Tips For Choosing Paint Colours of Exterior Of Commercial Buildings


There are various options for paint colours for the exterior of a commercial building. The exterior of a building not only helps the building look good, it also conveys a message and carries forward the brand of the company which owns or leases the building. It is also an essential part of maintenance of a building and if you are an owner of a commercial building, you will have to get your building painted at regular intervals. Different colour themes can also help your building stand out from the clutter. Here are some of the tips for choosing paint colour for the exterior of your building:

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1 Target Audience Or Customers:  Many a times, a prospective customer makes up has or her mind about your company even before setting foot inside the building or office. Apart from other things like logo, the colour of the outside walls of your building goes towards that perception in the minds of the prospective customers. It is very important to get the proper and professional message across and the colour has to be chosen accordingly. The age group of the target customer base can also be a good determinant to choose the right colour. While older customers prefer soothing and slightly pale colours, young customers want bright colours. You can choose colours according to the profile of your customer base.

2 Light Colours Can Be Often Safe: Choosing light colours can support your logo and signage to stand out and be clearly visible while dark colours can have the opposite effect. You would want your prospective customers to be able to see your logo clearly and light colours can achieve that aim rather easily. It also depends on your logo itself. If the logo so warrants, you can choose a darker shade. But in general, light colours emit a more professional aura and your building will look more professional.

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3 Colour Effects and Association: Different colours have different association with a human feelings and they have different effects on the mind. For example, yellow colour is associated with optimism, colour blue is associated with stability and colour green is associated with health and tranquillity. You can choose the colour that best signifies your business and conveys a strong message. Nowadays, many companies are going in for colour associations using them to good effect. Even if the building has glass facade, the colour of the glass can be chosen according to the message that you want to deliver. Glass is a versatile material as far as colour is concerned.

4 Local Regulations: Now a days, local authorities are sometimes deciding the colours and signage that can be used by buildings in a certain specified area of the city. Be sure you don’t fall outside of the law in deciding the colour for the exterior of your building. Although few cities in India have this kind of active local authorities, it makes sense to check out the local regulations in this regard, if any.

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