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Indore, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, is one of India’s top five centers for cotton and textile industries. It is also one of the biggest education hubs in India. People come to Indore in search of jobs and for business and many students move to Indore every year for studies. These factors have pushed the demand for rental housing in Indore. If you want to rent out your house or are planning to occupy a property on rent, it is crucial that you first get acquainted with the process of creating a rent agreement.

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How a rent agreement can be helpful?

A rent agreement contains the terms and conditions, which are agreed upon by both the parties. So, when there is a dispute between the parties, the clauses in the rent agreement serve to resolve the dispute.

Some key benefits of a rent agreement are:

  • Both the parties, i.e., the landlord and the tenant, know about their responsibilities and duties on the basis of the rent agreement.
  • A registered rent agreement can be produced as legal proof in court.
  • A rent agreement can help to resolve all kinds of misunderstandings between both the parties.

Rent agreement rules may not be the same in all states. Hence, you must first know the process to prepare the rent agreement

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What is the process of preparing a rent agreement in Indore?

  • Both the parties discuss the various points related to the agreement and arrive at a consensus on the points they want to include in the agreement.
  • The terms and conditions that are agreed upon should then be printed on an agreement paper.
  • After printing, both the parties should check and verify the agreement wordings, to avoid mistakes or errors.
  • If all the points mentioned in the agreement are acceptable to both the parties, they should sign it.
  • Two witnesses should be present when the agreement is signed by both the parties.

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Why rent agreements are for 11 months?

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A lease agreement must be registered, if the rent term exceeds 12 months, to comply with the Registration Act of 1908. It means that if the rent term is less than 12 months, there is no need to register the lease agreement and many people take advantage of this by signing an 11-month rent agreement. As a result, by signing an 11-month agreement, customers usually save money on stamp duty and registration charges.

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Is it mandatory to register a rent agreement?

Although it is not necessary to register a rent agreement in Indore if the rental period is less than 12 months, it would still be a good idea to do so. If your rental tenure is more than 12 months, you must register it at the sub-registrar office. When a rent agreement is registered, it becomes legally enforceable and both parties can use it as evidence in court if there is a dispute.

How to get a rent agreement registered in Indore?

The following is the procedure for getting the rent agreement registered in Indore:

  • Have the contract printed on agreement/plain paper having sufficient stamp value.
  • Take all of your paperwork, including the agreement paper and ID proofs, to the local sub-registrar’s office.
  • If one or both parties to the agreement are not present at the time of registration, their power of attorney-holder can execute the registration process.

Documents required for registration of a rent agreement in Indore

If you are looking to register a rent agreement in Indore, here is a list of the paperwork that you will need:

  • Photocopy of Aadhaar card, passport, driving licence, etc.
  • Copy of title deed to establish proof of ownership.
  • Two photographs of each party, i.e., the tenant and landlord.

Online rent agreement facility by

You may create rent agreements in a jiffy at The agreement is created online and emailed to both parties, once the process is finished.’s facility for agreement creation is instantaneous and hassle-free. You can easily make the agreement from the comfort of your own home. It is also quite cost-effective. is presently offering the online rent agreement facility in 250+ cities of India.

Online rent agreement

Benefits of online rent agreement in Indore

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Although Indore has a well-managed traffic system in place, yet, it can be time-consuming to make an offline rent agreement. You could use the online rent agreement option if you want to save both, time and money. The process of creating a rent agreement online is reasonably simple and reliable. You can make the agreement on your own and it usually does not require professional help.

How much does a rent agreement cost in Indore?

Making a rent agreement might cost you money in the form of stamp duty, registration fees and legal fees for a lawyer.

The following is the stamp duty on a lease agreement in Indore:

  • Lease period of less than one year (Not compulsory): 0.01%
  • Lease period of one year to five years: 0.1%
  • Lease period of more than five years and up to 10 years: 0.5%
  • Lease period exceeding 10 years and up to 20 years: 1%
  • Lease period exceeding 10 years but less than 30 years: 2%
  • Lease period exceeding 30 years: 5%

The rent agreement registration fee in Indore is 3/4th of the stamp duty with a minimum limit of Rs 1,000.

Stamp duty can be paid using non-judicial stamp paper or an e-stamping / franking technique. It may cost you more to hire a legal expert to prepare a rent agreement and have it registered.

Points to keep in mind when making a rent agreement

There should be no errors in the rental agreement, and the language should be clear. The following are some important considerations, while drafting a rent agreement in Indore:

  • The rent agreement should include information on the fittings and fixtures.
  • The advance/security deposit should be detailed in the contract.
  • Both, the landlord and the renter, should always state the notice period when making an agreement.
  • If you wish to raise the rent every year, make sure to include the rate of increase in the agreement.

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What is the difference between lease agreements and leave and licence agreements?

Usually, a leave and license is an agreement that allows a tenant to occupy a property for a period below 12 months. Lease agreements are usually used in context with occupancy periods of more than 12 months.

How much time does it take to make a rent agreement through online mode?

Rent agreement can be prepared in a few minutes, using online platforms.

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