All about Kanpur circle rates

[] Mentioned are the prevailing circle rates in the key areas of Kanpur

Considered to be among the commercial nerve centres of Uttar Pradesh (UP), Kanpur is different from other Tier-II cities. The city once was the most industrialised city in India after Kolkata. Owing to this history and its current relevance in economic activity in UP, real estate in Kanpur is comparatively expensive. Consequently, Kanpur circle rates in some prominent parts of the city are comparable to those in Tier-I cities like Delhi and Bengaluru.

For the uninitiated, circle rates (or ready reckoner rates) are the government-determined prices below which properties cannot be registered in the government’s records. Stamp duty and registration charges on a property transaction are calculated, based on the circle rates of the area in which the said property is located.

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Circle rates

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Circle rate in Kanpur in 2020

Area Circle rate per sq metre*
From VIP Road Meghdoot Chauraha to Elgin Mill Chauraha Rs 33,800
Mall Road Rs 66,500
Meston Road Rs 66,500
Halsey Road (From Moolganj Chauraha to Ghanta Ghar) Rs 66,500
Nai Sadak Rs 42,300
P Road Rs 66,500
Harbansh Mohal Road Rs 66,500
Birhana Rs 66,500
GT Road Rs 55,000
From Lal Bangla Road Cantt to Harjinder Nagar Chauraha Rs 14,000
150 ft Road Jajmau Factory Area Rs 16,500
Ashrafabad Road Rs 13,200
From Ghantaghar Chauraha to Jareeb Chowki Chauraha Rs 66,500
From Jajmau Ganga Pul to Ramadevi Chauraha Rs 17,600
From village limit of Rooma to Sarsaul village limit Rs 7,700
From Sarsaul village limit to Kanpur city limit Rs 6,600

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*Made of 10.76 sq ft, a sq metre is also a common land measuring unit used in India.

Source: Stamp and registration Department, UP

[] Common land measurement units in India

Circle rates for flats/apartments in Kanpur

Home buyers purchasing a unit in group housing societies and multi-storey buildings, have to spend extra as they are charged a premium, depending on the amenities included in the project.

In case you are buying a property for sale in Kanpur in a multi-storey housing project or a group housing colony, the circle rate could be calculated based on the formula below:

Part of the land ratio multiplied by (x) land cost plus (+) flat area x building cost + common area x construction cost

To arrive at the expenses made on the common facilities in a housing society, the city has assigned different valuations to different amenities. In the overall cost of the project, for example, 10% value is allocated to the parking space, 2% each to elevators, power backup, security and gym, 3% to community centres and 5% to swimming pools.

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What is the circle rate in Kanpur’s Mall Road?

The circle rate at Mall Road is Rs 66,500 per sq metre.

What is circle rate?

Circle rates are the government-determined prices, below which a property cannot be registered in the government records.

Is property in Kanpur cheaper than Lucknow?

Depending on the area, the value of property could be higher. In posh areas of the two cities, prices are comparable.

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