All about Delhi’s E-Dharti portal

[] The E-Dharti Delhi portal has been established, to integrate legacy drawings like maps and lease plans

With an aim to provide information about over 65,000 properties in India, the government, in 2020, launched the E-Dharti Geo Portal.  This means that details of thousands of properties under the purview of the Land and Development Office (L&DO), which is the biggest landowner in Delhi after the Delhi Development Authority, will be available to the public though the eDharti portal.

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The E Dharti portal is an initiative by the central government to integrate legacy drawings, such as maps and lease plans in the management information system. The E Dharti portal, which involves application of National Informatics Centre’s (NIC) GIS and Utility Mapping Services, will allow the land details to become geographic information system (GIS)-enabled, too.

A majority of the land owned by the L&DO is located in the central part of the national capital even though the organisation, which allocates land to various government and private agencies on a leasehold basis, also has considerable number of land parcels in south Delhi and the Civil Lines area.

Recall here that this the first time that a land-owning agency in the national capital has been mapping every inch of land it owns, verifying the details with the exact location of the property and placing it in the public domain though the E Dharti portal.

Apart from ending a system that encouraged opaqueness and curbed transparency, the E Dharti portal will also enable the enforcement agencies in Delhi to contain unaccounted (benami) transaction.

E Dharti Geo Portal launch

On October 21, 2020, housing minister Hardeep Singh Puri launched the E-Dharti Geo Portal, with the aim to ‘integrate legacy drawings like maps and lease plans in the management information system and to make it GIS-enabled (geographic information system-enabled)’.

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e-Dharti Geo portal

The e Dharti 1.0 portal is established under the central government’s Land & Development Office (L&DO), which has nearly 65,000 commercial, residential, industrial and institutional properties under its purview. The L&DO, as part of its initiative to bring about transparency, cut down the time taken to provide services and reduce human intervention, has started to accept online applications, for granting permissions for substitution, mutation, conversion, gift, sale and mortgages.

The E-Dharti Geo Portal will help in updating the records of the centre’s land-owning agency, while providing all property-related details to owners digitally, besides bringing about transparency and predictability in property transactions.

“The power of technology is immense and there is no reason that India, which has formidable capacity in software technologies, cannot harness this strength to our advantage,” Puri said, at the time of the launch.

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E-Dharti Geo Portal: Available information

Through the E-Dharti Geo Portal, the L&DO will provide property certificates, which will carry details such as land / property type, date of allotment, status of the property, sub-type, area of the plot, date of execution of lease deed, address of the property, details about present lessee, litigation status and cadastral maps. This certificate will enable the lessee of the property to get the basic details of the property, along with a map, showing its exact location.

Details mentioned on E Dharti Geo Portal property card

  • Property status
  • Land type
  • Property type
  • Property sub-type
  • Plot area
  • Type of lease deed
  • Date of deed execution
  • Address
  • Date of allotment
  • Details of pending court case, if any
  • Name of the current leaseholder or allottee

The digital access to such information will also enable prospective buyers and investors to ascertain the details pertaining to the property, as well as any proceedings or suit that may be pending with respect to the property. Consequently, instances of property-related frauds would decline significantly.

This application will also help the government to know the actual status of its vacant properties.

Fee to get property certificate from E-Dharti Geo Portal

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On the E-Dharti website, one can search for details of a property, by either providing the locality and block names or the property ID.

The property certificate can be obtained by visiting the L&DO website, and it is available at a nominal fee of Rs 1,000.

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How to view property reports on E-Dharti portal?

Users can view land and property reports, along with payment and monitoring reports, on this website. To get these reports, click here.

e-Dharti portal

E Dharti L&DO

Delhi E Dharti Geo Portal and Rajasthan E Dharti portal

The Delhi government’s E Dharti portal, which covers land located in the national capital should not be confused with the E Dharti portal of the Rajasthan government, also named Rajasthan E Dharti. To read about the Rajasthan E Dharti portal, read our copy on Rajasthan Bhulekh.


How to access the e Dharti portal?

To access the e Dharti portal, use the following address:

What is e Dharti Geo Portal used for?

The e Dharti Geo Portal provides GIS-enabled maps of properties and all details about such properties.

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