E-Awas Chandigarh: All you need to know about GPRA accommodation

[] Here’s how government employees in Chandigarh can apply for quarters, under the General Pool Residential Accommodation

All government employees in service of the union government and based in Chandigarh, are eligible to apply for government quarters under the General Pool Residential Accommodation (GPRA) using the E Awas Chandigarh portal. Eligible officers can easily apply online for the house in Chandigarh by registering on the portal. So far, over 10,400 accommodations have been allotted using the E-Awas portal in Chandigarh, out of 11,960 units available in the city. If you are also a government employee based in Chandigarh, here is how you can apply for GPRA Chandigarh, using the E-Sampada or E-Awas Portal. The E-Sampada portal was recently launched by the Housing Ministry to streamline the allotment process.

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[] All you need to know about the E Awas system

Eligibility for applying for government quarters in Chandigarh 

Proposals for location of offices in Chandigarh should be forwarded to the directorate with the approval of the joint secretary or an officer of equal status in the ministry concerned. The proposal should contain the following information:

  • Status of the office, i.e., whether public sector undertaking or autonomous organisation.
  • Source from which the officers and staff will be paid, i.e., from the Consolidated Fund of India or otherwise.
  • If the officers and staff are eligible for residential accommodation from any other pool.

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Entitlements for various types of residential accommodation

Type of residence Grade pay/Basic pay (in Rs)
I 1,300, 1,400, 1,600, 1,650 and 1,800
II 1,900, 2,000, 2,400 and 2,800
III 4,200, 4,600 and 4,800
IV 5,400 to 6,600
IV (SPL) 6,600
V-A (D-II) 7,600 and 8000
V-B (D-I) 8,700 and 8,900
VI-A (C-II) 10,000
VI-B (C-I) 67,000 to 74,999
VII 75,000 to 79,999
VIII 80,000 and above

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How to register on E-Awas Chandigarh?

Follow this step-by-step procedure to register yourself on E-Awas Chandigarh for General Pool Residential Accommodation Allotment:

Step 1: Visit E-Awas Chandigarh portal (click here).

E-Awas Chandigarh: All you need to know

Step 2: Click on ‘Register Yourself’. You will be redirected to a new page.

E-Awas Chandigarh: All you need to know

Step 3: Fill in the required details such as mobile number, Aadhaar card number, employee name as per your employee ID or as mentioned in the department.

Step 4: Enter your preferred Login ID which will be later used for E-Awas application.

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Step 5: Mention the joining date using the calendar.

Step 6: Select the session from the drop-down menu for bidding.

Submit the details and you will receive the confirmation and password on your email ID and mobile number. You can use the login ID and password to now apply for a government quarter on E-Awas Chandigarh.

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How to apply for government quarters in Chandigarh?

All government employees based in Chandigarh need to apply for allotment of houses online only. Follow the procedure step-by-step, to apply for government accommodation:

Step 1: Visit the e-Sampada portal and click on ‘Government Residential Accommodation’.

Step 2: Login through your registered mobile number or official E-mail ID.

Step 3: Once you are logged in, you will be able to fill the DE-II form and follow the procedure as mentioned.

You can also apply for GPRA allotment in Chandigarh by following the step-by-step process after registering yourself on E-Awas:

Step 1: After successful registration on E-Awas, click on ‘Login’ from the top menu. You will be redirected to a new page.

Step 2: Login using your ID and password generated earlier. When logging in for the first time, you will have to change the system-generated password.

Step 3: Fill and verify the details provided by you in the application form.

Step 4: Once verified, you can apply for the quarters by choosing the category you are eligible for. You have to be careful while selecting the category, as the application can be rejected if a wrong category is selected here.

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Step 5: Submit your choice and take a printout of your application. Submit the printout to the department which you are working in, for verification and get it signed by the department head.

Step 6: After getting approval from the HoD, you need to submit the application to the House Allotment Committee, Chandigarh Administration.

How to cancel the application on E-Awas Chandigarh?

You can cancel applications only if it is submitted only and not yet forwarded through the department to the House Allotment Committee, Chandigarh Administration. For cancellation, you need to login to your account and select the application and press the ‘Cancel’ button.

How to track the status of your application on E-Awas Chandigarh?

You can check the application status by clicking the ‘Application History’ in your account. You will be able to track the application on the basis of ID, applicant name, application date and status of the application.

How to bid for accommodation on e-Awas?

Follow the step-by-step procedure to bid for E-Awas accommodation:

Step 1: Once approved by House Allotment Committee, you will be able to see the application number activated on your account.

Step 2: Select the application number for the bidding process and fill three choices of accommodation. For each sector, select the sector and floor.

Step 3: Once selected, submit your application after reviewing the choices thoroughly. Edit it if required or else submit the bid. Once your bid is submitted, you will not be able to change it. You can participate in the bidding process till you are not allotted a quarter. The bidding process is open between the first and eighth of every month.

You can check later, if the bid was selected and if you have been allotted the home.

Chandigarh House Allotment Committee contact details

Chandigarh HAC can be contacted on following address:

Address: Govt. Press Building, 2nd floor, Sector-18, Chandigarh

Telephone: 2700194, 2748211

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Can central government employees apply for a quarter under General Pool?

Yes, subject to fulfilment of certain conditions.

Can you apply for government quarters above your category and pay grade?

Applicants can apply for accommodation as per their entitlement only, or else, it might get rejected.

Can you cancel the application once submitted?

An application can be cancelled until it is forwarded by the department.

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