Home décor trends that will rule 2017

[] Homes tend to reflect our times, with a blend of traditional aspects, modern design and new-age technology. Here’s a look at some of the home décor trends that are likely to dominate the new year

Natural home décor materials will be in demand in 2017

Materials such as stone, colourful granite and terracotta, are making a comeback in the interior designing space. These materials are ideal for minimalistic and contemporary forms of design and can be modified to suit one’s needs, shares architect Ricky Doshi, founder of ARD Studio.

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“The durability of these materials, has helped them to make a comeback. For example, crushed pieces of stone, can be moulded together to form any desired shape, while maintaining its traditional properties. Such modifications, also helps give designs a more rustic look. We have seen such décor in restaurants and lounges, in 2016, where a combination of natural materials like stone, brick, bamboo and jute have been used, to create an aesthetic look that is also durable. Such designs also revive our culture, which has gradually been taken over by western designs,” adds Doshi.

Cladding materials like laminates, solid acrylic surfaces and veneers, are also popular choices for interior design. Stucco, a fine plaster that is used for coating wall surfaces in architectural decorations, is another material that would likely be used in the upcoming years. With properties, akin to limestone, it can be designed and moulded and used for interior and exterior purposes, states Doshi.

Using glass to create spacious interiors

Glass gives an illusion of a free-flowing space and adds to the eclectic element. The use of glass is expected to increase in interior décor, in 2017. With spaces becoming smaller, glass can also be used for partitions to save space and for aesthetic purposes. It can be used in multiple applications and this versatility gives it an edge over other synthetic materials.

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“Patterned tiles are likely to emerge as a popular option, vis-à-vis flooring, as they help to create a bold statement. Also, instead of one colour, the trend now, is to combine two colours like beige and brown or black and white,” says Prashant Chauhan, creative director Zero 9 design firm.

The aesthetic appeal of wooden flooring, among home owners, is likely to remain intact for a long time. However, wooden furniture is likely to become more contemporary and sleek.

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Industrial chic

Vibrant colours pep up our space and ethnic and earthy colours and patterns are likely to be in vogue in the new year. The new trend, is to use unexpected colour combinations.

“Industrial chic is the new trend in home design, with home owners preferring the use of natural grey concrete finishes or an industrial copper or earthy brick theme, for their homes,” opines Shezaan Bhojani, CEO, Design Café.

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“Quirky wall decor and expressionist lighting will be in vogue, as more people do up their homes in ways that expresses their individuality. Home owners can also experiment with smaller areas, like wall decor or lighting, which they can change over time,” adds Bhojani.

Sustainable homes

The positive trend of recycling and upcycling, will continue to gain popularity in home décor. Bamboo, jute and coir, natural fabrics, re-painted furniture and green plants, are increasingly defining the living space. As awareness on eco-friendly practices and sustainability increases, people are opting for energy-efficient lights and ecologically sustainable materials.

Technology will boost the demand for smart homes

Technology has made a big impact on home décor, as well. Consequently, smart homes are likely to become more popular in the future.

“The trend of automated homes, is catching on. Automation systems that enable home owners to monitor and control appliances remotely, are in demand. Builders too, have started offering homes with smart features, such as integrated security systems, electrical appliances, motorised blinds with remote controls, etc. Smart lighting solutions, wireless sound systems and various hi-tech home solutions, are likely to be in demand in the new year,” concludes Chauhan.

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