Tips for property agents: How to create e-mailers for clients

[] Here’s how to create emailer campaigns for your clients and how to maximise the returns from it

In the real estate brokerage business, marketing and reach-out campaigns are popular to get leads and clients. As direct mails have lost their importance, marketing agencies are using innovative technologies, to bring buyers and sellers together. One of these techniques is e-mailer campaigns, which have gained a lot of importance in recent times. However, there is a thin line between a marketing e-mailer and spamming your client. Here are some tips, to help you create a professional direct mail campaign for your buyers.

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1. Segment your audience

You have to be very careful while creating a message for your receivers. For this, segment your list on the basis of city, area and buyer’s category. If you are marketing a project in Noida, opt for a list of interested buyers from Gurgaon or Delhi. Similarly, if you are promoting a project in Gurgaon and you are expecting interest from outside India, you can do a mail campaign for NRI buyers, separately. In any case, avoid mass mailing the project promotion mailers to your entire database, as your domain will get blacklisted for spamming the users.

2. Create relevant messages

Once you have decided whom you are sending it to, think of what can make them contact you. Since you are creating a campaign, you have to craft different messages for a series of mailers with the same theme. To start with, you have to decide what information will be relevant for your consumer. Consider including some market updates or the history of the area that you are going to pitch. In the later stages, you can include geographical information of the property in your mailer, as it can grab the recipient’s attention. You can also include pictures of the property that you are selling, to generate some curiosity and interest in your buyer.

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As you are creating a series of mailers, while revealing some information in each set of mailers, you have to ensure that you do not include too much information in one email as this may confuse the buyer.

Another important thing, is to have a call-to-action (CTA) button. If you are inviting them to register themselves for an exclusive property tour, make sure your landing page is responsive and works well on all devices. Usually, the CTA button is placed at the end. Always test the CTA button and other links in the mailer, before rolling out the campaign. There should also be an unsubscribe button, in adherence to the guidelines of the mailing service you are using.

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3. Right delivery at the right time

Once your message is prepared and your campaign is all set to go, you have to decide the right time of the day, to get the maximum open rate and click rate.

Tips for property agents: How to create e-mailers for clients

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For a better click rate and open rate, it is important to have the right subject line, which is to-the-point and not deceiving. Since mobile devices support only short subject lines and shortens long ones automatically, you need to keep it crisp. Always make sure that the main phrase is in the beginning of the sentence.

Usually, people prefer to send emailers early in the morning, so that the mail stays on top of the inbox, when the recipients will start their day. Avoid sending emailers on the weekend, as it may get lost in the clutter. The best time to send emailers are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but this may differ, depending upon the target audience. You can churn out similar data from your past mail campaigns.

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4. Testing your mailers and messages

It is always better to test different types of messages to different audiences. This is called A/B testing. You can choose a set of 100 recipients and send them occasional mailers with different kinds of messages and content. Then, record their response, click rate and open rate. The entire exercise may take around two-three months, to get some measurable result. Based upon the success of A/B testing, you can plan your next mailer campaign. Remember, the messaging in the mailer should be consistent and generate organic interest from your target audience.

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E-mailer campaigns: Other points that real estate agents should consider

  • Once your emailer campaign is rolled out, you should be prepared to handle the customer queries.
  • There are 50% chances of lead conversion, if a customer gets a call back within 24 hours of submitting their query.
  • Your landing page is as important as your emailer campaign. So, make sure it is in-sync with the mailer content.
  • Do not ask for too much information, as your client may not be very comfortable sharing all the details with you.
  • It is always advisable to build trust first by sharing useful information, as it will help you to create a relationship with your audience.


How do I create an e-mail campaign?

Create a list of recipients, craft a suitable message, test the campaign and you are good to go.

How much does it cost to do an e-mail campaign?

It may depend on the service and server you are using. Usually, it costs Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,000 per month.

Does direct mail work for real estate agents?

Emailer campaigns play a big role in the real estate marketing business.

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