor that peps up a room like nothing else! Large glass windows with colourful curtains or skylights could do the trick.

If natural light is scarce in the room, you could add multiple types of artificial lights. Abundant light is a must in a kid’s room, to help him/her read and play comfortably, or even for him/her to find the bathroom easily at night.

3) Use chalkboard paint

12 Furnishing Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Most children love scribbling, and to use any available surface – including walls – to showcase the artistry. Why not give them something to happily scribble on, right in their nursery? Get a tin of chalkboard paint from anarts-and-crafts store near you, and do up a little space in your child’s nursery with it: you could paint it directly on the wall or put up chalk-painted boards. Get them a few colourful chalks, and see them spend hours together scribbling away! sells chalkboard paint as well as chalkboard stickers, the latter being ready to be stuck on your child’s nursery wall!

4) Glow-in-the-dark stars

Many craft stores sell a kind of additive that makes paint glow in the dark. One of the best nursery ideas is to use this solution to paint stars on the nursery ceiling or on the walls. Your child’s eyes will definitely glow as bright as these stars! If your child is not a big fan of stars, you could choose a different design to paint.

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Not the artsy-craftsy type? Then you could just choose stick-on radium stars that can be stuck to the ceiling or walls!

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5) Use cuddle-worthy seating and bedding

12 Furnishing Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

When your child is going to spend hours in his/her nursery, you have got to make sure that the seating and bedding are very comfortable.

A cuddle-worthy mattress and reading chair, a little table that is comfortable for your child to use, and a cot that he/she can easily climb onto are essential to a kid’s room. A patterned rug and/or rocking horse or rocking chair would be a great touch, too!

6) Get storybook bedding

Add a touch of whimsy to your child’s nursery by getting storybook bedding. This is nothing but your child’s favourite fairy tale, printed on a bed sheet and pillows, either in words or in colourful pictures. Isn’t it a great idea to let your child be enveloped by the beautiful worlds of Peter Pan or Rapunzel, as he/she nods off to sleep?

If your budget permits, you could get storybook curtains, as well!

7) Put up a soft board

12 Furnishing Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Get a little soft board from a stationery shop near you, and install it in your child’s nursery. Use board pins to tack up the most memorable of your child’s art and craft works.

This is not only a great way to bring back sweet memories, but also a way to encourage your child to create more such masterpieces!

8) Put up a bookcase


We think it is a great idea to put up a little or big bookcase in your child’s nursery! Let him/her nurture the habit of reading from a young age. What they learn in the house prove to be just as important as what they learn out in the city eventually.

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Fill it up with his/her favourite books, as well as little odds and ends that make it a warm and happy place. Your child’s favourite teddy bears and soft toys, a timepiece, flowers – anything goes!

9) Paint a colourful wall mural or use a great wall paper

12 Furnishing Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Choose a nice baby room design that your child will love, and paint it on one of your child’s nursery walls, using pretty, bright colours. He/she is surely going to love this decor idea! Get in an artist to do it, if you think doing it yourself is not your cup of tea!

Alternatively, you could get a beautiful wallpaper to put up on one or more walls of your child’s nursery. That would look great, too!

10) Put up a toy shelf

Put up a shelf in your child’s nursery, where you can let him/her arrange all their toys, the way he/she likes. It sure is relaxing for a child to have all their favourite toys watch over them, as they doze off!

Not to forget, this helps keep the room less messy, too.

11) Get a personalised name board

Most children love personalisation like nothing else! It is, therefore, a great idea to get a personalised name board for their room. If you are a DIY kind of person, you could make it yourself from scratch. If that is not your forte, there are always arts-and-crafts stores to choose from.

You could put up these name boards on a wall of the nursery, or on the door.

12) Hang ceiling decorations

12 Furnishing Ideas for Your Kids’ Room

Whether it’s a dim hanging lamp or the silhouette of an animal, hangings from the ceiling always find a way to fascinate kids. The more colourful, the better!

Dreamcatchers are a great idea as are birds or butterflies carved out of wood. You could make it more interesting by hanging it at the right spot where the light falls perfectly to make it look magical.

Most of all, as your child grows, encourage him/her to be creative while adding to the room’s decor with plentiful DIY projects.  Do you have any more ideas? Do tell us!

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