Tips for women entrepreneurs who want to venture into real estate

[] We list some important tips that women entrepreneurs in real estate should follow, to build successful careers and to boost women’s empowerment

Starting a business is always challenging but it is particularly hard for female entrepreneurs. Women are now well-entrenched in areas that were seen as male-dominated sectors, such as banking and finance, pharmaceutical industry, as well as politics. Today, some of the most powerful leaders in these fields, are women. Real estate, as a choice of profession, is no exception to women either.

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Women have found two meaningful purposes in the industry. Apart from advancing their careers and attaining financial independence, women have found their own niche in real estate, by helping other women to find their homes. Companies are increasingly hiring women across the board, thereby, generating value by broadening market vision, enhancing board dynamics, inspiring female stockholders and improving corporate reputation. Nevertheless, for women who seek to venture into real estate, we list some important career tips.

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1. Networking: Women are great communicators. Female entrepreneurs should seek out mentors and sponsors in the business and build a network of like-minded female entrepreneurs, to support them in their journey. While networking, it is important to be clear about the core values of one’s company, as it relates to the business.

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2. Willing to adapt to change: As women are good at multi-tasking, they tend to manage their homes and work very well. They have the ability to think quickly and find solutions, in real time. They should use these qualities to understand the challenging dynamics of the real estate sector and adapt quickly to a changing environment.

3. Securing investment: One of the important aspects of a real estate business, is securing investments. Women should inspire the investors with their vision, be clear about what success means to them and learn to manage investor relationships.

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4. Stay optimistic: Women entrepreneurs should focus on what they can control, instead of worrying about factors outside of their control. They should take the time to examine the market dynamics and be ready to seize every opportunity for growth where it exists. There are going to be setbacks and failures but it should not stop women from looking for the best.

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Women have the potential to revolutionise the world of real estate, by introducing a different mindset in both, the working culture and marketing practices. Their unique empathy and intuition can bring another perspective during decision making by the client. More women buyers will only boost this trend further. Business women should seek career advancement, mentoring and coaching from other successful women and thus, spread the message of empowerment. Finally, women should not be afraid to possess strong opinions, to fight for them or to be proud of themselves.

(The writer is director, Spenta Corporation)

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