8 popular cupboard designs for bedrooms in Indian homes

[] Here is a list of the latest wardrobe designs for bedrooms in 2022, for small flats and apartments in cities

Wardrobes are usually seen as functional units in Indian households. The wardrobe for bedroom comes at the top of the list when we are looking for storage solutions for a small space. As the concept of an Indian house differs across the country, so do wardrobe design ideas. While opulent bungalows and independent houses may have expansive walk-in closets outfitted with the newest cabinet designs, a smaller flat in the city may have to make do with built-ins or freestanding cupboards.

You are reading: 8 popular cupboard designs for bedrooms in Indian homes

8 cupboard designs for bedrooms in Indian homes

Here is a list of the latest wardrobe designs for bedrooms in 2022.

Small bedroom cupboard designs with mirrored shutters

 Mirrors increase the perception of space and make the room appear larger than it is. Reflective mirrors on bedroom wardrobe panels not only create a stylish statement but also serve as a replacement for the dressing-up mirror.

Small bedroom cupboard designs

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[] Wardrobe designs for small Indian bedrooms

Bedroom cupboard designs with sliding doors

 In small houses, simple space-savers may have a tremendous impact. Swing-door bedroom wardrobes take up needless space that sliding-door alternatives may save. Sliding doors may assist in conserving a significant amount of floor space while still allowing for unrestricted movement in the room. Check out the wardrobe images below for inspiration.

Bedroom cupboard designs

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New cupboard design with open wardrobe

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Wardrobes with sliding doors do save space. However, there are situations when even these are ineffective. For example, in a room with restricted width. Here is what you can do – make a lovely, well-organised closet that you can keep open in the area. If you are wondering, it is pretty fashionable these days, or cover it with curtains for an ultra-chic wardrobe for bedroom.

New cupboard design with open wardrobe

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Bedroom wardrobes with added lofts

Upgrade your wardrobes with a four-cabinet loft for storing items you only use occasionally. This will assist in drawing the eye higher, making use of the room’s height to make it look larger than it is.

Bedroom wardrobes

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See-through wardrobe for bedroom

Traditional Indian wardrobe doors may appear to take up too much space in a bedroom, especially if the room is small. Translucent doors, on the other hand, may give depth and provide the appearance of space. Additionally, making them transparent and not entirely see-through ensures privacy that other cupboard designs for bedrooms in Indian homes might not provide.

wardrobe for bedroom

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Wardrobe design ideas that use niches

If you have niches in your bedroom, do not let them go to waste. Install a useful closet in the recessed, nook location for your bed.

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Wardrobe design ideas

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Bedroom wardrobe designs using neutral colours

To open up the bedroom, use white, greys and neutrals on your wardrobe. Light colours trick the eye and make the room appear larger. Neutrals can also be used with dark or light-coloured bedroom walls and décor.

Bedroom wardrobe designs

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Latest wardrobe design for bedroom that utilises the headboard wall

 The wall behind your bed may easily be converted into a flanking wardrobe. These cupboard beds with concealed storage provide you with extra options. So, if you have a small bedroom, make the most of the available space by putting your wardrobe against the wall behind your bed. This will guarantee that your space remains open and clear of clutter. Take inspiration from the wardrobe image below.

Latest wardrobe design for bedroom

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